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My Spiritual Journey — 3 — The Nature of Reality

The very first thought I had, after my "rough" awakening, was to question the nature of what we were seeing with our five senses. Does reality really, objectively, look like the way we see it?

The simple answer is no. The Universe as we see it is an illusionary or virtual “convenient” interface our brains simulate in order for a subset of “pure energy/information” to interact with other bundles of “pure energy/information”.

As any basic science text book will tell you, if you decompose matter to its essential components, beyond sub-particles, what you find is vibration and energy, nothing else. Everything is energy and vibration (which is the same thing, really). So where does the world the way we see it come from? Why do we “see” physical objects and not energy and vibrations? For the exact same reason why we don’t interact with a computer using binary code. Although the “native language” of a computer is binary code, there is no one who could interpret and interact with a computer using such a code, due to it’s sheer complexity. We use “higher level languages” which makes it easier for us humans.

In exactly the same way, our brains “hallucinate” reality, or in other words, creates symbolic, virtual representations through our five senses to create a convenient interface to interact with what would otherwise be pure energy. Our five senses are actually very sophisticated “censors” for the complexity of reality. Our eyes can only distinguish between so many shades of colors and restrict our vision to a certain light spectrum, our ears also ignore plenty of higher frequency sounds and vibrations. Even colors don’t really “exist”. They are, after all, different oscillation frequencies. There is no objective “cut off” point between colors just like there is no objective way to slice up a scale going from 0 to infinity (since you have an infinite number of possible light frequencies).

If you examine the model of the Universe as described by Nassim Haramein’s theories, which describe every single particle as being a black hole, then you can understand the Universe as being pockets of self-contained energy/information wrapped around themselves, interacting with other pockets of energy/information.

In essence, if we didn’t exist, if life didn’t exist, the Universe as we see it would also cease to exist. It would be a huge mass of pure energy/information, and especially, it would unravel instantly (time would jump instantly from the “beginning” of the Universe, if there is such a thing to the “end” of the Universe). You might be puzzled by this idea, but understand that time is a subjective perception more than anything else. The “speed” at which time passes is directly linked to the observer. For instance, we can experience “time” at a speed of about 24 “frames”, images, or “slices of reality” per second. But a super-computer, if asked to observe reality, could experience it at millions and millions of “frames” per second! Think of your experience of time playing a video game like Mario. Us humans can play it at the same “speed” as that with which we interact with our reality, but a computer can play a million “games” per second due to it’s processing power! This basically means that should there be no more “observer” of reality on this planet (basically, the disappearance of all life), time would advance infinitely faster.

I’ll try to give you a concrete example to help illustrate what might happen if you could see beyond the “interface” that we hallucinate for ourselves. Imagine you are looking through a window out of a house near the seashore and you’re witnessing a storm. You see clouds in the sky, heavy rain falling against the coastline and huge waves of sea water crashing against the cliffs.

Imagine if your senses were unlimited, and you could see way beyond what your normal senses perceive. Imagine if you could see at the level of sub-atomic particles. What would you actually see? All atoms are composed of the exact same elementary particles: protons, neutrons, electrons. What you would see is utter chaos. The artificial boundaries that exist in your brain thanks to the convenient interface it hallucinates for you would disappear and you would not be able to distinguish the sea waves from the rain, the air, the clouds or the cliffs. You might only be able to tell that there is a slight difference in density of elementary particles in some areas then in others, or that there is more or less movement in some areas then in others (the coastline would appear more static then the rain for instance). But that scene would make absolutely no sense! The very “concept” of a storm would cease to exist. Also, you wouldn’t be able to recognize patterns of similar events. That is, if you were to witness another “storm”, it would look nothing like the previous one.

And this is at the level of elementary particles, which still are part of this illusion or “interface”! Imagine if you could see things only as pure energy or vibration. Then reality would cease to exist altogether, since energy and vibration is everywhere, regardless of whether it is in the form of a droplet of water, a patch of air or a rocky coastline. It is not even sure that you would be able to distinguish movement since the scene of a storm would resemble a unified field of energy which fluctuates to reflect the interactions within itself! It would appear like a giant pool of homogeneous water stirring around. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish anything at all regardless of what you were looking at: the void of space, a storm or the inside of a house. If your brain would “see” at the level of pure energy/vibration, even you would cease to exist, just like a droplet of water would loose all sense of boundaries as it enters the ocean.

But this also made me realize, later, that the esoteric, metaphysical or spiritual maxims such as “we are all one” or “we are all connected” suddenly made perfect sense. Outside of the reality our brains simulate, we are part of a huge unified field of pure energy/information and every one of our actions and movements reverberates into it and affects it in all directions. Just like if you drop a stone in a pool, the ripples spread around it and affect the entire pool.

It also explains the way the “law of attraction” works or the fact that our thoughts affect reality. Since our brains “hallucinate” reality, changing our perception of reality affects our future “hallucination”. But I’ll dig into this in a future article on the nature of time and consciousness.

Finally, if reality is indeed just a convenient interface that is simulated by our brain, then what is really the “truth”? Looking at a computer, for instance, you do agree that all that really “exists” is 0 and 1, just like the fact that in the end, all that exists is pure energy and vibration. But no one interacts with computers using 0 and 1! We have developed plenty of intermediary “layers” between this basic computer language, for our convenience (just like atoms, molecules and any other “form” or shape that we give to matter are intermediary “layers” between pure energy and us). The nice interface of your operating system, your keyboard and mouse is the current perceived reality of what a happens inside a computer which has been designed specifically for us humans. By the same token, the reality we “perceive”, which is only a symbolic representation of otherwise completely abstract energy/vibration, has been refined and tweaked over the millennia for a reason. Without that interface, we would be completely lost in infinity! We would not be able to navigate through infinite energy, infinite potential, infinite timelines and possibilities. In other words, the aim here is not to get rid of the interface altogether and become a blissed-out master living in a cave, but to reflect on how to update that interface so that it allows us to move forward on our evolutionary journey. Just like moving from MS DOS to Windows 3.1, and then to Windows 10… When considering what is “true”, think about this: which interface is “true”: MacOS, Linux or Windows? This is an irrelevant question. The real question is: what do these respective interfaces allow us to do? So whenever you hear about people that can “see” spirits, or channel beings from higher dimensions, all they are doing is updating their interface to allow for more sophisticated interactions with pure energy, pure potential, all that IS. And it is up to us to reflect, not on what is true, but what is most convenient to allow us to evolve further, collectively, as a species.

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