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My Spiritual Journey — 18 — Higher Dimensions


In many esoteric circles, it is common to hear about 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th… and more dimensions, higher « beings », higher selves, ETs, Angels, and so on and so forth. In this essay, I will try to explain these in a simple and hopefully, understandable way, and especially why it’s important to understand these concepts.

I invite you to read my article “Time does not exist” (article 17) as it will come in handy if you already grasp this concept first.

The best way I can illustrate what higher dimensions look like is examining the coil of a spring. You could travel upwards from coil to coil, which would be like moving between dimensions, or you could travel along the coil and gradually transition from one dimension to the next.

This concept is probably the most important one to grasp. Many esoteric circles insist that we are “trapped” in a three dimensional world and that what we need to do is to move to higher dimensions. In fact, they speak of the “new Earth” which will be 4D or 5D, or the “ascension” process. However, what they often fail to understand is how that process will happen. The “easy” way to ascend is to do what the Mayans did: commit a collective suicide and move into higher planes of existence without your physical body. But that creates a time paradox and a big problem.

Think of the coil of a spring: the reason why you can move vertically upward to another coil is because there is a horizontal or linear path that leads to it. Think of it this way: imagine a movie in which the hero has to fight and struggle for 2 hours before he reaches the happy end. But in a sudden moment of lucidity, the hero sees that time does not exist, and that the “end” of the movie very much exists already and all he has to do is wish to “teleport” to the happy end so that he doesn’t have to “act out” the tedious 2 hours of fights and pain. That is exactly what the Mayans did or any other physical beings in the third dimension that decided to leave for higher dimensions: they skipped ahead in linear time to a future where physical bodies are no longer necessary.

But, and here is the important part: the end of the movie, the happy end, only exists because there is a linear story leading to it!!! In other words, the hero which decided to skip ahead didn’t understand how this works… Someone had to replace him and “act out” the rest of the movie in order for that “happy end” to exist. And this is precisely why we incarnate in the third dimension and why higher dimensional beings love us so much: we are “acting out” the linear story which will serve as the bridge between the third and fourth, fifth and higher dimensions and without which they would not exist.

You can think of it just like the various colors of the rainbow. Red and Yellow objectively exist and we can identify them as separate colors, yet they are on an infinite continuum which transitions from red to orange to yellow. You can jump from red to yellow (from 3D to 4D or 5D…) but ultimately, the linear story that allows you to jump from red to yellow is this very very large spectrum of intermediary colors or vibrations between the two. The topic of vibrations will be discussed in a subsequent article as it is also deeply linked with this concept of dimensions.

Where does red start/finish? Where does yellow start/finish? You can see that this is very much a linear continuum with a near infinite range of colors/frequencies in between red and yellow yet they still do exist independently of each other and simultaneously!

Now, to explain this idea of being a bridge between two dimensions, I will have to start with a simple example which is easy to understand: the “bridge” between atoms and molecules, or between the laws of physics and chemistry.

Imagine a Universe composed of only atoms bouncing into each other, sometimes with such violence that they create a nuclear chain reaction and revert back to being sub-atomic particles. How do the “laws” of chemistry appear from such a chaos?

In my article discussing time as being non-existent, the “rules” of chemistry already exist. But the linear story bound by the laws of cause and effect which lead to their emergence still needs to be experienced. The way the rules of chemistry emerge is via a feedback loop between the “future” (where atoms neatly arrange themselves as molecules) and the “past” (where atoms are still bumping into each other in a chaotic fashion). As the first “attempt” at creating the rules of chemistry emerge (for instance, the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium), it is as if the “chemistry” Universe tests all of the possible stories out of these basic rules and provides a feedback on the outcome (for instance, that those rules are not sufficient for the next transcendental process to occur: the emergence of life or biology). And so in the “physics” Universe where atoms still bump into each other, there is another attempt at tweaking the rules of chemistry, which has a repercussion on the Universe of chemistry, which again, sends feedback on whether these new rules allow for the emergence of life, and so on and so forth.

In a way, the reason why so many esoteric books say that only the mere fact of existing has a purpose is very true in light of this example. What we are doing, at every single minute that we are alive, without even knowing it, is sending a feedback into the past, at the time the Universe was still a quantum soup or a bunch of chaotic atoms, saying: “this third dimensional Universe works! It has life! Come this way! Here are the rules that govern it by the way…” We are part of this feedback loop of the “future” into the “past”! I won’t go any more in depth into this idea, but feel free to read my article on “time does not exist”.

Suffice is to say that what we experience with “higher dimensional beings”, ETs, higher dimensions etc is exactly the same process as the example above. It is as if we were “talking” to plenty of potential futures and they were providing us a feedback on what those futures look like and how to get there from our third dimension, building the bridge.

It is the same as if the Sun was sending feedback to a bunch of Hydrogen atoms in the “past” to give them the “idea” to merge together.

Following this idea, the only force that exists in the Universe, is the force of attraction that the future exerts on the past. The observed rules of physics, chemistry or biology are merely a byproduct of this process. It is as if a hero could talk to his “future self” in all the other scenes of that movie to get feedback on how to “act out” his role in an optimal way to get to the “happy end”.

Now, examining the various “logic layers” of the Universe (biology, chemistry, physics…) one can see that they grow in complexity and always find a way to transcend the rules below, but without fundamentally violating them. The rules of biology don’t violate the rules of chemistry, yet the possibilities that emerge from the rules of biology are billions of orders of magnitude above what can be done only with the rules of chemistry. And the same with respect to the relationship between the rules of chemistry and physics. All of these logic layers respect the rules of the layers “below”, yet open up near infinite possibilities.

This ties in to the whole simulation theory idea. In my article on “time”, I described the Universe as being a Quantum computer which, whenever it “thinks”, consumes the entire energy of the Universe including the “energy” (physical matter) it is made of, and the result is to “recreate” itself the moment after, exactly as it was. You cannot destroy energy. The thinking process of this Quantum computer is… us! We are like a sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-thread of a computer processor. That is, the moment that Quantum computer consumes itself, it simultaneously is re-creating itself in the future, and while it already exists in the future, there has to be a linear story governed by the laws of cause and effect that lead to the creation of this computer. Of course, this is just an image, a metaphor, which is based on our current understanding, and the objects that surround us. Other metaphors for this same idea are: God, a Universal Consciousness, the “All”, Unity, Light etc…

In any case, it can be summarized by the following principle: the Universe cannot be anything less than what it already is.

How does all of this help us in building that bridge between the third and fourth dimension? There are several key ideas and principles to respect.

  • First, we will not become beings of pure light, with an etheric body made up of pure energy. We will gradually transition, over thousands and thousands of years into that state! Remember, the reason why anyone would even bother incarnating in the third dimension where everything is so “slow” and painful, is to build that linear story bound by the laws of cause and effect which leads to the existence of higher dimensions.

  • Second, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be some beings that ascend “faster” then others, but they would serve a similar role as a scientist who makes a breakthrough in understanding the physical world and tries to bring that understanding to his fellow men. For instance, imagine the first human that managed to control fire. To his fellow men, he/she must have appeared as a God or a magician! Just like a “higher dimensional being” or an ET would appear to us. But by gaining an understanding of how these things work allow us to integrate these new sets of rules which will bring us closer to building that bridge between dimensions. In this regard, the whole idea of raising our consciousness is spot on! The only reason the world around us doesn’t disintegrate is thanks to the fact that every single part it is made up of (the atoms, molecules, living cells, plants, animals…) is 100% self-conscious of what it IS. That is, no atom ever hesitates on the rules that apply to it, no molecule ever hesitates on what rules apply to it. You could say that at this point in linear time, we are the least conscious part of the Universe since we do not act in accordance with who we truly are. And this process has been continuous. What are religions other than a primitive attempt at “uncovering” the rules that should apply to humanity? And everything we have done since then has been a result of this continuous exchange or “feedback” with the “future”. Ethics, philosophy, morality, science, human rights, politics, democracy… All of it is a continuous reflection on uncovering the rules which apply to humans.

  • Third, there are lessons to be learned from all of the layers of logic below us. What it has always resulted in, is a state of increased harmony and order, and displacement of the energy of “chaos” in the “upper layers of logic” (our current human interactions are much more chaotic then the interactions of atoms or molecules). The laws of chemistry allow for harmonious and orderly relationships between atoms, the laws of biology allow for harmonious and orderly chemical reactions between molecules. And at each stage, the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. A human being is more than just the sum of the individual cells that make up his/her body, a sun is more than the sum of all the hydrogen/helium atoms that it is made of… Notice that while it would seem as if free will disappears once these rules are uncovered, the freedom that each layer of logic gains by abiding by the rules is immense. For instance, how do you think your atoms feel whenever you move your finger? I believe that they are ecstatic with joy! In a “soup of atoms bumping into one another” type Universe, each atoms’ free will was confronted with another atoms’ free will, just like if two humans would fight to occupy the last remaining seat on a crowded train. By giving up that type of free will and agreeing to abide by the rules of physics, chemistry, biology etc, the range of possibilities offered to atoms, as in, what they could experience, was infinitely expanded! Where in a Universe comprised of just a soup of atoms would you witness atoms moving like your finger or your body? Where in that kind of Universe would atoms arrange in such a way as to form various objects like a glass of water or a smartphone? In fact, giving up their free will for chaotic interactions displaced this “energy”, this potential for all of these chaotic interactions into higher states of “being” (as a molecule, as a living cell…) which were infinitely more interesting than pure chaos at their level. If your eyes managed to “see” the individual atoms around you, it would still look like chaos! But not one where atoms collide and set off a nuclear reaction destroying their existence. I do not believe that humans will directly experience peace or eternal life on a global scale. Why? Because we are still very far from the “logic layers” which might enable us to experience that. For instance, atoms have a very long life before they decay, because they are nearly 100% aligned and self-conscious. The decay of molecules is a little faster, and living cells decay even faster than that. Eternal life comes with aligning 100% with who you are and what you are supposed to do at all times. Picture it this way: it is as if at any point in time, all atoms had the choice to go in any direction. But one direction is friction-less, because it represents a direction which results from the consensus of all other atoms in the entire Universe. In other words: they do not lose any energy by “competing” with other atoms on where they should be in the future, or which direction they should go. At this present moment, we humans are still very much in competition with one another: who deserves to get this job, who should get more or less money, who should get that luxury car, etc. We could live eternally once all of these struggles are over and once we instinctively know, deep down, what is ideal for all at any point in time. Our body nearly functions in this way: every cell gets the exact amount of energy it needs to perform the action it has to perform, no more no less. But that is because it knows what it is! Also, notice that when our cells start taking in more energy than is necessary to keep us alive and in good health, we call that a disease, especially cancer, which is a bunch of mutant cells deciding to multiply uncontrollably. We can think of many current ultra-rich individuals as a cancer inside the global organism of humanity, which needs to be healed. It doesn’t mean that there should not be any ultra-rich, but simply that if they are, it is because they perform a specific function which is key to the development of the “global organism” of humanity. For instance, our brain cells receives more energy than our finger nails, and thankfully so! When we run, our leg muscles receive more energy than our arms and thankfully so! That is the kind of “logic” that we will have to arrive at. Ironically, this sounds very much like the “true” meaning behind Communism as envisaged by Marx: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.However, this ideal was never meant to be applied by an external tyrannical state by simply by turning within, discovering who you truly are and what you can bring to this world, thereby also obtaining access to all the resources necessary to be who you are.

  • Fourth, this idea of acting as a global organism will not happen instantly. Rather, it will look very much like the development of an embryo. Notice that in the very beginning, every single cell is a stem cell, with the potential to be anything. This is very much like the initial soup of atoms of the Universe. They had the potential to be any molecule, but at some point, they had to settle for being one and not the other. All of us humans, right now, are like walking talking stem cells. We don’t know yet who we are. And those that are “awake” or raise their consciousness are akin to the very first cells inside an embryo that specialize in order to become the heart (which is the first organ that is formed). At that point, they are no longer a stem cell (aka, a “real” ascended human is no longer a human, or perhaps, humans today are more like “mutant chimpanzees” and they will truly become “human” once they ascend and understand in the deepest, truest form, who they are). Notice how everything seems to start from the heart and grows more complex from there. That is exactly what is happening now. We are not going to shift radically into another dimension, some individuals will do the shift and become the heart of this global organism that humanity will be made of in some distant future. Perhaps the “being” that will be born from this process, as if humanity as a global organism became “self aware”, will be born into the 4th, 5th or even higher dimension! Perhaps we are much more advanced already then a few weeks old embryo… God only knows how far “advanced” we are from the perspective of a global organism! In any case, one day, when we are ready, we will come out of “Earth’s womb”, if you catch my drift!

From these lessons, what I can deduce for our foreseeable future is:

  • Depending on whether we need it or not, we will come in contact with other civilizations in the Universe. Remember, the idea is the same as in the movie Interstellar. These ETs could be our future selves helping our past selves.

  • Our advances in understanding our “reality” and consciousness will gradually allow us to have more control over physical matter. We will start to understand that we are walking/talking electro-magnets, and we will greatly enhance our ability to affect matter with our thoughts (which are electro-magnetic signals emitted by the brain). But, these “abilities” will be used more responsibly then in the past (Atlantis…) since we will have an understanding of why we are here (aka, build the bridge between the third dimension and higher dimensions, and not just “dick around” with these abilities irresponsibly, like the people of Atlantis). Indeed, each “layer of logic” or each set of rules (physics, chemistry, biology…) seem to act like “stabilizers” for this reality to exist. Chemistry stabilizes physics, biology stabilizes chemistry etc.

  • We are to become the “guardians” of life on Earth, by gaining knowledge which will allow us to travel more effectively in space (protecting it from asteroids, natural disasters etc), and “seed” other planets with life.

  • We have to reflect how best to build that bridge into higher dimensions, but hints exist everywhere. I believe that ultimately, higher dimensions will “merge” with the third dimension. Take the initial idea of the coil of a spring again. I believe that this is exactly how this oneness or Unity builds “itself”. Since it cannot be anything less than what it already is, it is as if it was a puzzle which scrambled itself and reassembled itself gradually, where no particular “piece” of the puzzle was the center, or beginning. In other words, when you hear of legends and mythological tales of fairies, dragons, Gods etc, they were real! They existed in this “third dimension”! Only they were not “integrated” inside a linear story which respects “cause and effect”. It is as if a fully-fledged solar system “existed” immediately after the Big Bang, and was gradually “dismembered” or erased from that reality since it did not respect the laws of cause and effect for existing at that time and place. It is as if this spring was “compressed” and all of the coils were super-imposed one on top of the other, without being able to distinguish between one and another. And gradually, the spring extends and the coils separate into a neat “spiral”. But following a coil upward, when does it “objectively” reach a “higher dimension” if there is no beginning and no end to that coil? I guess you see where I’m getting at. We will gradually reintegrate various “elements” which we thought were mythological or fairy tales inside this “third dimension”, this reality, once we gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to justify their existence without violating the laws of cause and effect in linear time. Until then, they will remain “hidden”, invisible or “vibrating at a higher speed” or whatever. All of these expressions are just a way of saying that only that which can be attached via the laws of cause and effect will “materialize” in our reality, and be visible by our 5 senses. Of course, it’s a two way process: we are “raising” our vibration at the same time as we are “lowering” the vibrations of the “invisible” to attach it to linear time.

  • Remember that whatever we give a shape or form to (like spirits of nature or what not) are, once again, simply the embodiment of the “force of attraction” that the future exerts on the past. In this regard, our current existence, here, in this third dimension, can be seen as a “spirit” for atoms or molecules billions of years in the past which were only just forming and needed a guidance as to how they should interact. To give you another example, spirits of nature could be seen as the underlying sets of rules that apply to nature and guide its development in the third dimension where they “manifest” in physical form. Just like a computer program which includes the rules for randomly generating a natural environment.

  • Ultimately, I think the real “bridge” between higher dimensions will come from within. What this means is that I believe there is a “limit” as to how much we can shape or affect the third dimension. However, inside our minds, our imagination is limitless. We can create an entire Universe within our minds without violating the rules of the one we are in! Our dreams are a very good example of this. They are very “chaotic” at present, the laws of cause and effect don’t really apply, time does not exist either in dreams (you can jump from one scene to another) but they give us a “hint” as to what the fourth dimension could look like: a consensual dream of all of humanity. Proof of this is astral projection, which is transferring your consciousness into your “astral body” or energetic body when you fall asleep. Where do you actually go? Into the 4th dimension, which exists because sometime in the future, humans build a bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimension and create a “stable” astral reality (as opposed to the unstable and chaotic astral reality when you are dreaming “on your own”). In this regard, the movie “Matrix” nearly got it right. We might live inside a Matrix, but we will be the ones creating it! In a way, it is already the case, except for the fact that the Matrix we could create by connecting millions and millions of human brains together would be again, infinitely more complex and allow for infinitely more interesting stories to “exist” then in this third dimension. Perhaps each and every human brain is like one neuron in the brain of a “higher being”, and those neurons are yet to be connected. Perhaps we are part of a giant neural network which will create this Universal “quantum computer”…

This is still just theory and speculation of course. It is unclear whether individual molecules understand that they are part of a living cell, or that living cells understand that they are a part of our body. If our consciousness was limited to one of the cells inside our body, could we ever expand our imagination to fully “grasp” what a human being truly is? By the same token, can we really fully grasp what is this “whole” that we will be a part of and that will be greater than just the sum of its parts? I think not. In this regard, all we can do, is to feel reassured by several Universal truths:

  • We are more than our body, we are a soul, which can be thought of as this pure energy which courses through the coils of the spring, in all directions, to build a linear story out of the ALL. In this regard, we are eternal and cannot die, which should be a reassuring thought for all those who are afraid to die.

  • The “force of attraction” of the future in inescapable. Just like out of a chaotic soup of atoms is bound to organize into Stars and abide by the laws of chemistry, so too, we humans are bound to organize into something greater than anything we could ever imagine. We can only dream of what that may be, but it will inevitably manifest.

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