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My Spiritual Journey — 21 — Creationism vs. Evolution

Updated: May 16, 2019


Once you enter into the esoteric, spiritual and religious realms, it almost seems as if you have to throw away all previous scientific “beliefs”. From the religious perspective, the “creation” story in 6 days is most certainly incompatible with the Big Bang theory. From the esoteric perspective, as described in the work of Dolores Cannon, the “seeding” of Planet Earth by aliens is incompatible with the theory of gradual, natural biological evolution.

And yet, what if I told you that all of it can be true without there being any form of contradiction?

This article will heavily rely on the one about the mysteries of “time”, so I invite you to read it now or afterwards (article 17).

To cut the story short, the reason why all of these “narratives” about how the Universe was created are true, is due to the way that the Universe and “time” function. The basic metaphor to explain this is the following: take the entire spectrum of visible light, ranging from the lower red vibrations to the very high vibration ultra violet. You do agree that between these two extreme points, there are an infinite number of possible shades of color or frequencies, just like you could subdivide 1 into an infinite sub-parts. Now, imagine that God is pure white light: all of the colors combined, which is equivalent to all of the possible “stories” or moments in time, everything that ever existed and will ever exist. How does God start experimenting with all of the various colors that are contained within him/her? In the idea above, God would start precisely in the middle, if there is such a thing. He/she would start with whatever color is situated between ultra-violet and red. Alternatively, you could say, if nothing (the void) is represented by the color black, and everything (God) is represented by the color white, then you would start with some shade of grey.

This is linked to most of the “basic” religious creation narratives, where the Universe was created in a couple of “steps” instantly. Indeed, in the “beginning”, if there was only God and nothing, then whatever is in the “middle” appeared instantly out of nowhere. But then, as God starts subdividing into more “colors” or steps, there are additional shades of grey or colors that are added to the “story” or narrative leading from nothing to God. And the more steps you add, the more the narrative changes. You could say, in this respect, that past, present and future unravel at the same time. It is the same effect as the gradual “sharpening” of a scene using a camera: every single point becomes sharper simultaneously. It doesn’t get sharper from “left to right”, or from “past to future”, everything comes into focus gradually at the same “time”.

Think about this: take a movie like Lord of the Rings and try to tell a story on the basis of only the very first frame, the middle frame and the very last frame. If you were trying to tell the story from the perspective of an “observer” or incarnated being in the middle frame at that point in “time”, how would you explain that you “exist”? And how would you make sense of your world? And of course, in that situation, there is no other way to explain this then by saying that “God created everything instantly”, which would be quite accurate. If you take 1000 frames from the movie and try to tell a coherent story, you would have to include teleportation, magic and other elements to “explain” how you get from one point of the story to another. If you add all the frames, you can tell the story by using “basic” laws of cause and effect (even though there is magic in Lord of the Rings…) :-P

Now you see, from this illustration, that time not only moves “horizontally” in a linear fashion, but also “vertically” in a logical fashion. By adding more and more colors, more and more steps, more and more “frames” to the story, suddenly, you can explain the existence of the Universe from multiple perspectives.

If you have only 6 colors, and you jump from one to the other without any form of transition, you can only explain it with God and the creation narrative (in this case, the 6 colors would refer to the creation of the Earth, oceans, animals, humans…). If you have, say 10000 colors, you can explain it with the narrative of various “spirits” creating the Earth, and aliens seeding the Earth with life, if you have 7489433890894089403 colors, you can explain it using mainstream science and the theory of evolution.

Look at the picture below which illustrates this pretty well. As time goes by in a linear fashion from our perspective, we also “shift” between various logical layers. 5000 years ago, when the ancient testament was written, we were on a timeline where indeed God created the Earth in 6 days. But as “time” moved forward horizontally, it also moved “vertically” by adding new “shades” of color or new “frames” to the story, which made it possible to tell a longer, less instantaneous story or narrative for the existence of the Universe and of human beings.

Here is why “mainstream” science is still very much important and relevant. From the moment that Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, it suddenly enabled souls to incarnate and experience his theory directly. In other words, our thoughts have a retroactive effect on reality. Any theory about why we are here create a parallel timeline or narrative in which souls incarnate and get to experiment, in flesh, whether those theories work or not. The reason why it’s important to keep as many of these theories alive is that they allow for more experimentation, quite simply! If the Universe was created in 6 days, and we “popped” into existence instantly, well, the souls of whatever creatures were created were pretty void of any prior experience! No prior incarnation, only whatever instructions God imbued into them. However, from the evolution and big bang theory, souls get to experience billions and billions of lifetimes, as a rock, a plant, a bacteria, a plankton, a fish, an amphibian… You get the picture. That is why it is said we were created in God’s image. We are creators, just like God! We “create” not only our present reality, but also, how our present reality managed to come into existence! And God is ecstatic with joy every time we think of another theory, since we “pull” out of the “all that is”, another story in which souls (parts of God) can experiment!

You might find this crazy, but I believe that the “proof” of evolution that you find in skeletons that we dig out of the ground basically “materialized” there because someone formulated the thought or the “idea” of evolution. More specifically, at the very moment a person thought of that theory, the Universe created instantly an entire timeline where souls incarnated into bodies which tested this theory and that timeline tried to merge with yours, in your present moment. This is how any theory emerges: very rarely through random experimentation and passive observation but rather via an initial theory or idea which is tested in real life. In other words, first you think about a theory, then you devise experiments or set up observation protocols to see if it works. And guess what: you get confirmation of your theory only if at that very moment in time, your thoughts, which retroactively created an entire Universe where souls (pure energy) get to experiment those theories manage to narrate a convincing story which merges with your present timeline. Of course, all of this is progressive. Time stretches like an accordion and all of us are creating all the time. It’s not just one person’s thoughts that “shape” our reality, but rather the combination of every single thought of every single human or even animal, across all time (past, present and future)… You can understand just how complex this all is! It means that the moment that the first human started to ask the question “where do I come from and who am I”, whatever idea popped into his/her head created a new Universe where that idea/thought could be experimented. So “evolution” as a theory came into “focus” gradually (the material “proof” manifested over a long period of time). If you think about it, we have more “evidence” for the theory of evolution now then we did in the 1900s. Yet some say that we still haven’t found the “missing link”. Well, don’t forget that the “evolution” logic timeline is happening now. The Universe, Source, is “expanding” logically at every single moment, so no wonder we get “new” evidence of theories that were considered “wild” or wacky just a few decades ago.

Some “alternate” Universes, on the other hand, will only exist parallel to our own, and will never “merge” with ours simply because there is no way to reconcile them from the perspective of the laws governing our Universe (basically any absurd movie, or superhero comic book Universe). And even those Universes might “merge” with ours in some future. For instance, imagine if we do manage to create a device, as in the Matrix movie, where we can “trick” the brain into believing it exists in a virtual space… Don’t you think it would be the same or similar experience as if you could “incarnate” the life of a Superhero in a completely “fictional” Universe? (Of course, from this perspective, the entire Universe is “fictional”, since only God and the “void” exist, and the “fiction” is God experimenting all that he/she/it IS). And imagine if you somehow “forget” that you exist in the “real” world and get lost in the virtual world. Wouldn’t that be very similar to what we are living here from the perspective of our “higher selves” or the testimonies of people living a Near Death Experience saying that it’s like “waking up from a dream”? What we are doing, in this “third dimension”, is exploring new, more complex ways for infinity, God, the Source, to experience itself. And from our “reality”, we will create an even more complex way to experience, as in the example above. It’s like a dream, within a dream, within a dream… The “aim” is not to “wake up”, but indeed, to dream even deeper as that is what is really God’s intent! To experience him/her/itself in ever more complex ways. Of course, there is no “punishment” for those that are tired of being God’s “story tellers”, but this idea is important for all those who want to “prepare” for what some call “The Event”.

This mechanism of creation at every single point in time and space is why you can find proof of several theories about the genesis of Humanity. On the one side you have the skeleton of Lucy, which is thought to be the first “human” or the “mother” of humanity, and on the other you have skeletons of humans with weirdly shaped skulls which are described as being half-breeds between aliens and apes. Both stories exist simultaneously because both can merge with our present reality, starting from “nothing” in a convincing way. To better understand it, think of it this way: you are at a cross-roads between two paths that lead to exactly the same place. You suffer from temporary amnesia and you find yourself at the arrival point. Which path did you take? The one on the left or the one on the right? You could say that you took both since they both lead to where you are now, and manage to explain why you are where you are at that point in “time”. In case you haven’t read it, I encourage you to check out my article about “The Nature of Reality” (article 3), as it explains pretty well that in the end, what we experience with our senses, is just a convenient interface produced by the brain for bundles of energy/information to interact with other bundles of energy/information. In other words, the reality we perceive is symbolic, and the reason why we settled on one “interface” rather than another is simply based on how long of a story you can tell through a specific interface.

The reason why there is such a “fight” and competition over which of these narratives should be thought of as the “truth”, is that this logic works in both ways! It not only works retroactively, but also forward into the future. Any time someone thinks about a potential future, be it a nuclear apocalypse, climate change and natural catastrophes or aliens coming to the rescue, all of those timelines pop into existence, and souls incarnate to experiment those timelines. And obviously, there is a battle to determine the path that Humanity, as a whole, will take from this point on into the future. You could say that we are simply fighting over how many steps/shades of grey do we want to take to get back to God/the All! Some are hoping for an instantaneous “rapture”, where we are saved by Jesus coming down from the sky, which would be the equivalent of skipping all the colors/steps altogether and calling it “quits” on this reality, others advocate for a slow gradual shift in consciousness where humans will start behaving more lovingly to one another. If you want to know more about what awaits us, I suggest you dig deeper into my other articles where I try to explore the situation we are in now. Understand, however, that the relationship between past, present and future is like that of a plant to it’s soil. Think of the roots of the plant and where it is rooted as the “past”, which in turn, determines how it will grow (the leaves represent the future). If you put it in very arid soil, the plant will hardly grow at all. If you plant it in a rich soil, it can grow beautifully. Now, imagine that your beliefs about the origins of humanity (about the “past”) are like the soil you are planting your roots in. A belief where we were created by aliens opens us access to “grow” (access a “future” timeline) where we have first contact with aliens, and they help us deal with our shit (climate change, wars, existential crisis…) A belief where we are just the product of random genetic mutations in a random Universe gives us access to timelines where we have to find solutions by our selves. So again, it might be that in this critical time, we very much need to believe in the “alien seeding” theory in order to get out of this mess or “dead end” scenario for humanity, just like taking a plant out of the desert and into fertile land. So it’s not so much about which “narrative” is true, but rather, which one will allow us to thrive instead of self-destroying ourselves on our little planet.

The reason why so many esoteric teachers talk about a “battle” between light and darkness in these moments, is that we have gone so far in creating new “shades of grey” that we can’t tell any more whether we are moving towards a “lighter” shade or a “darker” shade (whether we are moving towards God or the “all”, in other words, a positive future for humanity, or towards the void or “nothing”, or an “end of the world” scenario). Whenever you listen to people “channeling” an angel or an alien (Pleadian, Arcturian, etc), ask yourself the following question: from which “logic layer” are they speaking from? From which “timeline” are they speaking from? You can see that for some of these “aliens”, it might simply be our future selves reaching out to us. Coming back to the picture above, you can think of your “higher self” as simply being your own soul on a different “logic layer”, like an angel which wondered what it was like to be human and at the moment the thought was initiated, it created a “new” logic layer in which that angel incarnated into several human bodies, while still remaining an angel. Right now, there are many “potential” futures which are lobbying our human consciousnesses to give them credence, our attention, and our energy, which increases the likelihood that that is the timeline we will get to experience, just like voting for a politician in an election…

We are indeed at a critical juncture, a crossroads which branches off into an infinite number of “potential futures” for humanity, and trying to find the one that will be experienced by us all is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. However, as I explain in the light story "The Final Push" (number 6), we are at a similar point in time when the first star emerged out of a soup of hydrogen atoms, or when the first living cell emerged out of a soup of proteins and amino acids. At certain “key” moments in history, you have quantum leaps or shifts in what I call the “logic layers” of the Universe. Humanity, or each human being, is about to become part of something greater than the sum of it’s parts, just like the trillion of cells that compose us do not accurately reflect, on an individual basis, the complexity of what a human being is.

The idea is not to reject any of these stories, since all of them are a part of “God”, the All, Source… But it’s important to understand why all of this is happening now. We are being slowly prepared for “first contact”, or a “big event”, because we are like 7.5 billion movie directors inside their own movie, which, right now, are steering our collective story directly towards an iceberg. And since the “goal” of the “All”, God, Source, is to manifest all that it IS, it cannot let that happen. It is as if all of the atoms within the table of Mendeleev were stabilized, and the Universe was just waiting for the last element to take it’s rightful place to start experimenting anew. That element WILL manifest, simply because of how the Universe works. Also, I think we have gone as far off as we could in a purely “physical”, “cause and effect” driven timeline/logic. Now, it is time to move “back” towards Source. In the image above, you can think of the first “half” of the image as a spring coiling “outwards” and away from Source/God, and the second half as going back to Source/God. So we are indeed going to “merge” back with the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions, but no longer in a “chaotic” way where things are mixed up in an incoherent “soup” (basically, all your mythological stories about unicorns, dragons and fairies), but a revolutionary scientific breakthrough which makes “sense” of those higher dimensions and allows them to “merge” or blend seamlessly with our reality without breaking it, in the same way as “discovering” electricity transformed many people’s lives. And again, the reason why it’s time to move “back” towards Source/God is that we have gone as far as we could with the understanding we have, without destroying us. The current timing of the mass “rediscovery” of spirituality and esoteric teachings is no coincidence. It is perfectly planned. For instance, if our civilization managed to master more advanced technologies allowing it to leave the planet and colonize the solar system, then we could have been allowed to experiment a little longer with wars, duality and all of these things. But since we have first reached a state where we are more able to self-destruct ourselves (via climate change, or a nuclear war) then to leave our planet, we are “forced” (very kindly invited) to open our eyes on the true nature of Source/God.

If you read my article about time, you will understand that the future exerts a force of attraction on the past. We are being drawn towards a timeline in which Source can be all that it is, and that includes a future or a timeline in which humanity thrives, not one where we all perish under some form of natural disaster or global nuclear winter. I will write an article trying to explain this process, because it is very very complex and requires a careful explanation. Until then, I hope you’ve found this article meaningful and interesting!

I will finish with this allegory: imagine if each human thought about the “future” is like a lightning bolt which goes from the sky (the “present”) to the ground (the “future”). Which branch of the lightning bolt will reach the ground first? The answer is: whichever branch manages to “imagine” an infinitely long “future” or story, leading back to the “All” or God. What this means is that all of our thoughts are not created equal. Ultimately, some thoughts have more “power” than others, simply due to the way our Universe works: if it doesn’t enable an infinitely long story, it won’t fly. This is the reason behind why the laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology are what they are… The laws of physics are what they are because they enable the laws of chemistry to exist (which allows for more complex interactions between atoms). The laws of chemistry are what they are because they enable the laws of biology to exist (which allows for more complex interactions between molecules). The laws of biology are what they are because they enable the emergence of self-aware creatures like us. The laws of human interaction will be what they are (basically, Jesus’s teachings: “love thy neighbor”, or human rights, same thing basically) because they enable whatever comes after us, and so on, into infinity.

You can watch my video, where I explain all of this in an interactive way:

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