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Light Story 6 — The Final Push


This is a story of Mother Earth and Father Sun having a baby.

Once upon a time, Mother Earth and Father Sun decided they should have a baby. Father Sun provided the semen which was called “Adam” and Mother Earth the egg which was called “Eve”. These two original “cells” then multiplied and multiplied, and multiplied, into a wide diversity of cells called “humans” which completely forgot who they are, as the embryo of “Humanity” developed, what they were or even that they were a part of a Whole global organism which encompasses all of Humanity.

As time went by, the embryo developed further and further, growing all the necessary vital organs needed to survive:

  • The Internet was akin to the central nervous system, transmitting information throughout the entire body. Unfortunately, it was still quite imperfect, drowning under a heap of highly inaccurate information and signals which lead to poor collective decisions and actions.

  • The global financial system was akin to the circulatory system (arteries, veins, blood and heart), distributing “energy” (money) to each and every cell, making sure it had enough to carry out the job it was supposed to do. Unfortunately, the circulatory system was defective and starved many cells out of oxygen/money while it disproportionately drowned in oxygen other cells.

  • The industrial and agricultural system was akin to the digestive and respiratory systems, transforming raw materials into goods/services that were needed by the various cells to carry out their job. Unfortunately, it was quite inefficient, wasting a lot of raw materials to mass produce useless gadgets, and introducing all kinds of pollution and chemicals into the foods and other goods it produced.

All of the infrastructure, roads, bridges, electricity grid, all of the institutions, governments, schooling system, all of it was part of the complex organism called “Humanity” and was supposed to work in an optimal fashion to keep all of it’s “cells” (individual humans) in optimal health in order to carry out the job that each human was born for.

The embryo developed into a “Humanity” baby riddled with disabilities and diseases. It had an auto-immune disease (some cells within the body attacking other cells, basically, all the wars we keep having) and lung and stomach cancer (from breathing the polluted air and eating the pesticide grown food).

But Mother Earth and Father Sun loved the child deeply. They already had to abort several other babies as they put Mother Earth in great danger. One of those aborted babies was given the name “Atlantis”, and had to be terminated as the baby nearly killed Mother Earth while still in the womb.

At this very moment, January 2019, Mother Earth has been driven to the hospital by Father Sun. The water broke and She started to have contractions! “Humanity” was to be born in the next few years.

Of course, Father Sun and Mother Earth were not alone in this endeavor. They were, themselves, part of a huge Galactic Family of billions of other Stars and Planets, many of which were their dearest friends, like the Pleiadians or the Arcturians. Of course, those Stars/Planets already had their children, while “Humanity” was Mother Earth and Father Sun’s first born, which always makes things more complicated and stressful.

In the hospital, several doctors gave their opinions about the situation. Some doctors, mostly Pleiadian, were confident that “Humanity” could be delivered the good old “natural” way, encouraging Mother Earth to “push” as the contractions (read “earth quakes”, “natural disasters”, “grand solar flash”…) grew more and more intense. Others thought that it was time to think of plan B, an emergency caesarian, as it looked like the “Humanity” baby’s head (read “Ego”) was too big and was stuck in Mother Earth’s birth canal. They were planning to rip Mother Earth open, descend with their Spaceships and rescue “Humanity” as best they could. Finally, some marginal doctors (mostly Archons and Draconians) believed that the “Humanity” baby was condemned and were tentatively suggesting to dismember the baby by crushing it’s head, and use some of it’s surviving cells for medical experimentation and research.

So while Mother Earth was screaming for pain killers, and Father Sun assisting Mother Earth as best he could, providing moral support, everyone else was helping with the actual delivery. Baby “Humanity” had to be born. It already overstayed it’s welcome in Mother Earth’s womb, draining her every resource and starting to poison both of them.

Of course, from it’s perspective, “Humanity” baby was starting to become aware that something huge was happening. While it was mostly busy enjoying the riches that Mother Earth provided via it’s umbilical cord, it was also star gazing, wondering what this gigantic Universe all around it was all about. Through Mother Earth’s belly, it could sense the “voices” of what it labelled “Higher Dimensional Beings”, “God”, “ETs”, “Spiritual Guides” and what not. Of course, given that baby “Humanity” was still in the womb, it’s senses were very limited and it could only perceive a tiny glimpse of what was happening on the outside. Nevertheless, some very gifted individual “human cells” inside baby “Humanity” managed to seek and obtain more and more detailed information about what was about to take place. Birth is one of the most traumatic and painful experiences, both for the mother and the child. Baby “Humanity” needed to be ready and each “human cell” inside of it had to awaken to the reality of it’s imminent birth. Failure to do so, many individual “human cells” might die because of the trauma, the more or less abrupt transition from being in the womb to being pushed through the birth canal and into the outside world! After all, baby “Humanity” needed to know what to do once it was born! It had never used it’s lungs or digestive system before, it merely relied on Mother Earth’s respiratory and digestive systems, which were now failing due to the strain baby “Humanity” was putting on Mother Earth. Some “human cells” labelled this birth the “ascension” process into higher dimensions, which is quite understandable. A baby in a womb would most certainly perceive the birth process as entering a totally new “dimension” through a very narrow and painful process, going through a “portal” or “tunnel” into the “light”, a “lifting of the veil”… Others called it “Cosmic Disclosure”, “the Event” or “Full Disclosure”, when governments around the world admit that they were in contact with ETs and that they were hiding information about new technologies such as free and unlimited energy. They need not worry, of course, for baby “Humanity” will inevitably catch it’s first breath using the lungs it does not yet know what to do with, as well as suckle on Mother Earth’s breast and swallow the first maternal milk, digesting it with it’s stomach which it does not know what it’s for yet either. Call these “nuclear fusion”, “crystal energy”, “Prana” or whatever, but rest assured that these will indeed be “revealed” as “Humanity’s” umbilical cord is cut and it catches it’s first breath.

Now, many “human cells” inside baby “Humanity” are making predictions and try to assess how this whole “birth” process and ascension into a higher dimension will take place. The reality is, it will be much longer than what we think. Here is an estimation based on the development of a human embryo.

A human embryo takes 9 months to develop from “conception”. The “birth” process takes anywhere between a few minutes to several hours, with a “mean” of 30 minutes to an hour, but usually taking longer if it’s the first baby.

Converted in minutes, the 9 month development period is about 388800 minutes (9 x 30 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes). The ratio between the time spent in the womb and “birth” is 388800/60 = 6480.

Now, in the “esoteric” and astrological community, many talk about a 25000 year cycle based on the zodiac signs and movement of the stars (about 2000 years for each zodiac sign, 12x2000 which is about 25000). This 25000 years can refer to the 9 months development period for a “civilization” (baby “Humanity”) to grow to it’s full “scale” or size, or at least, mature enough to be “ready” for birth. If so, then dividing 25000 by 6480 would be about 3.85 years. But since “Humanity” is a first born, the “birth process” itself could take much longer. It is also unclear when this “birth” process started. Some would say that 2012 was the year this started. I tend to think 2012 is more like the “expected date” that doctors give to women based on various measurements of the baby’s size and development. In essence, it’s hard to tell when exactly baby “Humanity” will emerge fully from Mother Earth’s birth canal, receive the slap on the back, take it’s first breath and be born into the 4th, 5th or whatever dimension. Of course, it doesn’t have to happen in such a brutal way. More and more, alternative practices which make birth less traumatizing are starting to emerge, where the umbilical cord and placenta are left attached and fall off naturally (the blood, nutrients and everything is being gradually “transferred” over to the baby after birth). This means that we would experience a “gradual” transition to another dimension, and transitioning to another energy source etc (from fossil fuels aka the blood from Mother Earth’s umbilical cord to something else). At present, it still looks like we are busy preparing, the vagina opening is about 5 cm wide, the doctors see the top of the head, but it’s far from over. By the way, the growing number of people “awakening” can simply be interpreted as the “human cells” of baby “Humanity” which are situated on the top of the head (“crown chakra?”) and are getting a “sneak peak” or preview of the outside while the rest of “Humanity” is still fully inside the womb, completely clueless of what is happening, other than feeling a certain disruption or tension in the air. Psychic readings and “channelling” can, in this regard, represent this “communication” that certain “awakened” human cells inside baby “Humanity” have established with the “outside world” (basically as if some of the cells of a baby embryo was receptive to his parents or other people speaking to it in the womb or through the top of the head which was directly exposed to the outside world). It’s also funny how in esoteric circles, awakened people are called “light bringers”… Indeed, the cells at the top of the head are “bathing” in day light first, while the rest of the body is still in the darkness of the womb. Perhaps their role is to “prepare” the baby’s organs for their imminent use. However, as was discussed above, many “organs” are still pretty dysfunctional and need to be adjusted if baby “Humanity” is to survive out in the open. Our nervous system (the Internet), circulatory system (financial system) and digestive/respiratory system (extraction/production) still need some “tweaking” and are far from optimal.

Again, not to discourage many of you, but understand that baby “Humanity” will probably develop at the same “pace” as a human baby. How much more “evolved” would you say a 9 month old baby is compared to a new born baby? At 9 months, they barely know how to crawl… Remember the “scale” I took? 25000 years? In 25000 years, baby “Humanity” will be learning how to “crawl” in the Universe… So yes, right after birth, things might change pretty radically, but it’s not like we’ll be able to materialize anything with our thoughts in a few years… Also, being born should not immediately lead to “Heaven on Earth”. Indeed, in the first days after the traumatizing and painful birth experience, the baby typically looses weight (loosing some of it’s cells), and so one should not expect that after these few decades, all will be “happy dandy” (perhaps this is what the “little ice age” is all about, or “climate change”, as indeed, the “climate” outside of the womb is pretty different!). There is a period of “adjustment” where the baby’s body learns to harness the “new” inputs of energy (lungs, stomach) and gets accustomed to it’s new environment (a few days for a human baby, which translates to a few decades for baby “Humanity” on it’s own scale). Finally, I might be misinterpreting the 25000 year cycle. It could be Mother Earth’s menstrual cycle, which would mean that baby “Humanity” is in the womb for 225000 years (9x25000). Or it could be shorter (5000 years based on the Old Testament?)… And of course, I have no clue as to how long baby “Humanity” stays in Mother Earth’s womb or the development “speed” of baby “Humanity” compared to a human baby. Human babies spend 9 months in the womb but that time period is different for other mammals. Also, some mammals are much more “functional” upon birth then human babies, who are pretty helpless. The only “certainty” is that baby “Humanity” is about to be born, and that Mother Earth has clearly gone into labour and all is done to push us out, before baby “Humanity” suffocates in it’s now poisonous and deadly amniotic fluid, receiving less and less nutrients via the umbilical cord from an exhausted and depleted Mother Earth. This does not mean that we will be “kicked out” of Planet Earth! Not at all! We will stay on Earth but our relationship with Mother Earth will no longer be within it’s womb, but being nurtured directly outside of the womb. Perhaps that’s what a Kundalini awakening and the “new” Earth look like: the same way a baby finally “sees” his parents outside of the womb.

I’m also guessing that prior to birth, you could think of the baby, the placenta and umbilical cord as one “being” or one “entity” which only separates upon birth. This idea that Earth will “split” into two Earths — the “new” Earth and the “old” Earth (especially prevalent in Dolores Cannon’s work)— can be akin to the placenta and umbilical cord being separated or severed from the baby at birth. The “cells” in the placenta and umbilical cord are destined to “die”, while the cells in the baby will live. In a similar fashion the “human cells” of baby “Humanity” will survive and will experience the “new Earth” while the “human cells” that are part of the placenta will experience a sort of “end of the World” scenario (maybe Mother Earth, like other mammals, will “eat” her placenta after baby “Humanity” is born… I’ll let you picture what that may look like…). The “sorting” process is not over yet, however. This is the meaning behind the “call” for a grand awakening. My guess is that the “human cells” left behind in the “old Earth” or placenta/umbilical cord are the ones that fail to awaken to their true nature/purpose: that of being part of a global organism, and acting as such. Natural disasters like Earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, or Tsunamis can indeed be seen as “cleaning” the remnants of the “amniotic sac”, amniotic fluid and the placenta. It is as if the “new Earth” was indeed within the Earth itself, and needed to be made manifest by “piercing” the Earth’s crust. Those who understand what is going on will be the cells who are part of baby “Humanity”, those who don’t are the cells that compose the amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord or placenta. The seemingly “naive” teachings of “love thy neighbor” from Jesus and other prophets makes perfect sense in the context of a global organism. Each and every one of your cells behaves at all times like a Christ or a Buddha, otherwise you wouldn’t stay alive for very long. Each cell plays it’s role perfectly, and takes in the exact amount of energy to perform that role. No cell starts attacking it’s neighbor, and no cell judges another cell for the job it is or isn’t doing, trusting that whatever they do is part of a greater plan. How long do you think you would stay alive if your heart went to war with your liver? Or if your skin cells decided that they deserved to be “paid” more money for the job they are doing while taxing the shit out of your blood cells? However, don’t feel bad or judgmental about the “human cells” that decided to stay in the “old Earth”. After all, they are but eternal souls which somehow needed to experience an “end of the World” scenario in order to learn/grow. (More on the idea of “eternal souls” in my other articles)

Don’t worry, each and every “human cell” inside baby “Humanity” will find his/her role to play, his/her meaning for existing. This is why so many spiritual and esoteric teachings insist on meditation, introspection and “looking within” for answers, because ultimately, what will make you “happy”, is to be who you were meant to be: a blood cell, a skin cell, a neuron, a heart cell… receiving 100% energy (money, support, training…) to do what you were designed and meant to do. And the people who are most awakened, most aware, most advanced in their understanding of this whole process, I believe they will make up the “Council of Beings” that are a part of this “Humanity” baby’s consciousness (very similar to what it looks like in the movie “Inside Out”). This “new” Earth could be a “mini” replica of Mother Earth, just as a baby is a “mini” version of yourself… Just imagine if Planet Earth was like an extension of our own body…

Where do you think that our consciousness comes from? Perhaps our consciousness is the combined consciousness of all that we are made of: photons (light), atoms, molecules, cells,… Of course, it’s very hard to imagine what “form” a being composed of all of Humanity would look like. I’m pretty sure an individual cell from our body would be pretty amazed if it could “see” what a human looks like, or even, how we live, what our world looks like… Picture a blood cell, it’s entire world, all it knows, is tunnels inside a body, and delivery of oxygen. How would you “explain” to it the world we humans are living in?

If you read my entire series “My Spiritual Journey”, you may catch a “glimpse” of what the “being” composed of all of use may look like. I’m still trying to really “understand” this, but this is the conclusion I have came to. The “third dimension” won’t really disappear so much as it’s “time” will be frozen. It will become like a “DNA”, a “model”, a “template”, copied into infinity on top of which you can build variations to tell a completely new and original story. Just like humans, animals, plants, planets, stars, galaxies… are but variations from a single template. Here is a question to ponder in your mind : when two hydrogen atoms come together with one oxygen atom to form a molecule of water, do the atoms still “exist” or does only the molecule exist? When various molecules come together to form a living cell do the molecules still exist or does only the living cell exist? The Universe doesn’t like to waste energy, so why bother “retaining” all the various constitutive elements if they are “included” inside one another, like Russian dolls? You may as well just keep the “biggest” Russian doll and “recreate” the other layers as necessary. What this might hint to is that reality as we see it is but an “interface” projected from our minds outward. Every human being is “made” of all of the constitutive elements of the Universe. Our reality could just be a projection outward of a “template” which we are playing with. It’s a bit as if the “laws” of physics, chemistry, biology… were set, they were a “given”, they were at the status of DNA, and we are playing around trying to find our way towards the laws allowing for the harmonious interaction between humans and once we figure those out, we will “cease to exist” in our third dimension, simply because we will have reached the “next layer” of Russian dolls nested inside one another, and will become a constitutive element of this “new being”. This might seem depressing or frightening, but I believe this is what we call “paradise” or “heaven”. Try to put yourself in the “shoes” of an atom or a molecule inside our body. Don’t you think that the “experience” they get to live is infinitely more interesting than billions and billions of years ago when the Universe was still a chaotic soup of atoms hitting and bumping into each other? At present, our human experience, our “free will”, our third dimension, is extremely restrictive in terms of what we can experience. Basically, our experience is just a little bit more interesting than that of the game of musical chairs: fighting for limited resources, for the last seat on a train, for the best house, for the best car, you name it. It’s the same as two atoms fighting over who will get to occupy a trajectory in the void of space. Wow. So interesting… But think of what happens once atoms “settle” on the laws of chemistry and the first star is born, turning hydrogen into helium via nuclear fusion. Suddenly, a whole new range of experiences open up! What a wonderful adventure! Now, atoms get to “experience” what it is to be water, air, rock, metal,… And the same applies to us! Just look at the cells of your body. Think of what would happen to them if you were not alive. Not a very interesting story. They would quickly decompose into separate cells doing their own “thing”, some would die, others would transform into something else, but it would still be much less “interesting” of an existence than to be a part of you! Even just a few seconds of you sitting down and drinking coffee is more interesting for your body cells, as an “experience”, than everything that will ever happen to them after you die. They also enjoy “paradise” while they are in your body. They don’t have to do any “effort” to find food, you have to do that! And on top of that, they “tell” you via “pain” and other signals, if they “liked” the food you ate or not! They signal you all the time to do this or that, exercise more, go to bed you’re tired… We may think of ourselves as “Gods” to our cells and our body, and maybe we are, but a God which is still pretty much dependent on it’s “subjects”… Another “hint” at what this “birth” of the “Humanity” baby could look like, examining the various “layers of logic”, from physics to chemistry to biology, you will notice that no layer of logic fundamentally violates or infringes the layer below! Physics still applies to chemistry, and chemistry still applies to biology, yet the possibilities grow exponentially! You can do infinitely more things with chemistry than with physics! And you can do infinitely more things with biology than chemistry! And it all seems to “check out”. Think of us, human beings. On many accounts we violate the laws of biology! Nothing in biology explains how “mutant chimpanzees” can build cities of millions and millions of individuals and manage not to kill each other all the time. Try putting 2000 chimpanzees in a theater hall and have them sit quietly and listen to a classical music concert, and see what happens. Chances are, it’s going to be chaos in less than 3 minutes, over who gets to have sex with who, who is the “dominant male”, who is your clan member and who is not. Absolutely nothing in the laws of biology explain the first thing about our civilization, our ability to think, to reason, to be self-aware, to manage abstract thinking, and more… Yet, we are still “subject” to the laws of biology, chemistry, physics… But much less so than a chimpanzee or a baboon! The reason why this transition may appear to be “magical” from this point on, is that we are at a similar “stage” as when the first star was born out of a chaotic soup of atoms, or when the first living cell was born out of a soup of amino acids and other molecules. At some point, things just “click”, like pieces of a puzzle which suddenly “fit” and create a “whole” which is much greater than the sum of it’s parts. We are the last piece of the puzzle, not more important, not less important, but the last piece nonetheless to fall into place. And once that happens, expect something “magical” to happen. What happens the second “before” the first living cell appears and “after” the first living cell appears is nothing short of a miracle and is absolutely incomparable. Imagine a sea of amino acids, and in one place, they form a living cell, while in all other places, they remain as standalone amino acids. How would the amino-acids “perceive” what happened to the ones that formed the living cell? How would standalone atoms of hydrogen perceive the hydrogen atoms which fused together to form a star? I guess you get the picture. It’s again this story of “new” vs. “old” Earth. This is why it “looks” as if we will transition to another dimension and “disappear” to the eyes of the “human cells” who choose to stay in the “old Earth”. So buckle up!

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul… Hermes Trismegistus

In any case, what awaits us in the following millennium, is that baby “Humanity” will finally be ready to play with his/her cousins from across the Galaxy and maybe even across the Universe. It will be a quite exciting time, full of adventures! So jump on board!

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