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Practical Spirituality— 1 — Introduction

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

For those of you who are familiar with my “Spiritual Journey” series, you will have noticed my fascination with answering the classical existential questions: “who am I, why am I here, who/what is God?” In short, to summarize that whole series, it was an attempt to give infinity a specific “form”, to try to reverse engineer how we got the this moment in infinity. What I have learned, is that ultimately, whatever “beliefs” you hold about infinity determines which part of it you will experience. If you stick to scientific dogma, you will experience a mechanical clockwork Universe. If you’re a religious fundamentalist, you will be certain to hear the voice of God. Of course, since this is a co-creation, there is also a sharing and blending of experiences, and that’s a good thing too, as it is the perfect evolutionary process which has been applied to biology, but which applies ultimately to everything.

For some time after I had my moment of wild awakening, in January 2018, I had a hard time to take an interest in the “mundane”, banal, lowly, ordinary discussions of the “commoners”: discussing politics, issuing expedient judgments about who is “evil” and who is “good”, talking about what they had for lunch, or sharing their “informed opinion” about climate change, pesticides, terrorism and so on.

If you read this article from my “Spiritual Journey” series, you will know that whatever we think is the reality we see is in fact just a symbolic representation, an interface, that we have developed throughout our evolutionary journey, like any other biological feature, to be able to create a practical way to manipulate and interact with pure energy/potential.That is, the only “thing” which exists is pure vibration, pure energy, pure potential, and we create something on top of it to play around with it, just like creating a computer and programming a visual interface allows you to “play” with 1s and 0s and build “something”.

If you ever fully grasp that level of reality, then you will understand that it becomes difficult to take things “seriously”, or at least, at face value without digging “deeper” behind the glossy interface. It’s easier to understand what is happening inside a computer if you look at the code then if you try to deduce any information from observing the interface.

Thus “reality” took on a new meaning. For instance, reaching the understanding that the Universe is in fact an infinite Russian doll meant that just like each one of your cells is composed of trillions of atoms, just like you are composed of trillions of cells, so too, we are a part of a global organism which we are far from imagining. Climate change, depletion of natural resources, pollution, unrest, threat of extinction of humanity? These were the same signs as those of a baby being born (read my Light Story 6 — The Final Push). The financial system? The circulatory system of this collective “body”. The Internet? It’s nervous system. Agriculture? It’s digestive system.

What is nice, is that as you raise your consciousness in spiritual terms, you start seeing that what sounds “crazy” in esoteric terminology (such as the few things I have mentioned above) have their equivalent in “standard” mainstream scientific literature. The most radical implication of quantum mechanics is indeed that matter does not exist. There is only pure energy/potential which takes the attributes of matter when observed. For more on this, read about Bell’s theorem or simply check out this awesome article which summarizes how science went from a Newtonian clockwork Universe to Quantum Craziness. Also, this idea of humanity being “one global organism” can be found, most surprisingly, in management theory and psychology. Clare W. Graves, a US psychology professor of the beginning of the 20th century, initiated a theory explaining the fundamental stages in the development of human societies entitled “Spiral Dynamics”. And guess what is the last stage of development? Yep, the idea that you consider humanity as one collective organism and behave accordingly.

So in essence, no need to have a Kundalini Awakening moment, to become Enlightened, to become Spiritual in order to reach the same end result, the same conclusions, only using different words. The reassuring part is that when you see certain “truths” converging from multiple seemingly opposite directions, it’s a pretty good indication you’re on to something.

And so in this “new” series, “practical spirit”, I’m coming back to “Earth”. I’m coming back into the mundane. I will address the pressing issues that we are facing, not from the point of view of an Infinite God, looking at this with Unconditional Love, and happy that part of infinity is exploring itself, but rather as a human being, right here, right now, harnessing the “revelations” I received in a practical way.

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