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My Spiritual Journey — 5 — Hardships as Opportunities to Act like a God


In the recent weeks, I experienced several challenging situations, and I asked myself, “why is this happening to me?” The answer I received was that each and every hardship is an opportunity given to us by the Universe to act like our Highest Self, our Divine Self, like the God we are.

Here are a few examples:

I went to London for a business trip. After a long journey, I arrive in front of the private apartment which I have rented and find no one there to check me in. I manage to make a few calls, but the battery on my phone is getting low, under 10%. Finally, I receive a call from the people responsible for renting out the apartment. They tell me that the apartment is flooded, there was a water leakage, and they don’t know if they can repair it in time. They ask if I can wait for about an hour, and they can let me know what the status of the apartment is. The time is 16h00 (4pm)… Time goes by, I wait on the ground floor of the building, one hour flies by, two hours, and still no news from the people responsible. I plug my phone onto my laptop and turn on my data/tethering to start searching for alternatives in the area. Nothing remotely as good shows up.

I continue my search for about 30 minutes, now willing to sleep just about anywhere, when another private apartment that didn’t appear before shows up on the search, just 20 minutes walk and even closer to my meeting place for the next day, and for nearly the exact same price as my original booking! I encode all my details and have my mouse ready to click on the “confirm” button to book it as soon as I hear back from my other booking. Finally, the person calls at around 18h15 (6:15pm), apologizes and says that indeed, the apartment will not be available and asks whether he can help me to find an alternative and cancel my booking. I click on the “confirm” button, decline his help and thank him for his call.

Now I have to contact the owner of the other apartment. I manage to reach him just as I arrive at the properties’ address, meet him downstairs and receive the keys. I now have a place to stay for the night.

What can be learned from this experience?

At any time, I could have sunk into my “lower self”, feeling desperate, frustrated, stressed about the whole situation. I could have yelled at the person calling me, I could have panicked and booked a random hotel at the other side of town, I could shake my fist at the Universe, at God, asking “why me, why now? I have work to do, I wanted to be in my nice cosy apartment, take a nice shower, relax, and instead I’m here, running around, stressing like hell that I don’t have a place to stay…”

Instead, I managed to keep calm, having confidence that everything would turn out for the best. Although my “lower self” was bubbling inside of me, I never let “him” take control. I stayed polite and patient with the owner of the flooded apartment, I tried to relax and continue working on the ground level of the building while waiting for news from the owner, I managed to charge my phone a little bit by plugging it into my laptop, which left me enough battery to book an alternative accommodation, contact the owner and get there via my phone’s navigation.

I acted like my “Higher Self”, and the Universe granted me an experience that matched my attitude. It offered me an opportunity to be more “Godly”, that is, display qualities such as patience, compassion, trust, positivity, hope, thankfulness, forgiveness, understanding.

A couple of weeks back, an expensive graphics card fan failed on one of my mining rigs. It stopped turning, which meant that the card would overheat, affecting the entire mining rigs’ stability, and potentially damaging the card’s internal hardware.

I felt very frustrated, since that was a 300€ card, not even a year old. At the current price of cryptocurrencies, it barely paid for itself! Buying a new one was out of the question, but at the same time I felt annoyed at the drop in hashrate and the fact that my rig was incomplete.

So I gathered my courage, went on Youtube, and searched for ways to repair a failed fan. Just to be clear, I have two left hands when it comes to manual work. I can barely hold a screwdriver correctly, and only do it when it is absolutely necessary, like when I have to put together an Ikea furniture.

Funnily enough, a few months back, I had ordered by mistake a toolbox from Amazon which I found to be a very good deal. It was a universal screwdriver kit with mountable pieces for all kinds of screw types. When it arrived, I was disappointed to find that it was a miniature kit for tiny electronics! I had never touched the inner parts of electronic devices ever! I thought about returning it, but then gave up since it was so cheap, so I just stowed it away…

Fast forward a few months later, and I’m taking my graphics card apart! Once I managed to dislodge the fan frames and removing the defective fan, I felt confident enough that I would be able to mount a replacement fan. So I went online, ordered one from China. The time frame for receiving it was a month, but it arrived within a week!

And so 5 minutes later, my card was mining happily again, repaired within a week, at a cost of about 10€.

What can be learned from this experience?

Again, I could have just bought a new card out of frustration, shake my fist at the Universe, complain that I’m losing money and throwing an otherwise perfectly functional graphic card into the garbage.

Instead, the Universe gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in my manual skills, to fix broken things, to act like my “Higher Self” and exercise patience (again), healing (sort of), confidence, positive thinking, and so on.

Ultimately, this is what I learned: any and all hardships are always opportunities for us to act like our Higher Selves. It’s in the difficult moments that the “God” in you must show, not just when all is going well. Hardships are not about suffering, in fact, they never are! It is only our attitude when faced with those hardships which will determine whether we will experience them in suffering or in joy. Think about it: if you are God, what can go wrong? It is only if you loose faith, and start acting not very Godly that things can go really wrong (for you, from your perspective). Ensuring that you can stay “Godly” even in hard times accelerates your spiritual awakening, expands your consciousness, facilitates your ascension, your access to higher vibrational states.

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