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My Spiritual Journey — 27 — Ascended Masters

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Apr 30

If you’re into spirituality, chances are you’ve heard of the term “Ascended masters”, especially through individuals who carry out “channelling”, or letting these Ascended masters speak through them. Examples include: Jesus Christ (also referred to as “Sananda” by some), El Morya, St Germain, the Buddha, Babaji, Mother Mary, etc.

In this article, I will explore who they are from a deeper, non dual, formless perspective. The standard way to define who ascended masters are is to say that they are spiritually enlightened humans who achieved a transformation which allowed them to transcend their physical/material human condition and become multi-dimensional beings, existing outside of linear time. Of course, this is still very formal and doesn’t help in understanding who or what they are.

Going a bit further, you may think of Ascended Masters as individuals who have expanded their consciousness beyond their physical body and now identify with a “higher” version of themselves, which has always existed. Think of it as if you were playing a video game. Instead of identifying with the avatar inside the game, you “shift” your consciousness to look at the video game from the perspective of the player behind the screen. From the perspective of people who are still in the game, you have “disappeared”, from the perspective of an Ascended Master, you are still very much there, but you’re experiencing it all from a “higher” point of view. It’s no wonder that these Ascended Masters exert “non judgement” and send messages of “unconditional love”. From their perspective, it makes much more sense. They see each of us as just an extension from souls or from “Source” (God, the All…), and to them it looks as silly to harm each other as if your right hand was twisting your left hand. Since they have reached the understanding that we are all connected and are part of a larger, collective, global organism, it makes perfect sense to love and care for each and every one of us, just like we (should) love and care for each and every part of our own body.

Applying another metaphor to help understand who these Ascended masters are and what their role is. Picture a young Universe where billions and billions of hydrogen atoms (the very first type of matter) bump into each other chaotically, sometimes so violently that they set of a nuclear fission chain reaction. From that hydrogen “soup” and all possible interactions between those atoms, there exists the potential of a star, somewhere in the “future”. That star exerts a form of attraction on that soup of hydrogen atoms, gently influencing them, sending an “intuition” into the “past” for those those hydrogen atoms to interact in such a way that they will end up fusing together and form the very first star. How does this work? It’s simple. Any other potential “story” for the Universe is a dead end or a story which bites it’s own tail. You could have hydrogen atoms bumping into each other for all infinity for all eternity. A pretty pointless story. You could say, therefore, that the only force which exists in the Universe is the force that the “future” exerts on the “past”. Said differently, you can say that “whatever can happen will happen”. The laws of physics, chemistry, biology are what they are because they allow for more things to happen. Now, the interesting part here is that ultimately, the more those hydrogen atoms start interacting in a way which may materialize a star in the future, all possible stars somewhere in the future come into “focus” as a more probable “future”. You could therefore model the Universe as a series of “portals” which give a specific “form” to pure formless energy. All of those stars, which exist somewhere in the future, are just onevariation, one manifestation of a template, an idea, a concept, that of a “star”, which simply represents the “rules” allowing hydrogen atoms to interact with each other in a harmonious way (what we call nuclear fusion). You could say that everything we see is but a fractal on the basis of a “model”, a template. All of the stars that we see are fractals on the basis of just one star, the “original” star, the “idea” or concept of a star, what people in esoteric circles call the “central sun”. You might think that therefore, there is no “free will”. But that is not so. There is free will, it’s just that there are an infinite number of paths that lead to the same point. Some, however, are more “painful” and longer than others. See the illustration below. A hydrogen atom will eventually be a part of a star. Whether that entails going in a straight line or bumping against 1 or more atoms along the way, that’s the hydrogen atom’s choice. The same applies to us. We can go the easy way or the hard way, but eventually, we all arrive at the same point.

The “idea” of a star, which already exists as a potential somewhere in the future, exerts a form of attraction on the hydrogen atom which will, at some point, be a part of it. The “path” that the hydrogen atom takes does not matter. Ultimately, it will become a part of that star. But it can go the “easy” way, or the “hard” way.

How is this relevant to understanding who Ascended masters are? Because it’s the exact same process. We are just like those hydrogen atoms, bumping chaotically into one another, and gradually learning to behave like one global organism of which we are the constitutive parts in the same way that hydrogen atoms are the constitutive parts of a star. The “idea” of a star, a.k.a the laws governing nuclear fusion allowing the star to be born, is the same as the “idea” of a higher being made up of billions of human beings, a.k.a human rights, democracy or “thou shall not kill”, “love thy neighbour like you love thyself”… The entire story of our civilization since the first man can be summarized as trying to discover the “rules” which enable humans to interact in harmony as one global organism. Ascended masters, in this respect, are like hydrogen atoms which “teleported” themselves into the future (if you want to think in linear time, but it’s actually outside of time) to embody the “idea” of a star and guide other hydrogen atoms to eventually become a part of one specific variation from that “idea”. Ascended masters are a “template” for what we will eventually become. They are guiding us to become a carbon copy of themselves. Think of them as being a “form”, a “mold” which exists outside of time and which serves the purpose of gradually transforming mutant chimpanzees (what we are now) into humans (what we are meant to become).

You can watch the video below where I explain all of this in more detail.

A final metaphor to illustrate our “ascension” process and Ascended masters is the following: imagine if all of humanity was climbing a huge mountain together, every human linked to another human by a rope, such that if one falls, all will somehow feel it. And similarly, each human which manages to climb higher up the mountain helps pave the way for those around him/her. It is both an individual and a collective effort.

Ascended masters are like individual humans who managed to cut their ropes and move on top of the mountain by themselves in order to “guide” all of humanity to reach the top. Notice that no two humans will “experience” the same ascension process since no two humans are climbing the same slope. You can have similarities, but in the end, each path is unique.And Ascended masters also tailor the message or the instructions to “help” individual humans depending on the obstacles they are facing on their own climbing path. At present, there isn’t a need for us to cut our ropes and join Ascended masters in their guidance. Rather, it is time that we incarnate in this reality, in the physical, material world, the teachings of these Ascended masters and in doing so, become “them”.

Channellers also talk with extra-terrestrial beings. Well, if you have followed the reasoning above, guess who those ETs are? They are a fractal, a variation from the “template”, the “idea” of sentient self-aware creatures like us finding the “rules” which allow for a harmonious interactions between them. They are just like one specific star which can exist based on a template, an idea. They are one potential future which is made possible thanks to humans behaving in a more harmonious fashion here and now. We are talking to our future selves if you will, just like if a specific hydrogen atom was talking to a specific star of which it will be a part in some distant future.

The choice is yours, then! What do you want to become? A hydrogen atom from a specific star? Or stick to being the “idea” of the star from which all stars are possible? By the same token, you have a choice: become part of one potential future, one potential ET “race”, or stick to being the “template”. And there is no “right” or “wrong”, here. It is just like deciding that you want to be one note on a piano keyboard or being the entire keyboard. There is no wrong choice.

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