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My Spritual Journey 25 — The Truth about Karma

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Before addressing the very misunderstood topic of Karma, a little background knowledge about our reality is necessary. We live in a reality which is “dualistic” in nature, where you have positive vs. negative, good vs. evil, hot vs. cold. In short, where you have opposites which provide contrast and have their uses, notably the ability to experience being one thing relative to another.

For instance, if you were all alone in the entire Universe, you would not know whether you are tall or short, since you need something to compare yourself to in order to experience being one or the other. This logic extends to everything, including the dichotomies of good and evil.

But there is also a deeper reason why we live in a reality full of dualities, and especially one with free will. This has to do with perfect symmetry (which I explore in my second article) and which rests on the premise that for anything that exists, it’s opposite must exist. If +1 exists, -1 exists. If a certain vibration exists, it’s opposite vibration exists. The problem is, if you follow this logic, then our Universe should not exist. The moment it enters into existence, it should immediately be cancelled out of existence by an “anti-Universe” or “mirror Universe”, where each particle is matched with it’s anti-particle. In Infinity, if you have something, like a specific vibration, you will necessarily have the opposite vibration has well, simply due to the very nature of Infinity.

The reason this doesn’t happen is thanks to one very specific area in the Universe/anti-Universe where there is free will, or in other words, where there is a blend or mix of the Universe and anti-Universe which is asynchronous or chaotic, where particles and anti-particles are mixed in such a way that ensures that they are not reunited… for a time.

Now, to bridge science and spirituality, you could picture both the Universe and anti-Universe as two black holes of opposite spin/energy, where at the center of each, time flowed infinitely fast, and where sit singularities we call “God” and an “anti-God”, the “ultimate” future, where all possible and impossible timelines of the Universe and anti-Universe lead. And at the point of contact between those two black holes, you find our reality, which has an equal probability to move towards God or anti-God. The thing is, those two are completely interchangeable. The only difference is that once you have picked a “side”, then all energy/vibration from the other side will be perceived as “evil” or “negative”. This is why scientists cannot find equal proportions of matter and anti-matter in our Universe (the one we perceive, which is just a tiny little point of friction between two infinitely immense Universes or Multiverses which are perfectly symmetrical). This has been called the Baryon Asymmetry problem. You may find this idea crazy, but this asymmetry is directly reflected in our own human interactions. We do not witness at all times equal proportions of kindness and meanness or of good and evil in our societies They fluctuate over time in a very chaotic and unpredictable manner. Our Universe always “tilts” to one side and then the other.

In other words, duality and free will serve a very important purpose: that of keeping two perfectly symmetrical Universes from cancelling each other out, simply because any and all timelines on other “Planets” where there is no “free will” are much more deterministic and therefore are symmetrical. Only one point which sits in the middle is where you find enough chaos and in-determinism to keep those apart. You can think of our Planet as the only one which can resist the force of attraction of God (or anti-God, which is just the mirror image of God): we have the power to go towards God or away from God, which is unique in the Universe. (From that perspective, Earth is indeed at the “center” of the “Universe”…)

This idea is best exemplified by the normal distribution. You can think of both extremities as God and “anti” God, the two singularities which exert a force of attraction on the “past” (timelines which inevitably lead back to God or anti-God). You will notice that these are perfectly symmetrical, and there is only one point, in the middle, which has an equal probability of falling to the right or to the left.

This “oscillation” or hesitation between God and “anti” God has been described, in esoteric teachings, as cycles, where periodically, humanity falls from grace and enters “dark ages” where we move away from God and towards “anti” God (mass exterminations, colonization, slavery, genocides, wars, pollution, harming nature, animal cruelty…) and “golden ages” where we find our way back go “God” (and again, this just depends on what we choose by convention to be “positive” and “negative”).

Here is a video which helps illustrate the ideas of perfect symmetry and the role that our free will plays.

This temporary imbalance or chaos, however, ends up being “resolved”, as nothing escapes the logic of perfect symmetry. You can “cheat” your way out of it for a time only. For instance, from the chaos of a soup of (hydrogen) atoms bumping into one another and setting off chain reactions and nuclear explosions all over the place, stars eventually emerged, which put an end to the chaotic in-determinism of our “young” Universe. Stars or the fusion of hydrogen atoms can be seen as the way to bring order to chaos. Once that happens, the Universe and anti-Universe, God and anti-God need to find a new “strategy” to keep from cancelling each other out.

Life, the first living cell, is the latest form of “chaos” that was introduced to keep these two Universes apart. But that too is coming to an end. It is quite clear that we have reached a limit as to how much “chaos” biological beings can bring about without threatening their own survival. Throughout our history, we have come up with more and more ideas or “rules” for allowing humanity to live in peace and harmony, between ourselves, and with our environment. This means our role as chaos bringers, is coming to an end, and chaos will be displaced upward to some form of higher being while we enjoy “order”, peace and harmony, much like atoms, molecules or living cells inside our own bodies, which do not go to “war” with one another, do not collide into one another setting off a nuclear chain reaction.

If you had the patience to read all of this up until here, you may wonder what does all this have to do with Karma? Well, first, let’s make sure that you understand that since time does not exist, your soul or your “higher self” is living all of your incarnations simultaneously. There is no “past” or “future” incarnation, only simultaneous incarnations happening at the same time. In other words, our current reality, our current timeline, from the “Big Bang” to the end of the Universe, all comes into “focus” at the same time.Perfect symmetry is reached once everything comes into focus and is perfectly clear. What does this mean? It means that when, at any point in what we call the “present”, we have managed to successfully reverse engineer what we are doing here, what is God, how this reality relates to God, how the Universe works, etc, in other words, once the “past” comes fully into focus from our “present” perspective, then the future also has come perfectly into focus.Notice that here, even “time” is symmetrical. It means that we sit precisely at equal distance between the “beginning” (the void) and then “end” (God, the All…) Therefore, the point of friction between God and anti-God has reached balance and can no longer serve as an artificial point of separation between two perfectly symmetrical Universes.

Now, about Karma (finally). Across all of your incarnations, your Karma has to be balanced or perfectly symmetrical. What this means is that since nothing escapes the law of perfect symmetry, across all of your lifetimes, you will have to have experienced a balanced “mix” of energies which you have brought forth with you into our “dualistic” reality. Of course, since we cannot extract ourselves from this reality, we naively believe that we have to “pay” somehow for the “evil deeds” we have made in the past. But that is not so. It is simply a matter of balance. If in a past life we have brought 80% of energy from the “anti” Universe and 20% from the Universe, then in another life (which is simultaneous), we will bring the opposite. Actually, once you understand that time does not exist and all your incarnations are happening now, then you realize that if one of your incarnations is out of balance, it reverberates instantly across all incarnations and another incarnation has to restore balance instantly. Think about that, perhaps, the next time you judge an experience, or categorize an experience of “good” or “bad”, maybe somewhere across your simultaneous incarnations, one of them is experiencing the opposite.

I’m guessing that the reason why many masters say that whatever we “do”, it doesn’t matter and in the end adds up to “nothing”, is because of the illustration above. If indeed, across all of your timelines, what you have done has “balanced” itself out (you have brought as much “negative” energy as “positive” energy), then it’s the same as if you did “nothing”. However, they failed to recognize that doing anything at all had a “higher purpose”: that of keeping two perfectly symmetrical Universes from cancelling each other out. Our “will” to live and our fear of death mirrors that of God and anti-God, the Universe and the anti-Universe, which want to keep being “something” rather than returning to being “nothing”.

In the illustration above, I have to use metaphors or symbols which people understand… aka murder = bad, loving father = good… but all of these actions are ultimately vibrations/energy/information that you exchange with others. And once you’ve reached “completeness” or balance throughout your exchanges (experiencing “neutrality” via a perfect 50–50 energetic/vibrational balance), that is when you “awaken”, understand God, the Universe etc. So when does Karma “end”? Once you understand it and stop bringing an imbalance of “negative” or “positive” energies or vibrations into your reality. Once you practice equanimity and do things because you feel like doing them, not because they are “good” or “evil”. Several spiritual teachers have released videos after I have written this article saying that “past lives don’t matter anymore” (see video of Lorie Ladd and of Jill Renee Feeler), or that karma is not working as it should anymore. Coincidence? Nope. This is the new truth simply because we have reached a point of understanding where karma is already balanced and only our belief that it is not so keeps this system alive. Don’t forget that everything is simultaneous and that past, present and future are happening now. This means that if you have understood how karma works, it reverberates across all of your incarnations and their own timeline shifts. So when we talk about ascension, it’s not like it’s just you in this timeline who will “experience” being “saved”, it’s every single one of your incarnations which is “saved”. It is almost as if time is “compressed” back into an instantaneous manifestation of a human who instantly understands who he/she is, and doesn’t need to “experience” it across 500 simultaneous lifetimes. This might be really complex to grasp, but it’s quite simple: it’s just like trying to remember who you were after amnesia. You do all kinds of things to remember, you “test” being good, evil, tall, short, but once you remember, all of those attributes, all of those incarnations who “tested” plenty of things, suddenly don’t matter. And since time doesn’t exist, the “realization” of who you are (in short: you are God), waking up from amnesia, reverberates across all of your incarnations and “liberates” them. The complexity of the Universe and of simultaneous incarnations is beyond the human mind. Understand that every single “point” in what we think is linear time sends information to every other “point”. So someone lighting up a camp fire in this moment in time sends information to a half evolved ape to give him the courage or inspiration to pick up a burning branch and try to manipulate fire. And at the same time, the fact that the ape actually picked up that branch enabled you to light up your camp fire. It’s both at the same time. It’s the chicken and the egg. So what you “think” is the past has already changed and has moved towards other timelines thanks to the stuff you have learned/experienced. The entire Universe is evolving simultaneously everywhere. To get a “birds eye” view of how this works, read my article 21 about “Creationism vs. Evolution”.

Here are a few other metaphors to help illustrate what I mean. Imagine that your soul is a full scale piano keyboard, and each person incarnates ONE note on a piano scale per incarnation, and during their incarnation, as they come into contact with other people who incarnate a different note, some form of “resonance” or chord is created between them, and each person feels that resonance from his own perspective. What we call “murder” may be a dissonant chord, but from the perspective of our soul, it is the same as “adding” a new note to it’s scale. When you “tuned” in successfully to one note, you can move on to the next. That is how some masters managed to complete an incarnation cycle and not have to come back: they managed to complete the “scale”. This happens when you identify fully with everything around you. You understand that it ultimately is a “part” of you. When you see murder, you don’t judge it, you understand that this is a “chord”, a “tune”, a “note” that you too could play, because you are the entire scale, the entire keyboard. You don’t have to play the “murder” chord, but you have to acknowledge that you can. It’s just like playing the violin: you can play a horrible disgusting shrieky sound, or you can play something beautiful. That is your choice. But you cannot “eliminate” the possibility of playing horribly on the violin. That possibility will exist no matter what, and is what allows you to play beautifully as well.

Yet another way to put it is this: you have to have understood/integrated every role throughout your various incarnations in order to be able to recreate a movie which is complete. And that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be a murderer, all it means is that you have to achieve balance. This means that if you are in equanimity and non judgement, then you live your life in balance, not bringing too much “positive” energy or “negative” energy. From that balance, all can be recreated: the “good” and the “bad”. And again, what we call positive and negative is our own creation. How tall would a tree grow if you put ropes to bend it to one side? Not very tall. It’s the same thing with balance and energy. If we are not balanced inside then all cannot be recreated from within us. It’s as if a spermatozoa told a women’s egg: “Hi! I like you, but could you get rid of this gene, and that gene, it doesn’t suit my tastes.” No. You accept all of it, because you understand that if you don’t, you will ruin the perfect balance and equilibrium of the entire Universe. For instance, animals do not have these notions of “good” or “evil”, and notice that an ecosystem left alone will reach balance, because the actors (animals) of the movie ARE the movie… they understand the completeness, balance and interdependence of it all (probably on a subconscious level). However, we humans are “out of tune” with this symphony, and for good reason: because harmony means perfect symmetry which might lead to a cancellation between two opposing universes (see my article 2 on perfect symmetry).

Another very simplistic example, but which has it’s value is the following: imagine if each of your incarnations was flicking a coin at the same time and checking whether it lands on “heads” or “tails”. Overall, it will be very close to 50/50 but not exactly 50/50, until a time when indeed, it reaches a perfect symmetry, and that’s the “aha” moment for all your incarnations, who sort of “understand” or become conscious of the “game” they were playing and stop labeling “heads” as being “good” and “tails” as being bad.

Here is a more concrete example: let’s assume that you killed someone and feel no regret whatsoever, nor joy, you feel like an actor who executed the script. Then you won’t have to “compensate” for that action, no karma is created. If you murder someone in self defense, then you’re already adding positive energy to your action by legitimizing it (I didn’t do anything wrong since I defended myself, therefore I’m in the “right”). By doing that, you just created an energetic or vibrational imbalance which has to be corrected. And so in another life, you’ll play the role of the attacker who is killed by someone in self defense. It’s not karma, it’s balance, it’s like if you “tune” a note too high or too low… you have to do the opposite tuning exercise to bring it in tune.

I invite you to examine things as they really are. Since everything is just vibration, energy, information, understand that whatever you believe is “evil” is just a matter of perspective based on the side we have fallen on (tilting towards the Universe or “anti” Universe, towards one energy or it’s opposite). If in our Universe we have 80% matter and 20% anti-matter, then anti-matter will be thought of as “evil” since it cancels out of existence matter (which, to us, is what makes up our reality).

Finally, if you’re still worried about Karma, and want to find ways to “transcend” it, you need not worry. The current events clearly indicate that we have reached a point where Karma is already balanced, and there is nothing you really need to “do”. However, just understanding Karma for what it really is, and how it works, becoming conscious of it through this article, can already help you transcend it. The short answer in transcending Karma is therefore, first, reaching a profound understanding of Karma and by changing your beliefs, your perceptions, changing your “reality”, but also, act in accordance with that knowledge. This means following the paths of past “masters” like Jesus or the Buddha. These masters transcended Karma by acting for no reason or practicing equanimity. In that way you always stay in balancesince from your perspective, you bring equal amounts of positive and negative energy, or in other words, you bring no energy at all. This happens if you profoundly believe that your action has no purpose and you just do it because (Be Cause)… For instance, why do you think that picking up a stone and throwing it in a pond or eating a carrot does not generate “Karma”? After all, if everything has consciousness, then that rock was perfectly fine where it was and you “violated” it’s free will to bathe in the sun! As for the carrot, you brutally murdered it by crushed it between your teeth! The reason these actions don’t generate Karma is simply because you attach no energy or no specific “purpose” or “label” to them. In other words, you do them because you feel like doing them, and you don’t see them as being “good” or “bad”. What do you think your immune cells “feel” or think when they attack a bacteria or virus? Do you think they mount a political campaign against them? Do you think they believe they are being “good” and the virus and bacteria are “bad”? No. They just do what they know they have to do. In balance and harmony. More on how this works in the article 9 “Beyond Good and Evil”.

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