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My Spiritual Journey — 19 — Everything is a Vibration


Everyone, in the esoteric world, always speaks of “vibrations”, higher vibrations, lower vibrations, ascending, vibrating faster, better, stronger… Here is a short article trying to make “sense” of all of that and how things may be both more complex and simpler than they appear.

This article builds on the concepts I explored in the one dedicated to “The Nature of Reality” (article 3), as well as “Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence” (article 2), so you may as well read it beforehand or you might be a bit lost.

The main idea to remember when discussing this idea of vibrations is the following: as above, so below, as within, so without.

If everything is made up of vibrations, how do you transition from “nothing” to the complex reality we see?

Imagine if the initial energy of the Universe, which manifested out of the void, was two halves of a sine wave, alternating between one and the other. In the article about perfect symmetry, the main idea is the following: for everything that exists, it’s opposite must exist. If +1 exists, then -1 has to exist. With vibrations, it’s easy: if one vibration exists, a vibration of opposite phasemust exist (notice that two halves of a sine wave look like a zero cut in half, or half of the mathematical sign for infinity). And so you can have a Universe infinitely complex, so long as it is always matched by an “anti-Universe” of sorts. Now, the issue with perfect symmetry, is that any such frail reality is always prone to cancelling itself. If every these two opposite vibrations meet, they could simply super-impose and revert back to nothing again. This is where the Universe came up with an ingenious plan: create ever more complex interference to ensure that this super-imposition threat was always averted. And we are the latest interference keeping this Universe from unraveling itself!

In the diagram below, I have drawn what the Universe “really” look like. It is basically a vibration, within a vibration, within a vibration, within a vibration… until infinity, where the initial energy of the Universe simply “shifts” between vibrations: the original vibration (you would call this the “Big Bang” which created a limited observable “space” or boundary) breaks up into infinitely more complex “sub-vibrations” within itself. So our higher selves or “higher vibrations” could be thought of, in this diagram, as simply the transformation or transmutation of “lower vibrations” into higher ones.

Also, notice that the line I have drawn as a reference to the sine wave… is a vibration itself! Here, I wanted to show that this “slow or low vibration” vs “fast or high vibrations” dichotomy is somewhat false. The low vibration and high vibration might actually be one and the same thing, if you shift your perspective. For instance, if you would zoom into the initial sine wave drawn in black, it could be composed of an infinitely high vibration just like the line I drew. As within, so without, as above, so below.

The idea of “higher dimensions” can also be akin to simply shifting between these various “sub-vibrations” or shifting your perspective. In the end, the Universe can very much be just composed of pure energy in the form of vibrations nested inside one another, representing an infinitely growing complexity in “information”. The reality we see or perceive, is just a convenient interface we “co-create” or co-produce, between humans, in order to be able to interact with this huge bundle of energy/vibrations. The “form” we give reality is thus only something that exists in our brain. A human, from this perspective, is the most complex “bundle” of vibrations at this point in linear time. And what sets us apart, or what will set us apart as we enter into a higher dimension or higher vibrations, is that we will obtain the ability (consciously, as opposed to unconsciously at present) to manipulate our own vibration. In many esoteric books and research from ancient civilizations, it is explained that sound, music, the voice or even thoughts can be powerful healing tools or can even be used to manipulate matter. Indeed, we are like a bundle of energy/vibration gaining self-awareness, allowing to manipulate and consciously affect the reality around is which is also made of vibrations by affecting it’s “information” (just like a singer can make a crystal glass explode, so too, with the “right” vibration, we could influence the world around us by using our voice or our thoughts, which are also a form of signal/vibration/energy).

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