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My Spiritual Journey 29 — Freeing God/Source

Updated: Mar 17, 2021


If you’re not familiar with my other articles, especially my second article about Perfect Symmetry, my 21st article on Evolution vs. Creationism, and my 26th article about Tetravalent Logic to understand God/Source, then this article will most likely make no sense whatsoever.. So be warned!

I’ll do a quick recap just in case.

The Perfect Symmetry article builds on the premise that the Absolute Universal Law which applies to the Universe, to God/Source is that of perfect symmetry which can be understood as this: “if something exists, it’s opposite necessarily exists”. If -1 exists, then +1 exists, if a vibration exists, then a vibration of opposite phase exists. And the whole point of this premise is that the true state of God/Source is a continuous infinitely fast “flickering” between being nothing, void, pure potential, and everything, every possible vibration, which can then be experienced, in this reality as a specific form like your body, the sun and moon, the grass, etc. And the only way to maintain the illusion of a “stable” continuous reality like ours, is to create one area in an otherwise infinite Universe where there is free will, or in other words, where the protagonists are able to “mix”, in very chaotic ways, two opposing energies, two opposing vibrations, making sure that two perfectly symmetrical Universes don’t cancel each other out and revert back to nothing.

The article about Evolution vs. Creationism explores the creation process of Source, showing that everything can be true due to the way God/Source creates. If God/Source is indeed an infinite being, where everything, past, present and future, co-exist at the same time, than God/Source does not start exploring itself from the “beginning” (aka, the Big Bang from our point of view), but from the relative middle. That’s where you get your Genesis story in the Bible, which just recounts how God/Source separated itself from oneness into several “sub-parts”. After that, each sub-part expands the “story” in all directions, across past, present and future simultaneously, and so you can tell the “story” of God/Source from any perspective, and it would be true. It is simply that you are either telling it from the Biblical timeline or the “science” timeline, but ultimately, all of them are correct.

The article about a Tetravalent logic to understand God/Source explores the idea that we have to add two more options to the true/false dichotomy.These two options are both true and false; neither true nor false. It is the necessity to be able to reconcile seeming contradictions and see how both can be true or false depending on the perspective, or being comfortable with an ambivalence between true and false.

Finally, to the point of this article. The premise of the Perfect Symmetry principle applies to itself. Which means that if Perfect Symmetry exists, then Perfect Asymmetry also exists. Which means that the whole idea that the Universe needs a place where there is free will to keep it from cancelling itself is inaccurate. It is both true and false. And if you follow the reasoning behind my 21st article, the fact that I’m writing this article down and publishing it is the same as pulling from pure potential, all that is, an idea, a concept which God/Source is now aware of. (Because if you read some of my other articles, you will understand that you cannot BE and EXPERIENCE BEING everything at the same time). I am, of course, like any article, essentially writing this to myself, since the ideas we express, we ultimately express them to ourselves to transcend our own belief systems and expand continuously, thus helping the entire Universe to expand.

Therefore, with this article, I am freeing myself, and therefore the Universe, God/Source, from having to “maintain” THIS reality, and free will for the necessity of experimenting itself. I can now transcend this need thanks to the apparent contradiction existing between Perfect Symmetry and Perfect Asymmetry. This also frees US, down here, as we can now be “saved”. We can now transcend all dualities as they are no longer necessary because we have managed to reach a level of consciousness which does not need duality to grow. In the process, I am also freeing myself from a partial truth, and now understand that for every truth, its opposite exists! Total, infinite freedom is thus the only thing real, or perhaps, it is real in contrast to total, infinite subjection, which is simply any level of consciousness that has not opened up itself to infinity and some of the concepts I explore, such as a Tetravalent logic and things being “beyond” true or false.

At this very moment, somewhere in another dimension, a “being” which is composed of us as its cells, opens its eyes for the very first time and wonders: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”. That being will start creating, with a level of consciousness equal to the sum of all of our individual consciousnesses, and will experience chaos again, on a higher level, until it reaches the same conclusions, the same level of self-awareness as all the elements/parts it is made up of. That being will be looking for answers on the outside, just like we have done for the last thousands of years, trying to derive truth from the outside world, only realizing later that the outside is only the reflection of what’s on the inside.

The Truth is within.

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