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My Spiritual Journey — 17 — Time does not exist…?


I have been putting off writing this essay for a long time… I wanted to make sure that it was perfectly clear in my mind before I wrote it, but I might never get to that point so I may as well just share how far I have gotten. I’m warning you, it’s going to be awfully long, but anyone who attempts to discuss this concept of “time does not exist” in a few paragraphs doesn’t intend to provide you with an answer so much as throw in a few platitudes such as “Einstein’s principle of relativity”, “Black holes”, and “only the present exists so carpe diem and YOLO”.

If you have already read my article about, Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence (second article), then you can skip ahead as the first part re-iterates what was discussed there.

First, let’s start with the “beginning”, if there even is such a thing. How do you get a Universe out of nothing? This is mainstream physics but let’s remind ourselves of the general theory, which is quite exact. As it turns out, “nothing” is unstable enough to erupt into a bubbly state, which some call the quantum foam, which eventually bursts into the Big Bang and creates the “space” within which a Universe like ours will be confined.

How can you explain such a phenomenon? Of course, physicists have their theories, but I will explain it using allegories, which, you will come to realize, are much more useful to get the “big picture”. There is a reason why the number zero, representing nothing, is a circle: 0. There is in fact, no better way for “nothing” to arrange itself then a circle or spheres. These can indeed be shrunk down to infinity, or grown to infinity, all points are always at a perfectly equivalent distance from it’s center, it is the most symmetrically perfect, and both infinitely simple, yet infinitely complex, geometric form. A computer could draw just one circle for an infinite time, adding points to the circle to increase it’s “definition”. Why should “nothing” be a circle? Because the moment you ask the question “where is nothing”, it has to be “somewhere”, and since it could be “anywhere” and “nowhere”, then you have to find a geometrical shape which equally distributes “nothing” in space…

I then considered a bit more the number zero — 0. Why did mathematicians choose to represent it as a circle? Why not a triangle, a square or any other shape? To me, it has to do with dimensions.

In classic mathematics, when explaining dimensions, you learn that at dimension “zero” you have a “non existent” dot, then in dimension 1 you have a line made up of dots, in dimension 2 a flat square made up of dots, and in the third dimension, you get a cube. But they made a mistake when going from dimension 1 to 2 and 3. The correct way this works is that the line becomes a circle and the circle becomes a sphere. Why? Simply because of the very interesting properties of a circle or sphere. You can shrink it and expand it to infinity, and yet, all of it’s “dots” will be exactly at equal distance from the center. Since you can fit an infinite number of dots in a circle, it’s size is irrelevant because even the smallest circle still contains infinity. It is the most perfect equilibrium which combines infinity and nothingness, all with perfect symmetry and balance. You could view the mathematical symbol of infinity in three dimensions as two spheres which represent opposing “energies” or rather +infinity, and -infinity in two opposing spheres. Incidentally, if you put two spheres one against the other, you can see them as one half of a vibration and it’s opposite vibration in the other sphere (see the illustration below). If you then “merge” both spheres, they disappear or cancel each other out, as a vibration meets it’s vibration of exact opposing phase.

Of course, there is already a perfect symmetry within the sphere, as you could represent one half of a sphere as being one vibration, and the other half, a vibration of opposite phase. “Something”, in my understanding, appears simply because these spheres are not necessarily aligned in such a way that vibrations would cancel each other out, as in the illustration below.

I would guess that the interactions between these spheres is what makes up this bubbly quality of “quantum fluctuations” or the energy in “quantum field theory” which is infinite if not “renormalized”. You can see a simulation of these “quantum fluctuations”, which, interestingly, take on a “spherical” quality, but almost as if spheres were constantly appearing, disappearing and crashing into each other, as if these “spheres” which are made up of -infinity and +infinity continuously collide into one another, appear and disappear. A computer simulation using the ideas above could very easily be tested to see if it creates a similar pattern as these quantum fluctuations.

So just imagine that the “void”, or nothing, is comprised of circles, which, in three dimensions, gives this “foamy” quality to the void. At this stage, time does not exist, space does not exist, there is no “when”, there is no “where”, as these circles appear everywhere, at every single point in an infinitely large void of nothingness. But that doesn’t explain the “birth” of a continuous vibration/energy. That process emerges from what I have labelled “God’s Game”, which is the most important concept that should be remembered, as it is both the beginning of relative time and the end of relative time, the “beginning” of the Universe, and the “end” of the Universe.

If you place several circles close to each other in a certain manner, you obtain a wave. The way the first continuous “wave” or vibration came into existence is another puzzle which I couldn’t quite crack. Obviously, if you arrange circles in a certain manner you get a wave, but that didn’t explain why they would “lock” into a wave and enter into existence. I had another image which popped into my mind at that time, I called it the “game of God”. This also explained the “quantum” behavior of certain particles which can exist in multiple “states” at the same time. Imagine if God was looking at himself in the mirror. He could have two different reactions: either he would say “I exist, the other doesn’t exist (we are one and the same)”, or “both of us exist”. Now imagine that this game is being played by every single point of intersection between circles of “nothingness”. That is: they must decide, trying to occupy the same “space” at an unavoidable point of intersection within an infinite space, who “exists” and who doesn’t. Here, it’s no longer a superposition of spheres which interact with each other in very “rational” mathematical ways, but rather the interaction between two points in a circle which are perfectly identical in every way. The issue with the previous model is that it presupposes the existence of math, and thus the ability for “rational” interactions between spheres of “nothingness” (giving them mathematical properties like +1 and -1 or like two opposing “vibrations”). This example doesn’t assume that “nothingness” has any property other than being itself. In this model, it is as if “nothingness” was looking at itself and had to decide whether there was just one “nothingness” or more. And this is simply a game of probability/randomness, which gives us this indecisive quantum nature of reality at the micro-level. If both acknowledge the other’s existence, you get 2 (or -2), if one acknowledges the other’s existence but the other doesn’t, you get 1 (or -1), if neither acknowledges the other’s existence, you get 0. And the result is a sort of “deformation” of space or the “vacuum”, ending in a weird, random oscillation or vibration. One picture that helps illustrate this is the following: imagine a flat plane, and circles “crashing” into that plane from above and below. How will it affect it’s surface? Which way will that plane “bend”? At this stage, also, there is no “energy” yet, really, just circles of “nothingness”, no mass, no energy, no time, no nothing. However, through the “game” described above, they could bend space is such a way to create fluctuations which represent energy based on the way they interact with the plane at each point of intersection.

It’s what I call the first “wave” or vortex of the Universe, the first vibration, in esoteric circles, the “Ohm” sound. It just so happens that this “game” eventually stabilizes into a somewhat “harmonious” state, which incidentally, is where I believe the “flower of life” sacred geometry comes from. These “circles of nothingness” basically bend space in such a way as to provide two “basic” sine waves. These are shown here in red and green. The orange circle is the one which “yielded” in God’s Game, the blue circle is the one which occupied the space of the orange one in order to form this vibration.

Actually, to be more accurate, the “Flower of Life” represents the “end “of the Universe. But also it’s “beginning”. It is where everything originates from and also where it ends. Once the Universe reaches a state of perfect “balance”, perfect harmony or equilibrium, then it is akin to two sine waves of exactly opposing phases which you superimpose on top of one another: they instantly cancel each other out. In the picture above, if all waves cancelled each other, it would look like a grid of tightly packed triangles. In a different arrangement, it would look like squares. In essence, this is what can be thought of as the breath of God, inspiration and expiration from “nothing” to “everything” and back again. Remember, “nothing” will always arrange itself into these circles, and they will eventually always reach a state of equilibrium… So what it looks like is exactly like the “white/black” dots optical illusion, where black and white dots appear and disappear instantly. You could say that the true state of the Universe is an infinitely fast flickering between the void, nothing, and this perfect state of equilibrium represented by the Flower of Life. For a more “in depth” discussion about this, read my article “Where Lies the Truth…”

As I explain in the article “Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence”, there is a problem once you reach a state of harmony or stability: for everything that exists, it’s opposite must exist. If +1 exists, -1 necessarily exists, if a certain vibration exists, it’s “anti-vibration” (or a wave of opposite phase) exists. Which leads us back to… nothing. Indeed, you can have an entire Universe built from nothing so long as it all adds up to nothing: +1 and -1 are equal to 0. If you keep adding numbers in both the + and the — into infinity, it does not matter, so long as they are “balanced”. But there is always a danger here: that this newly created Universe meets or is reunited with it’s “anti” Universe. In other words, for every “Big Bang”, there is a counter Big Bang in the “opposite direction” if that can be said. Like two “mirror” Universes. You can see it illustrated here below, in a simplified manner, where a wave is separated between it’s positive phase and negative phase, but which could be reunited at some point where the Universe could collapse on itself.

This is where the photon comes into play. In my revelations, I drew the photon as being a “mini” black hole which wraps vibrations/waves around itself in a double torus shape. In other words, a photon is a bundle of self-contained energy/information or the way for vibrations created by quantum fluctuations to “escape” meeting their “mirror selves” and revert back to “nothingness”.

Which is also how researchers like Nassim Haramein model the shape of the Universe as a whole:

Here below is an interesting video where a soap bubble between two speakers starts showing signs of vortexes and circular motion when exposed to a specific frequency. This is probably the mechanism via which, at one point in an infinite void made of quantum foam, a photon emerges out of the random interactions between vibrations which “lock” into a balanced torus shape.


This is the only way to “escape” this otherwise inevitable “superposition” of this new “fragile” Universe and it’s anti-Universe made up of just pure vibration. You add torque to it! You could say Time exists here, but I would not say so. The real question is: when did this process start and how long does it take for the void, for nothing to arrange into such a vibration? The answer is: it never started and it will never end, and it takes no time to arrange into such a vibration. It all happens infinitely fast.

This concept of infinity will come in handy to explain why time does not exist. We left this story of “vibrations” reaching a state of near equilibrium which threatened the Universe and anti-Universe to meet and revert back to “nothing”, escaping this near-death thanks to the photon. But now, apply the exact same principle to the photon as to these circles of nothingness! Where and when did the first “photon” appear? And what were his “qualities” or features at the time that photon appeared? Again, the answer is: all of them at the same time. It is easier to explain this using Math. Imagine if the entire Universe is comprised of a grid of photons which represent a unique number. Since in infinity you have an infinite amount of numbers, each part of this grid can be thought of a unique “pixel” of reality. At this very moment, as you are reading this article, the position of each and every photon at the moment you read these lines could have appeared instantly out of the void simply because of the randomness of the quality and features of the photons appearing from the void, as a still “image”, instantly replaced by another still image of another slice of the Universe at a certain point in time, in a totally random fashion.

Photon “grid” which represents a “slice” or frame of reality.

To give you an idea how that looks like, imagine if you took all the frames in a movie, you chopped them up and made a monitor display them at random, infinitely fast. That is what the Universe looks like in reality. That is what God, the All, Unity, looks like: everything existing instantly at the same time, everywhere. You can picture it like all the frames of a movie inside a giant bowl: it’s all there, past, present and future!

But to go even further, if photons iterate infinitely fast inside a single point of that grid, then the entirety of the Universe also exists in all of it’s parts! If any point inside that grid can be any number between 0 and infinity, and it iterates infinitely fast between these random numbers, then each and every single point in space contains the whole. It’s not just a “metaphor”, it’s real.

Time flowing infinitely fast, which means the entire “story” of the Universe is contained inside each and every “photon” or part of the “grid”, if you stretched it to look like a “grid”. Since time flows infinitely fast, then a single point can be expanded to a grid which is the same as a grid of all other photons.

Again, thus far, time does not exist. But that does not explain our experience of time inside that Universe. How do we explain that time still runs “forward” from our perspective? How can we have this subjective experience of time moving at a certain pace?

Out of this seeming chaos, out of pure randomness, there will always be one frame or one photon whose random “flickering” between all possible states actually constitutes a coherent story. Using the metaphor of Math makes it easier to picture. Imagine again if infinity existed at each single point of space. In one of those points, infinity will unravel in a purely logical way: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and of course, to respect the principle of perfect symmetry, in the opposite direction: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5… At that specific point in space, time flows infinitely fast, but relatively faster than at all other points in space. Which is where time as we know it exists! It is simply the relative difference in the “speed” at which time flows between two points in space. The “revelations” I got called this phenomenon the “tunnel of plausibility”. Imagine a bowling ball sitting on top of layers upon layers of flat cardboard which has a hole the size of that specific bowling ball randomly placed on it (representing the next possible position between all the infinite positions of that bowling ball in space/time). Imagine if you replicate this in every single point in space. There will be one place where by chance, all of the holes are perfectly aligned and the bowling ball falls through “instantly”. Then in other places, the holes are somewhat aligned, so the bowling ball falls through relatively slower due to the friction (it’s as if instead of falling in a straight line, it was bouncing off the sides of the “walls”).

You could even explain with this metaphor the phenomenon of life and death or the decay of any and all matter. Decay is the result of this “friction”, not being perfectly aligned and wasting energy by hitting against the “walls” of this plausibility tunnel. Interestingly, the smaller the matter, the longer it’s “life span”. A photon seems indestructible, an electron, proton and neutron have very slow decay of billions and billions of years, atoms have a slightly faster decay, molecules even faster etc… And notice also that the “tunnel of plausibility” of the atoms or molecules is pretty much set (physics and chemistry can very easily predict events by applying scientifically observed laws) whereas the behaviour of living cells and especially complex living organisms like animals and humans, cannot be predicted or only very approximately and they also decay much faster. You could say that the more “free will” one has, the more energy one consumes, and the faster it’s decay. Atoms don’t have much free will, they follow a “near perfect plan”, a nearly deterministic set of rules which means they loose nearly no energy “falling through time”. Humans on the other hand, along with the rest of the animal kingdom, can make an infinite number of choices at every single point in time and the “rules” governing us are far from deterministic. So we squander this “energy” by resisting the “pull” of the future (as I will explain later).

Explaining the idea that time can flows infinitely fast, using modern physics, it is well known that the laws of gravity and relativity fall apart when it comes to black holes. Incidentally, the metaphor of the bowling ball and the alignment of it’s position in the future is very much like an infinitely deep black hole! As if the bowling ball existed instantly at every single point in time as itself.Simply put, the very heart of a black hole is where time flowed infinitely faster than in it’s surroundings. This is where all of our present reality already exists as a “concept”, an “idea”, a “template” for our reality.Again, imagine that at one particular point in space filled with photons, in one point in space, the photon actually iterates through all of it’s possible states in a logical fashion, similar to the math example. My guess is like iterating through all of the light wave frequencies in an orderly fashion. You could picture this as the “rules governing the photon”, or encompassing the “concept” or “idea” of the photon. Due to the law of perfect symmetry, this phenomenon goes in two opposite directions which meet at some point and threaten to “undo” this frail reality, a “photon” meeting it’s “anti-photon”. And again, the process of transcendence must save this frail reality as it reaches perfect symmetry. The photon and anti-photon become the building blocks of sub-atomic particles: electrons, quarks, leptons etc… The process repeats again with a “new” layer of logic, a new Universe created out of all these new building blocks, and in one point in space/time, the various combinations possible from these building blocks depict a perfect linear logical story, which leads to a threat of cancellation of two opposing realities, giving birth to the atom, etc… I think you get the idea. The point being, the photon, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, life (the first cellular living organism), whatever comes after us appeared instantly, in no time. To help you imagine how that looks like, observe the development of a foetus in a mother’s womb, where in 9 months, you have a fast forward story of the entire lengthy process of evolution. The center of each black hole is where time flowed instantly fast and manifested, out of nothing, all of the “ideas” in their purest fashion, that ever existed and will ever exist, instantly, simply because there was no “friction”, no “free will” in the story. It was purely deterministic and therefore it materialized instantly.

From a metaphysical point of view, you could view God as a child sitting in a room filled with “toys” (ideas, concepts) sitting on countless shelves: the photon, the atom, the molecule, life, plants, animals, humans… God “knows” he/she/it is all of that, but not how it feels to be all of that, or indeed if you can build a story governed by the laws of “cause and effect” from all of these “ideas” or concepts. In essence, we are one way for infinity to experiment itself. We are God’s eyes, ears, feelings, thoughts…

In a more “scientific” way, you could simply picture reality as being a hologram projected from within the center of the black hole outward, generated by the only force which is real in the Universe: the force of the future pulling the past towards it. The scientific “rules” we observe like gravity or electro-magnetism are only a byproduct of this force that the future exerts on the past and makes it look like these laws exist. It is like observing the “rules” governing a video game from within the game instead of looking at the underlying code. The only thing “real” is the code. The way the future “tugs” at the past looks like this: the “idea” of the atom, which appeared instantly inside the black hole, attracts all of the other “variations” or Universes built from quarks, leptons, electrons, to “gravitate” towards becoming an atom themselves, to “transcend” themselves. It is as if perfect order, a deterministic future which cannot not exist (God, a Universal consciousness, etc) simply because it will randomly manifest itself out of the void no matter what, sorts out the more or less chaotic and randomly generated realities that could exist from it’s constitutive elements. Another way you can express this is with this maxim:

The Universe cannot be anything less than what it already is.
The whole “story” of the Universe can be compared to “God” running towards a mirror to look at himself. As God gets closer to the mirror, God slows down in order to take a better look at him/her/itself. Time slows down, or rather, the “perception” of time slows down. Think about it: we can “think” or experience being conscious at a certain speed which determines the subjective feeling of time passing by. Imagine if “God” was a Quantum Computer which became self aware, thinking or being “consciously aware” at a speed infinitely larger than us. Time would almost come to a standstill from it’s perspective! We would appear to such a computer like static rocks, as in the time it would take us to blink it could live a simulation of several thousand years within itself!

You can see that whenever you look at the Universe: it is like countless “simulations” or alternative “paths” or “stories” which can be played out using the same constitutive elements. For instance, from the “idea” of a solar system you get a “simulation” of a huge variety of combinations of various solar systems which we call galaxies. And from the “idea” of galaxies, we have a huge variety of combinations of various galaxies which creates what we call a Universe, and you could assume the same applies to a Universe. In other words: black holes nested inside one another. The Universe being a black hole which projects all of the various galaxies in holographic reality from the inside out, every center of each galaxy projecting solar systems in a holographic reality from the inside out, every solar system (sun) being a black hole projecting the various planets outside of itself, each atom being a black hole projecting in a holographic reality each possible “state” from the inside out, every human being a black hole projecting reality outside of himself as well… This is how you can explain that matter is composed of 99,99999% of void or “space”: this represents all of the other possible states of that photon, molecule, living cell etc, into infinity!Which is proof that all possible alternative realities or parallel Universes are right here with us at all time! Our brain simply chooses to ignore them and “see” the “next most plausible” reality out of the 99,99999…% other possible states of everything around us. It is indeed as if all of the reality that surrounds us is this LCD monitor screen flickering infinitely fast between all possible alternative realities and it is our brain which filters only that reality which “fits”. I’ll come back to this idea later.

I’m going to delve a little deeper on this concept of “God” appearing from the void in no time or instantly. Imagine this process as being the same as sharpening a blurry image with your camera.Take one point on one side of that image or frame as being the “start” of time, the “idea” of the photon for instance, and another point on the opposite side as being the “end” of time, the moment “God” appears. When you sharpen the image, it doesn’t sharpen one side and then the next, it is a simultaneous process which happens instantly at the same “speed” everywhere.

So just to screw with your mind a little more, time moves “laterally”, and the reality we experience as continuous from the past towards the future is just one variation which appears instantly across the entire continuum. I have presented time and God as being the instantaneous manifestation of all of the ideas, rules or concepts of this Universe, and our reality as being God playing around with all those elements to tell a story stitching each idea together with one another in a logical fashion, thereby sorting the chaos of otherwise unrelated portions of all possible realities. But this process also happens instantly. Here is how it works: imagine if you took a movie, you sliced up all of it’s frames and you put it in a giant bowl. Past, present and future all coexist. However, any frame could be deemed as the “start” of the movie since all of them have some logical relatedness to another frame. So imagine that each frame exerts a “force of attraction” towards the frame that came right before it and the one that comes right after it, like a magnet with two poles, one attracting it’s “past” and one attracting it’s “future”. The movie thus reconstitutes itself instantly since all frames attract all other frames at the same time. Again, you have the same kind of process as the sharpening effect of a camera.

In this sense, you could say that the Universe spreads information instantly across all timelines: from the past to the future, from the future to the past. To give you an idea of what that looks like, ask yourself this question: who invented the “laws of physics” and why are the Universal constants what they are? Well, according to this idea, WE DID! That is, simply by “existing” in this reality, we are sending information into the past saying: “Hey! This reality exists and is pretty stable! By the way, here are the rules that govern it…”

One image you can use to understand how “God”, the All, a Universal Consciousness, splits from Unity into all of it’s sub-parts is the following: imagine if all that really “exists” is either nothing, the void, empty space, represented by the color black and everything, the All, God represented by the color white. Now imagine that they flicker instantly fast between one and the other. Which color would you see? Black or white? Or maybe you would see a specific shade of grey. But that shade would only exist in your imagination. The only reality, is that of white and black. The Universe and Time basically doesn’t run in a linear fashion, it starts from the All (white) and the Void (black) and then constructs an infinite shades of grey between those two extremes out of which we get to build this holographic reality we live in. As I explained above, it certainly seems that reality does not exist without consciousness or without our “selective perception” of it. It is very much as if we choose to see only an infinitely small portion of God at each and every second, and that we are “hard wired”, in the third dimension, to see those tiny “slices” of God in a way which respects the laws of cause and effect.

There are many other metaphors for understanding how Time can be non-existent for those who have trouble grasping all of the concepts above. For instance, the way our own brain works. Neuroscience explains quite accurately that our brain doesn’t actually remember every single event that ever happened. Rather, it only remembers key moments or still frames, and then using our internal logic, we reconstruct reality. This is why two people never have exactly the same memory from a same event. Especially if their “internal logic” differs quite substantially (such as their core values and beliefs!) The same goes for any story telling: we remember key passages and then “make up” the rest based on the logic which links those two passages together, which “stitch” them together in a convincing manner.

So even though the logical links between all slices of reality exist, the global and continuous “consciousness” which courses through those slices and passes through one instead of another of these slices is something else. It’s like the “connection” between the neurons in your brain which is more or less given at one point in time, but the energy coursing through those connections can take all kinds of paths which are not predetermined. The path that the electric signal took inside your brain then influences on the connections of your brain which will determine the “possible” paths for the next electric signal.

Another useful analogy: when you have watched a movie or if you have to tell a story from memory, it’s all there, available in your brain, simultaneously at the same “time”, but the moment you start thinking about the movie or the story, and have to access that memory, it comes in gradually, not all at once. I’m jumping ahead in the explanation, but most probably, even though consciously you experience thinking about that movie or story in a linear fashion, your subconscious or the processes which are not conscious to you in your brain most probably jump from one image to another, jump from the “past” to the “future” to make that movie or story come into “focus” gradually all at once, for you to be able to experience it in a linear fashion in your conscious state.

Neural networks used to to carry out automated tasks also function in the same way. Feed a database of 1 million pictures on which there is a cat present to a neural network, tell it simply that there is one thing that those pictures have in “common”, and it will come up with an algorithmic “concept” of what a cat looks like. Feed it any new picture outside of the database and it will be able to identify a cat if there is one in it. The neural network does not need to remember the 1 million pictures database. Reminds you of anything? Remember when I discussed the point in space where the “idea” or concept of the photon emerged instantly, along with the “idea” or concept of the atom and so on? You could say that the Universe is a sort of neural network which consolidates it’s internal rules via a process of continuous feedback, from the past to the future, and the future to the past! Thus as the Universe experiments in all points in time simultaneously, the “rules” governing each layer of logic (physics, chemistry, biology…) write themselves simultaneously also. You can view the Universe as being a set of “brains” nested inside of one another, each containing the rules and lessons learned from it’s simultaneous experimentations. Think about it: each and everyone of our individual cells contains the “rules” governing biology (via DNA, most notably), each and every molecule within our cells contains the “rules” of chemistry, each and every atom contains the “rules” of physics, each and every quark contains the “rules” of quantum physics… and you go on until you have… nothing and everything! That is pure energy and vibration. We are essentially like droplets of water inside an infinity vast ocean, and living the “illusion” that there is an artificial barrier between what we believe is “us” and the rest of the ocean, when in fact, there is no objective boundary between one droplet and the next inside the ocean. And our thoughts, our intentions, “mold” or shape that ocean of pure energy into the reality we perceive at every single second in time. You may ask, what is the point of all of this? And if you read my article on perfect symmetry and transcendence, you would understand that it is simply the only strategy that the Universe, the All, God, has found to escape the return to nothingness. Humans were basically “created” to be elements of interference which prevent two, otherwise perfectly symmetrical and predictable Universes to superimpose and collapse back into nothingness. And given what a chaotic society/world we have created, I would say we have done a pretty good job! Of course, our job is coming soon to an “end”, as we have reached the limits of just how much chaos we can handle before “self-destroying” ourselves. It is “time” that the next layer of logic appeared and took over the “job” of safeguarding the existence of “something” rather than nothing.

And here is the “mechanism” which allows humans to “create” reality and become these elements of interference. Whenever you move a finger, what really happens? This is where you have a “time paradox”.

On one level of reality, what happens is the following:

Your brain sends neurological signals to the muscles in the finger, which moves the finger into it’s new place. But is that really so? Don’t forget that you are not really asking your finger to move, you are sending a signal into brains nested inside one another so that they “update” reality (molded pure energy) to obey your command! You are asking the muscles to make your fingers move. The muscles ask the individual cells that compose them to move, the cells ask the molecules they are made up of to move, the molecules ask the atoms they are made of to move, the atoms ask the quarks/photons they are made of to move, the photons ask the energy that they are made of to move… Don’t forget that the scientific explanation about how matter moves stops at the atomic level. After that, theoretical physicists are still completely clueless as to “how” atoms actually “move” through “space”, and especially, at the Planck scale. Some assume that an atom simply “disappears” from one Planck unit of space and then reappears in another Planck unit of space as it is set in motion.

But on another level of reality, this is what happens:

Your brain actually sends a vibration, your thought, your intention, (the brain emits an electric signal) which is instantaneously picked up by the ocean of energy which it is made of and which everything is made of. The ocean of energy then commands the photon “brain” to update the hologram of photons of the entire Universe to reflect the “change” you have made to the “Matrix”, checking whether it is compatible or whether it interferes with the vibrations of other brains. If there is a “consensus”, it updates the photon layer, which then updates the quark layer, which updates the atom layer, which updates the molecules layer, which updates the cells layer, which updates the muscles layer, which makes your finger move, and sends a signal upward into your brain through the nervous system to make sure that your brain has updated it’s perception of reality and your brain can then “hallucinate” or simulate what happens between two points in time: one when your finger was in one place, and one where your finger is in another place, and “fill in the logical gap” by seeing your finger moving “forward” when in fact, it has instantly “teleported” or materialized itself in the future. You can thus describe our reality as being a collective hallucination produced by billions and billions of brains which send out their “intentions” of what they want the next “frame” of reality to look like into an infinite ocean of pure energy which can be “molded” into any shape or form (the same idea as the infinite number of parallel realities available to us at every single point in time).

Neuroscience, in that regard, is very much in line with this theory, as it shows that our brain is aware of things before it reaches our consciousness…

The reason I am writing this article is because we are approaching this point of transcendence. We are meant to become something greater than the sum of it’s parts. We are like atoms that somehow “feel” they can become molecules, or molecules that somehow “feel” like they can become a living cell… And a molecule appears to be God for the atoms (binding them and controlling them, but sorting out their interactions so that it’s not all chaos, a molecule or the rules of chemistry being a “transcendence” of the rules of physics), and living cells are like God to molecules (the rules of biology being the transcendence of chemistry), controlling them in perfectly balanced chemical reactions across time and having the ability to self-replicate/reproduce… And we are like Gods to individual cells, and… Whatever is above us is also trying to “sort” things out, in a very gentle way, making sure that we willingly become something greater than the sum of it’s parts, just like molecules are greater than the sum of the atoms composing them, and living cells are much greater than the molecules that compose them… Take a look at the story of humanity: aren’t nearly all the “ideas” that we produce somehow related to uncovering the “rules” which should govern humans or apply to humanity in order for all of us to live in harmony? Religion, philosophy, ethics, morality, politics, sociology, psychology even “hard sciences”! All of these disciplines, in one way or another, contribute to “uncovering” the rules which should apply to us, just like the rules of chemistry apply to individual atoms. Even domains like physics which seem unrelated to this process contribute in one way or another, for instance, improving our material comfort by increasing our ability to manipulate matter. You could imagine that all of the ideas produced by humanity are like all the potential atoms which could theoretically exist, and our job is to select those ideas which should be included in the “table of Mendeleev” of ideas, and how they should be combined. Thus there is always free will between two points of transcendence. There can be an infinite number of Universes composed of an infinite variety of atoms bouncing around in all directions, but all of them eventually lead to the emergence of molecules and the sorting of atoms. Destiny is quite similar to this idea. It does not mean that everything is set in stone, it’s as if the Universe decided that during your life, you will stop by Brussels, Washington and Moscow. But you can take any and all detours to get there! Seems a good deal if you ask me…

Summary of the different “stages” or layers of logic.


The “Big Picture”: moving from the “void” to “God”. In this essay, I describe “God” as being a “Quantum Computer” and for good reason. Imagine if the Universe was a Quantum Computer which, in order to think, consumed the entire energy of the Universe including the particles it is made up of, the end result being that his “thought” recreated “itself” in the future, exactly as it was before it destroyed itself a split second before. It cannot be anything less or more than itself! In this metaphor, we could merely be the thought process, or a “sub thread”, of this Quantum Computer which leads back to the “creation”, anew, of this Universal Quantum Computer, but each time, taking a different “path” to manifest itself.

Let me try to describe what we are and how we “navigate” through all of the various infinite parallel realities available to us at each and every split-second. We are very much like a plant that moves through time, with roots anchored in the past, our “trunk” (physical body) in the present and our leaves as an invisible stream of consciousness that we send into the future to try to determine which way we should go, or what we should do next. If you look at a regular plant, you can see that this metaphor very much applies to it as well. A plant indeed grows it’s roots in it’s past (soil is basically bio-degraded left overs of past, long dead, organic materials). In the case of a tree, it’s leaves decompose on the ground and contribute to feeding it’s growth, so it literally grows from it’s “past”.

But for humans, the best way to think about it is to imagine lightning or pure thought/energy as that is what I believe we will ultimately become. Right now, we give our “thoughts” a physical shape, that of our body, and use physical means to process thoughts in a coherent way. Our consciousness, our “real” selves, our “soul”, has access at all times to infinity, all alternate realities, but our physical brain “processes” that consciousness and filters out anything which does not fulfill the set of “rules” that we discussed earlier, which gives us the “illusion” of living in a “cause and effect” three dimensional Universe. Even though our brain restricts our “access” to these realities, our consciousness, our real self, operates on a different level. Our past experiences, our grudges, our happy memories, are like the “roots” that more or less determine who we are in the present. They also form our current beliefs and values, which serve as an extra “filtering” layer for censoring all of the alternate possible realities we could experience. At each and every second, however, our consciousness splits into thousands of lightning bolts which explore all possible futures which meet certain conditions (respect the laws of cause and effect, or in other words the rules of all of the brains nested inside one another, which contain the rules of physics, chemistry etc…).

The Present is the result of the negotiation between the Past and the Future.
Two lightning rods firing in opposite directions, and uniting at the top. This illustrates perfectly the idea of perfect symmetry: two parallel or “mirror” Universes, and reaching the point of transcendence.

This idea of “perfect symmetry” has been displayed time and again in crop circles, which convey this idea geometrically. Notice that while there is some form of symmetry, it also looks as if one half of the figure is in opposite phase with the other! Just like two vibrations which are out of phase to avoid them overlapping and “cancelling” one another! And guess who is “responsible” for maintaining two otherwise perfectly symmetrical realities from cancelling each other? We are. At this time and place in the Universe, the Earth and humans, because of their highly chaotic and unpredictable behaviour, act like a form of interference between two “mirror” Universes which, if they managed to enter into contact, would cancel each other out. It is as if reality was about to slide through the pin of a needle only to expand once again into an infinite number of possible stories. But that “transition”, that moment of transcendence, will have to happen no matter what. Some refer to this in more esoteric, UFO circles as The Event, or Cosmic Disclosure, but God only knows what shape/form it will take! Did atoms have a clue they were about to become molecules? Did molecules have a clue they were about to become part of a living cell?

In this crop circle, you can clearly see that the part in the middle seems “off” compared to the rest which is perfectly symmetrical.
In this crop circle, you can also notice that symmetry is a bit off, as if the “phase” was inverted, yet keeping the same underlying logic/structure.

Our brain receives a “feedback” or information from all of those alternate realities and chooses to see or experience one of them, based on a very complex consensus happening between all of the other souls exploring the future. Just like a lightning bolt, when it “hits” it’s destination going from the clouds and striking the ground, it absorbs all the energy from all the other “branches” into that point where it struck the ground. It is in the exact same way that we “travel” in time, every split second, like a lightning bolt subdividing into millions of branches, one of which becomes the future which will be “experienced” and our whole self materializing the next second in that exact position, living that reality. For instance, a soul might “see” that by turning a street corner it is going to be run over by a car. At that moment, for an unknown reason, the person hesitates, is temporarily distracted by a passing fly, or for a million other reasons which could be attributed to “chance”, turns the street corner just short of being run over. Or alternatively, the soul accepts that this life time and experience should come to an end and move on to it’s next incarnation, and let the person experience being run over by a car and dying. Don’t forget that our soul is not attached to our body! Just like you would not think twice about changing clothes from one day to another, so your soul does not care about “taking off” your body and “putting on” a new one, in the same way as you experiment with changing clothes to explore various “aspects” of your personality (classy clothes, provocative clothes, dirty clothes…).

This idea of a lightning bolt is really essential, because it can be applied at all scales, be it for individual people to the collective “destiny” or future of humanity. What is our collective belief, as humanity? Do we believe we are a dangerous parasite which should be wiped off this planet? Or do we believe we can be the custodians and protectors of all Life, treating our Planet like a beautiful garden, and transcend our current state of archaic technology by becoming a galactic civilization which spreads the beauty of Life and transforms Planets across the galaxy into other beautiful gardens? As the saying goes: “be careful what you wish for”. Our collective beliefs will directly influence what we will experience next. It is not as if simply “believing” that climate change does not exist, will allow us to violate the laws of cause and effect, but there is no deterministic future which we will be forced to experience. It could be cataclysmic (no change in the way we think) or mild (a complete revolution in science and technology, ethics, values, philosophy, religion… based notably on the revelations in this essay, which allows us to fix very rapidly the “damage” we have done), and it all depends on what we believe. Between two points of transcendence, like between the “idea” of a living cell to the “idea” of a human, you can imagine it like two Tesla coils with electric arcs trying to meet each other. As if the past was trying to “connect” with the future and the future to “connect” with the past. Remember the metaphor of the various slices of a movie “magnetically attracting” to it related frames? It’s kind of the same idea. You can see two Tesla coils as points of Destiny, like the birth and death of a human, like the obliged convergence of all possible stories from the atom to the molecule etc.

Past reaching out towards the future, future reaching out towards the past. These two poles represent “fixed” points of Destiny, like the various “layers of logic” which are inescapable.

Also, notice one interesting observation: in order to change the future, you need to change the past. Coming back to the metaphor of the plant, if you uproot it from a dry and arid soil and plant it in fertile ground it will grow in completely different ways. The same applies to humans. This is why it’s so important to “heal” old childhood traumas or to get rid of limiting beliefs and have a more open mind. All of these will limit us in all of the potential futures we could be experiencing. It’s also why it’s so important to show unconditional loving support for our children: they are like little plants which grow in the soil that we make up for them. That soil is composed of their dreams, their desires, but also our judgement which they believed in. If we tell them: “you are a bad and evil child”, and they believe it, guess in which “direction” they will grow, which potential future they will attract into their real life experience? If they believe that they are evil, they will start to attract more of the experiences which prove to them that they are indeed evil! Simply because their limiting beliefs already censor the directions in which their consciousness reaches out in order to manifest the “next” most plausible slice of reality. The responsibility of parents vis-à-vis their children, in this regard, cannot be understated. You could say that a wide majority of problems experienced later in life, like being inattentive, impatient, greedy, violent, lazy, can be determined by this one time when a child showed one of these traits, and it was cemented into their belief systems as an imprint of who they are by a traumatic experience (a parent beating them up and yelling at them, a teacher humiliating them in front of the class saying to that kid: “YOU ARE XXX”, fill in the blank). From that moment on, you were no longer a child which was open to being everything, which is what a child ultimately is: being able to display any and all traits at any time, jumping from being obedient to unruly, sad to joyful, lazy to hard working. Instead of openly and freely experimenting with all of these states, which is like using all the colors available to paint on a white canvas. Telling your children they are one and not the other is like confiscating colors from a painter: guess what, his paintings will be pretty dull and look like crap. A monotonous, monochrome (literally) reality, instead of one where everything is possible. Again, this metaphor applies to the individual as much as it applies to humanity as a whole! In order to change our collective experience of reality, we also needed to change our past! One prime example is the rise of the scientific model of the emergence of the Universe which replaced the metaphysical model. In order to launch an era of materialism and technological development, we first needed to change our collective beliefs in order to bring “new”, previously censored, possible futures into our reality.

This whole metaphor using plants very much links up to the symbol of the tree of life, which has roots and branches connected in a certain way. Indeed, you can picture us as being the tree of life, moving through time, our branches reaching out towards the future, our roots dug in the past, our branches becoming the roots as we move forward in time. This applies as much to the individual as to people across generations, like a number of trees of life sitting on top of each other.

I will end with a statistical concept for revisiting this idea of Time and how the Universe functions: looking at the normal distribution.

As you may know, the normal distribution is a probability distribution that is symmetric about the mean, showing that data near the mean are more frequent in occurrence than data far from the mean. Go back to the beginning of this essay, and see that the two most extreme and less likely probabilities for an event is exactly where time flows instantly fast in opposite directions (the Universe and anti-Universe, created instantly inside the black hole). And all other probabilities as being all of the other parallel Universes which can be based on the template, and which take more and more “time” to travel between all the logical layers (atom, molecule, cell, humanoid, God (?)…) In this Universe, we are in is probably very close to the 50/50 or the exact center of the curve, where we have an equal probability to move “towards” the point of transcendence as moving “away” from it! The more the Universe generated from all of these parallel realities is closer to the mean, the more free will there is! Notice, however, that this normal distribution shape applies as a “filtering” mechanism for determining what “makes” it through the process of transcendence. Take a look at the Mendeleev periodic table which we mentioned earlier. The relative abundance of each element in the Universe very much takes the shape of a normal distribution (one half of it, the other half being in the “mirror Universe”!).

In the same way, we will have to “shed” or get rid of some unnecessary or marginal “ideas” which will not make it into the “next layer of logic”, the next point of transcendence where humanity will become more than the sum of it’s parts. Hint: my guess is that revenge killings, rape, violence and the likes will not make the cut… After all, if our own cells acted like we did, we wouldn’t stay alive for very long… Imagine your heart cells going to war with your stomach, or your right hand trying to cut off your left hand… Ultimately, we are to become one global organism, whether we want it or not. But we can take the “easy” road (wake up to the true nature of reality, of this Universe, of our spiritual nature) or the “hard” one (killing each other, beating each other up, suffering immensely in the process, until eventually, we get it).

Nothing forces the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. But once there are no more leaves left to eat, and you are swarming in a sea of angry caterpillars, it might not be an enjoyable experience.

I will leave you with this thought: the beginning of the Universe, the way it all started… Do you remember what it was? God’s Game? Well, the end of the Universe looks exactly like the beginning. This time, instead of two circles of “void” trying to occupy the same space, and having to decide which one of the two “exists” or not, thereby creating the first “vibration” of the Universe, this time it’s two fully accomplished Gods, looking at each other in the mirror, and playing at exactly the same game, ending the way it started, or starting the way it ended.

Have a look at these two pictures again… :-)

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