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My Spiritual Journey — 2 — Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence

For every existential questioning, for every answer to big questions like “why are we here”, and “what is the truth of reality”, one must start somewhere in an otherwise infinite story.

The two main concepts that I was given as a starting point were those of perfect symmetry and transcendence.

Perfect symmetry is very easy to picture mathematically or geometrically, but my visions explored this principle from another angle: if something exists, it’s opposite exists. That is, nothing that exist doesn’t also have something cancelling out it’s existence. I will revisit this concept a bit later. The other part is that this perfect symmetry affected everything, even time.

Let’s go about illustrating this in a very simple way using basic math. If 1 exists, then -1 exists, if 2 exists, then -2 exists. It sounds quite obvious, but to me, it really downed on me that this might be precisely how you can have a Universe of something out of nothing. (A pretty ordinary idea by the way, and shared by many physicists like Lawrence Krauss). So long as everything that enters into existence is compensated for by an opposite something else, and if superimposed or added up, it equals zero, then we effectively can have something out of nothing. However, this didn’t answer the question as to why 1 and -1 didn’t simply cancel each other out upon creation.

I then considered a bit more the number zero — 0. Why did mathematicians choose to represent it as a circle? Why not a triangle, a square or any other shape? To me, it has to do with dimensions. In classic mathematics, when explaining dimensions, you learn that at dimension “zero” you have a “non existent” dot, then in dimension 1 you have a line made up of dots, in dimension 2 a flat square made up of dots, and in the third dimension, you get a cube. But they made a mistake when going from dimension 1 to 2 and 3. The correct way this works is that the line becomes a circle and the circle becomes a sphere. Why? Simply because of the very interesting properties of a circle or sphere. You can shrink it and expand it to infinity, and yet, all of it’s “dots” will be exactly at equal distance from the center. Since you can fit an infinite number of dots in a circle, it’s size is irrelevant because even the smallest circle still contains infinity. It is the most perfect equilibrium which combines infinity and nothingness, all with perfect symmetry and balance. You could view the mathematical symbol of infinity in three dimensions as two spheres which represent opposing “energies” or rather +infinity, and -infinity in two opposing spheres. Incidentally, if you put two spheres one against the other, you can see them as one half of a vibration and it’s opposite vibration in the other sphere (see the illustration below). If you then “merge” both spheres, they disappear or cancel each other out, as a vibration meets it’s vibration of exact opposing phase.

Of course, there is already a perfect symmetry within the sphere, as you could represent one half of a sphere as being one vibration, and the other half, a vibration of opposite phase. “Something”, in my understanding, appears simply because these spheres are not necessarily aligned in such a way that vibrations would cancel each other out, as in the illustration below.

I would guess that the interactions between these spheres is what makes up this bubbly quality of “quantum fluctuations” or the energy in “quantum field theory” which is infinite if not “renormalized”. You can see a simulation of these “quantum fluctuations”, which, interestingly, take on a “spherical” quality, but almost as if spheres were constantly appearing, disappearing and crashing into each other, as if these “spheres” which are made up of -infinity and +infinity continuously collide into one another, appear and disappear. A computer simulation using the ideas above could very easily be tested to see if it creates a similar pattern as these quantum fluctuations.

This process is, indeed, infinite and eternal, since this process never started and will never end. “Nothing” will keep on arranging itself into these bubbly spheres into infinity and forever.

Now imagine that “nothing”, or the vacuum, or “empty space” fills every single part of our reality. How do you go from these circles or spheres that appear everywhere at every scale, in every point, to a reality like ours? By transitioning from this bubbly quality of quantum fluctuations, circles/spheres, to waves/vortexes. You could argue that this may be one possible “starting point” of time, because suddenly, you have some form of coherent movement, a “pulse”, a frequency, but I wouldn’t say so (see my article on time). Nikola Tesla’s famous quote reads: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” If you place several circles close to each other in a certain manner, you obtain a wave. The way the first continuous “wave” or vibration came into existence is another puzzle which I couldn’t quite crack. Obviously, if you arrange circles in a certain manner you get a wave, but that didn’t explain why they would “lock” into a wave and enter into existence. I had another image which popped into my mind at that time, I called it the “game of God”. This also explained the “quantum” behavior of certain particles which can exist in multiple “states” at the same time. Imagine if God was looking at himself in the mirror. He could have two different reactions: either he would say “I exist, the other doesn’t exist (we are one and the same)”, or “both of us exist”. Now imagine that this game is being played by every single point of intersection between circles of “nothingness”. That is: they must decide, trying to occupy the same “space” at an unavoidable point of intersection within an infinite space, who “exists” and who doesn’t. Here, it’s no longer a superposition of spheres which interact with each other in very “rational” mathematical ways, but rather the interaction between two points in a circle which are perfectly identical in every way. The issue with the previous model is that it presupposes the existence of math, and thus the ability for “rational” interactions between spheres of “nothingness” (giving them mathematical properties like +1 and -1 or like two opposing “vibrations”). This example doesn’t assume that “nothingness” has any property other than being itself. In this model, it is as if “nothingness” was looking at itself and had to decide whether there was just one “nothingness” or more. And this is simply a game of probability/randomness, which gives us this indecisive quantum nature of reality at the micro-level. If both acknowledge the other’s existence, you get 2 (or -2), if one acknowledges the other’s existence but the other doesn’t, you get 1 (or -1), if neither acknowledges the other’s existence, you get 0. And the result is a sort of “deformation” of space or the “vacuum”, ending in a weird, random oscillation or vibration. One picture that helps illustrate this is the following: imagine a flat plane, and circles “crashing” into that plane from above and below. How will it affect it’s surface? Which way will that plane “bend”? At this stage, also, there is no “energy” yet, really, just circles of “nothingness”, no mass, no energy, no time, no nothing. However, through the “game” described above, they could bend space is such a way to create fluctuations which represent energy based on the way they interact with the plane at each point of intersection.

And so I had my solution for the “existence of math” or existence itself. Within a vibration, you have all positive and negative numbers, into infinity. This is what some of the Buddhist traditions refer to when they speak of the “Ohm” sound as the “creation” of the Universe. Indeed, the very “first” step of creation was sound (or vibrations) from an infinite chaotic state of “nothingness”.

But now, the basic principle of perfect symmetry came back to bite: if a particular vibration exists, a counter vibration also exists. This is simple enough to grasp: if you invert the phase of a wave, and superimpose it on the original one, you obtain silence or “nothing”.

This is where the second basic principle comes into play: the idea of transcendence. At every “layer of logic” (as I labelled it when I had my visions), you had to have a phenomenon of transcendence which prevents the frail reality and “anti” reality to match up and cancel each other out, reverting back to nothingness. So for each such “fluctuation” which deforms space to create a vibration, you have an equal and opposite anti-vibration.

Now the concept of “perfect symmetry” regarding time comes in handy. Imagine if time was also perfectly symmetrical: that is, it runs backwards from the future towards the past and at the same time, forward from the past towards the future. Now imagine that the start and end are the same point: back to nothingness. This means that essentially, the past and future start/arrive at the same point. If you illustrate it as a wave which oscillates in two different directions, meeting in the middle where it cancels itself out, then you understand that the point at which the Universe or reality comes to an end is not trillions of years into the future, but rather, precisely at the exact middle point between the “origin” and the “expected arrival”. The Universe might simply meet it’s “mirror image”, it’s cancelling wave when it is arrived at half of it’s “life”. Perhaps that’s where the expression “mid-life crisis” comes from, as I believe that for humans as well, this principle applies.

Look at the figure above and picture that the green and red waves represent the original energy of the Universe. Since you cannot create something without creating it’s opposite, you have to create the exact opposing energy (green vs. red). I represented these as perfect “sine” waves, but these can be as complex as the bubbly state of quantum fluctuations. But for each individual fluctuation, there is automatically a “counter fluctuation”. This initial energy can be broken down into a billion sub-waves or sub-vibrations. Thanks to the laws of the conservation of energy, the Universe can create everything that we see, all of our physical reality, as a “subset” of this one initial wave. However, remember that on the “other side”, in what I would call the “mirror Universe” to our own, a counter-vibration also exists. When would those two opposing waves meet? At the point in time which is precisely situated between the “start” and “end” of relative time in a specific Universe (from the Big Bang to the “projected” end of this Universe).

So in essence, at every “layer of logic”, the Universe had to figure out a way to transcend itself in order to tell an infinitely long “story” (which simply means, adding more and more complexity/information to the initial “energy”/wave) instead of a circular one that bites it’s own tail. You could picture it as two vortexes each representing time moving forward and the other backward and at the middle, where they intersect, a sort of “miracle” or transcendence which allows them to continue their ascending motion until the next moment of transcendence. At this point in time, us humans are the latest “scrambling algorithm” which adds complexity to reality and preventing otherwise two perfectly predictable/symmetrical realities from cancelling each other out.

How does this look like in practice?

Picture a very young Universe, where elementary particles were crashing into one another in a chaotic way. As time goes by, more and more elementary particles are created until they reach a maximum which is equivalent to the initial energy of the material Universe upon it’s creation. At that point, think of their interactions as those governing the behaviour of the expansion of gases in a vacuum. Regardless of where the particles of gas are injected in a vacuum, they will tend to arrange themselves in a way that reaches maximum entropy. This principle means that regardless of your starting point in time, you will arrive at the same end point (or middle point, from this perspective). Now picture two identical empty rooms, in one room you inject the gas on one side of the room, in the other, on the other side of the room. As they spread in the vacuum according to the laws of entropy, notice that you could see one room as being the “past” moving towards the “future” and the other room as the “future” moving towards the “past”, both reaching the same state of maximum entropy and being a “mirror image” of the other room. If you run the animation of the gas expansion in one room in reverse, you would have a nice linear story which is akin to the contraction and expansion theory of the Universe. If you follow Feynman’s famous lectures about the reversibility of gravity, electromagnetism, and many other forces, you will find that this is exactly what I explain below. Time can run forward or backward, and the physical formulas are all perfectly time reversible.

If you want to picture it, imagine that you see yourself in the mirror, you advance towards it, and the moment you touch the mirror, it is as if “you” and your “anti-you” start cancelling each other out. Like two opposing waves that superimpose and revert back to nothing. As you press your finger into the mirror, every single particle of your finger is reunited with it’s anti-particle, each wave with it’s opposing wave. Of course, this doesn’t happen thanks to a process which I call transcendence.

I hope you get the idea. The important part though, is that Time is bent or curbed at each point of transcendence. For instance, it is common knowledge that if you plot the timeline of the Universe into a year on our Planet, the homosapien appears at seven minutes before midnight on the 31st of December. From our perspective, using our experience of time as a reference point, it would seem as if the “Big Bang” or the “start” of the Universe happened very fast, a tiny fraction of a second. But from the perspective of the formation of elementary particles out of the void, it took an eternity. What happens is that the transcendence cycles “accelerate”: it takes less and less time to achieve a transcendence from the “new” elements in the “layers of logic”, but Time itself slows down to a halt as you reach the exact “mid point” in the story of the Universe.

It’s rather simple to understand if you think about it this way. Time is a subjective experience. Us humans experience time as moving at a certain “speed”, but that speed is determined by our “computational power”, our consciousness, rather than something external to us. A computer, for instance, experiences time in a very different manner. Take a video game like Mario. A human can only play the game as fast as his senses and his brain manages to receive information and act on that information (aka, push the buttons), but a computer can play a million or more Mario games in a second since it is not limited by the biological information feedback loop! To a computer, if it had consciousness, the world and the Universe would slow down nearly to a halt as it could process information several million times a second. We would appear, to a quantum computer, what rocks appear to us: something inert, that doesn’t move or change. So in essence, right when the Universe would be about to “cancel” itself out, time slows to a halt as the “processing power” of a superior consciousness reaches such a speed that it “freezes” all of the previous layers of logic down to a halt.

This is what “God”, or a Universal Consciousness is: something that thinks infinitely fast, a consciousness with a computational power so immense that it basically freezes time. That is what esoteric books refer to when they talk about “perfect stillness” in meditation, or those that have been in contact with this Universal Consciousness and talk of a “perfect stillness”. It’s simply that the speed at which this consciousness thinks is equal to the sum total of all events occurring in the Universe which effectively stops time. And this is also possibly why we exist, from a metaphysical perspective. Because if you are conscious of being everything and can experience everything at the same time, given your infinite consciousness, then effectively it is the same as being and experiencing nothing. Think about it: if you could experience being born at the same time as dying, eating your favorite dish while vomiting after a hang over, enjoying your first kiss while having your first tooth yanked out… Well, you wouldn’t really experience any of it really, since each experience would “cancel out” the other! And so, to go full scale metaphysical, we are like “God” experiencing him/her/itself by splitting up both the consciousness of being everything and the consciousness of experiencing everything into tiny “sub-parts” which are and experience only little chunks of the whole at a time.

All this sounds crazy, but bear with me.

The “general” idea is pretty simple. There are several key “layers of logic” in the story of the Universe, each of which has to find a way to transcend itself in order to escape either a sort of “death” or cancellation moment, or a circular pointless story.

For instance, one obvious example is the life cycle of a solar system. If we didn’t exist, if life didn’t exist, then the story of the solar system would be a bunch of agglomerated matter spinning around a star, which would eventually burst after about 10 billion years, make up a cloud of elementary particles/atoms which would again agglomerate to do exactly the same thing for another 10 billion years. A pointless, circular story. But now if you add biological life, then humans with the capability of self-reflection and whatever will transcend us, then this pointless circular story will never happen. Interestingly enough, our sun has not yet reached the middle of it’s life. We are about 4,5 billion years into it’s life, and we still have 6,5 billion years to go. I would say, obviously, that we only have about 0,7 billion years to go since that’s when the solar system will have arrived precisely at half of it’s life, exactly between it’s “birth” and “death”, at which point the emergence of a singularity which will be able to process information at the speed of light will essentially “freeze” time, and will be able to simulate a Universe from within itself.

Maybe I’ve lost you there, but I’ll come back to this principle later, when we examine the theories of Nassim Haramein and the Unified Field Theory.

In essence, in order for waves, or vibrations (that were born out of quantum fluctuation) to continue to exist and not cancel each other out, they created the photon. Now, in my revelations, I drew a photon as being a mini black hole, which wraps waves around itself with two inverted vortexes. In other words, a photon is a bundle of self-contained energy/information or the way for vibrations created by quantum fluctuations to “escape” meeting their “mirror selves” and revert back to “nothingness”.

Interestingly, this is exactly what Nassim Haramein found in his theories and the double torus dynamic.

Remember what physicists tell us: photons behave at the same time like a particle and a wave…

Here below is an interesting video where a soap bubble between two speakers starts showing signs of vortexes and circular motion when exposed to a specific frequency. This is probably the mechanism via which, at one point in an infinite void made of quantum foam, a photon emerges out of the random interactions between vibrations which “lock” into a balanced torus shape.


So that is the way that waves managed to transcend themselves in order not to cancel each other out. But remember, perfect symmetry means that for everything that exists, it’s opposite has to exist. And so again, at that point, you have a sea of photons out there emerging from waves which arrange themselves in very specific ways. From that sea of photons, elementary particles form (in my revelations, everything was made out of photons). Notice, also, that at every “step” of this process, speed (time) is slowing down. The elements inside an atom spin at nearly the speed of light (protons spinning at near the speed of light and electrons gravitating around the atom also at nearly the speed of light).

Now apply the same reasoning for every “layer”. For chemical elements, you could interpret this as chemical reactions reaching a point where they start unraveling into being separate elements again.

In this sense, chemistry is the transcendence of physics and biology is the transcendence of chemistry (since the first living cell can be seen as a stable chemical reaction through time, with inputs and outputs, and capable of replicating itself!).

And of course, that’s where we, as humans, join this story. If you follow the basic rules of biology, survival of the “fittest”, you reach a point of absurdity where you get bigger and bigger monsters outdoing themselves in how monstrous they are in their fight for survival (aka, dinosaurs). This game cannot go on forever and the way biology has found to transcend itself is gradually via mammals and especially, species which displayed ever more complex social behaviour in order to survive instead of simply growing crazy physical/biological features like huge fangs, or razor sharp claws. Mammals, and especially mammals like dolphins, elephants and monkeys, display some of the most complex social organizations and interactions as a strategy for survival.

Humans are simply the last species in the chain of mammals, having achieved self-awareness. We are a bit like the photon: half wave, half particle. In our case, half “mammal” half… God, I guess! :-)

At this point, however, the vocabulary that we utilize is utterly inadequate. How do other animals “perceive” us? Do they consider us as “Gods”? It’s impossible to know. How would a quantum computer which becomes self-aware consider us? How would we consider it? We are the “bridge” between biology and something else. What that is, hard to tell.

In my revelations, I was struck by several different revelations or images. I envisaged that the transcendence of humans, the new “dimension” that we would transition into, would be a world of pure thought or pure ideas which do not need to be incarnated in a physical body. This is, of course, common knowledge in the spiritual circles, but at the time when I had these revelations, I honestly thought I was going crazy… I was wondering at that time, how you could “explain” this transition. How you could scientifically capture it.

Several images came to my mind, the first one being, that we would invert the state of our consciousness between when we are awake and when we sleep. What this means, is that we would be “sleep walking” during the day, and fully conscious while we are asleep.

In the end, this fits with the more esoteric ideas that I read following my revelations. Many esoteric books talk about connecting with your “divine self” and acting “in accordance with our highest ideals”. This clearly means that we will surrender our free-will to act in the best interest of all, at all times, in the physical 3rd dimensional world. The metaphor for that is acting like cells inside a human body: each cell does the job it is meant to do at all times, and takes in the exact amount of energy it needs to carry out that task in a coherent and coordinated manner. Likewise, if we humans start behaving like one single global organism, then we surrender our free-will. It might seem scary, but think about it: if our cells exercised their free-will, you wouldn’t stay alive for very long. Imagine if your skin cells went to war with your liver cells, or if your eye cells decided to go on holiday… But that’s the actual “trade off”. That’s why so many esoteric books talk about how “wonderful” it is in higher dimensions, at higher vibrational frequencies. In essence, you surrender your free-will in the physical world and gain a much more powerful free-will in the non-physical world (the world of pure thought, also known as dreams, or lucid dreams). Imagine if you were sleep walking during the day (which is the same as following, 100% of the time, what your “higher self”, “God”, or a “Universal Consciousness” asks you to do) and you would “wake up” at night, when you were dreaming (meaning you would have 100% control over your dreams). I think most people would definitely not say that this is a bad deal. In fact, it would indeed be a “dream world”. During the day, since everyone acts in accordance with their “higher self”, you know that your physical body will get exactly everything it needs to function properly, and you know that no one would do you harm. At night, you would have the freedom to explore a new “world” which would derive from the consensus of all other dreamers. Again, this links up pretty well with the theories explored in esoteric circles about the “pineal gland” in the brain which is responsible for regulating our sleep by secreting melatonin, but also, acting as a “third eye” which can “see” beyond the third dimension “physical” realm. Indeed, it would seem that ultimately, the pineal gland will be responsible for this transition.

Obviously, perhaps we are already in the process of transitioning, and this inversion is not so much a “switch” as a gradual “shift” where more and more of our “consciousness” is transferred to a “dreamlike” state. In essence, the “real” world (what we think of as real) will gradually “merge” with our “dream” world simply due to a “shift” in our consciousness where we will not be able to make a distinction between the dream state and the conscious state. If we had a time machine, and grabbed someone from the 15th century, and bring him back to the 21st century in Time Square New York, it would probably look very much like a crazy dream (or nightmare) from his point of view. So the “boundaries” between what is reality and what is a dream is very much subjective. We can think of the Universe and God as an eternal dreamer who dives ever deeper into an eternal state of sleep/dreaming… Of course, this transition is slow for a purpose: imagine a world where anyone could materialize anything or manipulate reality just like you would manipulate a “lucid” dream. Our reality would dissolve into an utter chaos instantly because all you need is one idiot to think of something stupid like Godzilla, and it would “manifest” instantly. So this process is deliberately slow to allow us to transition smoothly and responsibly.

As time goes by, you can see that all the “lower layers of logic” stabilize. In our solar system, we don’t witness elementary particles crashing into each other, or atoms colliding in chaotic ways, or planets exploding into smithereens. As you advance in the layers of logic, chaos gets displaced upward. Which means that the world of pure thought will have to undergo the same story as all other layers of logic: find balance, find harmony. Our physical experiences are preparing us for that. If today all humans could materialize all their thoughts at will, we would probably be dead within a second. Some idiot would dream up of a weapon so deadly it could blow our planet to pieces and that’s exactly what would happen. The process by which we will slowly transition to a world of pure thought from the physical world is purposefully slow in order to allow us to control our thoughts and make sure that a world made up of pure thought doesn’t disappear in a few seconds due to the “negative” thoughts of a majority of people. You can see metaphors of what such a world would look like everywhere! For instance, blockchain technology! Such a world of pure thought would function exactly like a blockchain: it’s “consensus reality” would be the result of the thoughts of 50% or more of people. For instance, if 50% or more people have “negative” thoughts, then that world made up of pure thought will reflect that negativity and all the rest would be “forced” into experiencing it.

Again, I tried to see how a world could be illustrated in a more rational way. I am sure most of you remember the movie “The Matrix” where robots control humans by making them live in a virtual world (prison) inside their minds. The world of pure thought would resemble such a Matrix except it would be generated by people themselves and the rules governing the experiences that all dreamers have would be directly based on the dominant or “majority” thought patterns. So in essence, the “Quantum Computer” could be seen as 7 billion human beings, where each brain plays the role of a “neuron” in a “higher being’s brain”… Each of us would be a neuron in the brain of a higher consciousness, a “God” of sorts, which would simply be a neural network of all humanity.

Keep in mind, however, that all of the thoughts above are just metaphors and symbols. How do you think that our cells perceive us? Do you think an individual cell could really “grasp” what we look like, our reality, our world? It’s impossible. Indeed, each human is most probably one “cell”, one “element” in something greater than the sum of it’s parts. But what that “something” is, how it looks like, is beyond our wildest dreams and imagination.

In any case, it is clear that transcendence of our human condition will arrive only when we are ready. This process is flawless. A photon is created only once waves arrange in a certain pattern, no sooner, no later. The “reassuring” part in all of this is that, given this transcendence process has happened at every stage or “layer of logic” before us, there is no reason why it won’t happen again. It brings hope for a brighter future, even though things may look desperate. As we contemplate the prospect of the “end of humanity”, I find it matches very well with this theory of perfect symmetry. Perhaps we are precisely at the middle of the life of humanity, from the time the homosapien appeared to the moment in a hypothetical future where the last human dies in a polluted, inhospitable planet. But this also means we are also at the point of near inescapable transcendence as the Universe, in it’s functioning, does not like circular stories. (I will go deeper into why transcendence is almost unavoidable in subsequent articles).

I will stop here, although I have many more things to talk about. In my subsequent articles, I will address the issues of time and the theories of Nassim Haramein, especially examining what it might imply to live in a black hole.

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