• Marma

My Spiritual Journey — 20 — The End Game


Many in the esoteric and spiritual realm have tried to reflect on what is the point of incarnating in all these different life forms, all these different experiences of being: a rock, a plant, an animal, a human, a star, a planet, an angel, a shapeless energetic being…

What happens when you have “done it all”? What happens once the soul has experienced all there is to experience?

Some say we just go back to the “light”, to the All, report back to “God”, brief him/her/it about the experience, and enjoy a blissful well deserved rest for all Eternity.

Somehow, I don’t think so. I believe once the soul has experienced it all, it has become a seed for a new Universe.

Our Universe is not infinite, it’s energy and scale have been evaluated. However, space or the void is infinite. It is like “pure energy” which has no shape, no form and only waits for a “seed” to explode, undergo a “Big Bang” to create an entirely new Universe.

You can think of a soul that has experienced all there is to experience as God’s DNA, which can “recreate” an entire Universe all by itself. It is like a spermatozoa which is sent off to a huge “void bubble” and recreates a new Universe “in the image of God” (the void of space being the women’s “egg”, in this case).

What’s the point of doing that? Well, simply populating an infinite void, infinite “nothingness” with an infinite “somethingness”. Ultimately, I think that each Universe, connects to each other Universe and forms a sort of “neural network” of all Universes (which some call the Multiverse or the Omniverse), and “God” or the “All” then becomes even more “Godly” than before. It’s the same with us humans: our children learn from us just as much as we learn from our children. Evolution never stops. Not for us, and not for God. There is always something “greater”, it’s just that at some point, you have to accept that it is so huge that our human mind could never grasp it anyway. What’s “above” a neural network of all Universes? God only knows… or does he?

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