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My Spiritual Journey — 16 — The Battle for Human Consciousness

Updated: Mar 18, 2019


In my second article, Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence, I explain that somehow, we are meant to be the “bridge” between biology and something greater, which I call the “world of ideas”. Other names can apply like the “fourth dimension”. But I tried to explain it in a way which can be understood easily.

My intuition was that we would gradually “invert” our state of consciousness between when we are awake, and when we are sleeping. Indeed, the “world of dreams” very much looks like the fourth dimension. You are free to materialize any idea on a whim, and there is no more concept of time as you can jump from one “scene” to another with no effort or transition.

In this article, I wanted to dig a little deeper as to what that looks like.

First, building on the testimonies from people who had near death experiences, they recall the experience of death as waking up from a dream, and the dimension they found themselves in as being much more real than this reality.

Indeed, as I explain in my other articles, this reality is a co-produced hallucination, something that has been investigated and confirmed via experimentation by top neuroscientists. Think of the Universe as a series of “brains” which are nested inside of one another, and which are linked to a more or less strong degree in order to “vote” and agree on the objective reality that is manifested at each single point in time in the present.

How does that look like? The rules of this Universe are nested inside each and every single particle. This means that all of the images, or holograms of all of the photons of the Universe at any point in time are projected outward from a singularity which resembles a sort of “neural network” which represents the laws of interaction of photons between each other.

This is exactly how your own brain or any neural network functions. It does not retain information about each and every single experience it lives through, it only remembers the logic or the underlying rules which allow it to better respond to the next sensory input it receives.

Each and every one of our cells in our bodies have, within them, the rules of biology, and inside each cell, every molecule has within it the rules of chemistry, and inside each and every molecule are atoms which have within them the rules of physics, and within the atoms you have quarks etc… until you simply have… nothing and everything, or rather, pure energy. That is, if you go all the way up the layers of logic, ultimately, all you have is an ocean of pure energy which takes whatever shape it is commanded to take from the signals of all of the “brains” nested inside of one another.

For instance, whenever you move a finger, what really happens? This is where you have a “time paradox”.

On one level of reality, what happens is the following:

Your brain sends neurological signals to the muscles in the finger, which moves the finger into it’s new place. But is that really so? Don’t forget that you are not really asking your finger to move, you are sending a signal into brains nested inside one another so that they “update” their level of reality to obey your command! You are asking the muscles to make your fingers move. The muscles ask the individual cells that compose them to move, the cells ask the molecules they are made up of to move, the molecules ask the atoms they are made of to move, the atoms ask the quarks/photons they are made of to move, the photons ask the energy that they are made of to move… Don’t forget that the scientific explanation about how matter moves stops at the atomic level. After that, theoretical physicists are still completely clueless as to “how” atoms actually “move” through “space”, and especially, at the Planck scale. Some assume that an atom simply “disappears” from one Planck unit of space and then reappears in another Planck unit of space as it is set in motion.

But on another level of reality, this is what happens:

Your brain actually sends a vibration (the brain emits an electric signal) which is instantaneously picked up by the ocean of energy which it is made of and which everything is made of. The ocean of energy then commands the photon “brain” to update the hologram of photons of the entire Universe to reflect the “change” you have made to the “Matrix”, checking whether it is compatible or whether it interferes with the vibrations of other brains. If there is a “consensus”, it updates the photon layer, which then updates the quark layer, which updates the atom layer, which updates the molecules layer, which updates the cells layer, which updates the muscles layer, which makes your finger move, and sends a signal upward into your brain through the nervous system to make sure that your brain has updated it’s perception of reality and your brain can then “hallucinate” or simulate what happens between two points in time: one when your finger was in one place, and one where your finger is in another place, and “fill in the logical gap” by seeing your finger moving “forward” when in fact, it has instantly “teleported” or materialized itself in the future.

Our brain has the ability to “teleport” ourselves at a rate of about 24 times per second, which is our limit of conscious perception of reality. That is how it works.

Neuroscience, in that regard, is very much in line with this theory, as it shows that our brain is aware of things before it reaches our consciousness…

Some call this phenomenon the law of attraction. But in fact, there is not a single second where we don’t use the law of attraction to “manifest” reality! The only exercises of visualization and other techniques which are discussed by those communities is to make this process part of our conscious thinking instead of subconscious thinking.

This might all sound like a bunch of bullshit of course. But ask yourself the question: where do the “rules” that govern our reality come from? We can explain the rules, not the “phenomenon” that enabled their creation! Why is the speed of light constant what it is? Why does gravity work the way it does?

If this still sounds strange to you, think of your experience when you’re sitting behind your computer playing a game. Imagine if you could fully identify with the character you are playing and you would be oblivious to the fact that you are actually sitting behind the keyboard. All of your 5 senses were “connected” to the character’s perceptions and feelings inside the game. Then you start asking yourself questions about this “reality” you are immersed in. You can try to deduce via observation certain “laws” or principles that govern this reality (just like our scientists uncover the laws of physics, chemistry, biology…), and you might think that your “character” is affecting the reality around him (the same as thinking that you are moving your finger with a signal sent to your finger from your brain), when in fact, what is really happening is that the “real” you (your “soul”, your “astral body” in esoteric talk) is providing “input” via the keyboard and mouse directly into the motherboard (think of it as this “ocean of pure energy”), then it goes through all of the “logical” layers of your computer (running through the operating system, then the code of the game you’re playing, then goes through your graphics card and updates the “interface” or display at which point your “character” becomes conscious of the “change” being made). The character, at that point, might be able to “prove”, from his point of view, the “logic” which applies to the fact of moving one of his fingers, but the “reality” is the exact opposite from what he observes.

One question I raised was an important one: “where do the rules come from”? Or in other words, if we are in a form of simulation, who “created” the simulation? The short answer, but which deserves it’s own article, is that we did. It is a similar “time paradox” as the one in the Interstellar movie, where the “wormhole” which enables them to travel instantly to another solar system was retro-created by humans in the future, which took their “past” selves into the wormhole. Scientists often explain that time does not exist.This concept deserves it’s own article but to put it in simple as possible terms: the “rules” governing this Universe created themselves via feedback from all “possible” layers of logic. It’s like a Lego block “perfecting” itself thanks to the input received from the “future” where it “tested” all the possible combinations of assemblage of that Lego block. One key principle in science is the principle of least action. This means that the Universe tends to be the most “energy efficient” as possible to achieve a certain outcome. So imagine that the table of chemical elements that we know simply emerged thanks to the Universe “simulating” an infinite number of parallel Universes where it tried a combination of all possible chemical elements on the basis of the existing rules allowing neutrons, protons and electrons to exist. Then it simply “scrapped” the Universes which led to nowhere (a cyclical story, no life, no increase in complexity) and kept the ones which led to something. A neural network inside a computer, trying to play a video game, does the same thing. It tests an infinite number of combinations (and dies millions of times hitting enemies), and then keeps the ones which work, storing only the information and the rules that it derived from those experiments, but not the actual record of the various attempts/games played. Doesn’t this ring a bell? What have we, as humanity, tried to do since the dawn of time? Haven’t we been attempting to “discover” the rules which would enable us to live in harmony and in peace with each other? Try to put 2000 chimpanzees that don’t know each other, inside a theater and see if they can sit calmly and watch a play for 2 hours… Anything we have ever done seems indeed to lead, ultimately, to that outcome: we are meant to discover the rules allowing us to behave like one giant organism, just like the functioning of our own body.

Philosophy, Religion, Science, Law, Morality, Ethics, Languages, Math (logic),… any topic that you can learn about contributes or affects how we behave to each other and how Humanity thrives or not as a global organism. Even very distant research like fundamental physics can lead to technologies which might help us address challenges like famine, etc. To twist your mind a bit more, the reasons why the rules of this Universe are what they are is thanks to us! Merely by existing, we are sending “signals” to this “Universal computer” saying: “These rules work! These rules work! They enable the emergence of life! Here is what they are by the way…” We are a way for the Universe to observe itself, or a way for a Universal Consciousness (or God, for the religious folks) to observe itself and learn from itself. Like virtual “neural networks” within a central, unified, global neural network. Like “virtual processes” inside one main, central processor in a computer.

This begs the question: “who is helping us discovering the rules which govern human interaction?” And indeed, if you study the major “authors” of the rules which govern us, a large part point to “God” or some kind of spiritual explanation (all Religions include rules about human interaction, even Greek philosophers like Plato were adamant that we were Gods trapped inside a temporary, mortal body), or some form of superior “inspiration”. Einstein for instance, was one of those highly “inspired” beings. Or political philosophers like Immanuel Kant or Jean Jacques Rousseau. You can think of the “source” of our inspiration as coming from a near infinite alternate potential futures which send back “feedback” on their experience: dying in a nuclear apocalypse, drowned by cataclysmic natural catastrophe due to climate change,… Enabling our timeline to steer clear of those potential futures in order to avoid wasting the Universe’s energy.

What does this mean? It means that this third dimension is governed by a set of rules nested inside one another, and that people that perform “miracles” are ones that manage to “speak to” or “convince” the various things that surround them to bypass the set of rules that are included within them and obey their will. It’s the same as “hacking” a computer in a way, but once you reach that level of awareness, then you realize that you better be careful because any irresponsible “hack” can blow up in your face.

But you could actually argue that everyone is performing “miracles” every single second of the day. For instance, any time you move your body, you are performing a miracle! There are no rules in physics or chemistry which can explain fully how you can move your body in certain ways. The human body is immensely complex. Even the mere fact of standing still is a miracle! Most scientists say that you are “falling” equally on all sides. The same applies to riding a bike! Our brain, in that sense, is absolutely instrumental as it has certain powers that are granted to it to “over-ride” or issue strong commands to the holographic components that your body is made up of in order for them to “move” or do specific things.

Even interacting with objects in our physical reality is a miracle. No object could every move the way it does when we pick it up according to the laws of physics!

What are the implications of this reality? Simply that our Planet is like a consensual dream generated by the collective consciousness of all of Humanity (as if each of our brains was a computer linked up to all other computers, voting on what reality should be: reminds you of anything? Blockchain perhaps?). We are in a “dream bubble” which extends as far as our collective consciousness extends. For instance, if enough of us believe that we are alone in the Universe, then our “dream bubble” will “hit” against the “dream bubble” of other species which are also living in their consensual hallucinated reality. But if enough people believe that we are not alone in the Universe, it is as if a “portal” or “bridge” between two “dream bubbles” was open and suddenly, you have another “consensus reality” setting in! One which is the “mesh” or mix between that of the alien species that visits us, and ours! At present, there are small, minor portals, which allow some Aliens to come through, but not on a larger scale.

This is why it is absolutely key to imagine alien species which are friendly to us, otherwise we will open a very dangerous portal…

Our Planet, in other words, is like an isolated neuron which has yet to be connected with the Universe’s neural network. To what do we want to connect ourselves to?

I titled the article “Battle for Human Consciousness” because at the present, there is a fierce competition between various “dream bubbles” representing one possible alternate reality (including first contact with Alien species, which are trying to convince humanity to believe in their species, allowing to open a large(r) portal to our reality and “merge” our “dream” consensual reality with theirs). Some of them have good intentions, but others clearly want to overtake our reality since they think we are not aware of the laws governing this reality (as I have exposed here) and that we will therefore not be able to counter the power of their consensus reality.

Why is this happening now and why didn’t it happen sooner? For that, you will need to read other articles such as the one entitled “Everything is Perfect”, but suffice is to say that we needed to experience duality and advance in our scientific, moral, philosophical and spiritual knowledge some more in order to be ready to cope with these events (50 years ago, we would have all lost our minds), and also simply because it is a question of survival (everyone “feels” that we are at a breaking point: ecological collapse, financial/economic collapse etc).

So to conclude, my intuition was correct. We are going to shift between levels of consciousness, but not in a “radical” way, simply, it is as if our “dreams” will slowly merge with our reality! And this has actually always been the case! For instance, new ideas always emerged as stories or dreams in the minds of people first, then as novels of science fiction etc, and finally, became “science” or part of our reality! Jules Verne's books about going to the moon were thought to be wild fantasies, and today, it is a commonly acknowledged reality! The American Indians probably had nightmares about “white demons” coming to their shores before it actually materialized in their reality!

It is absolutely crucial that we understand how this Universe works, or we will invite all of our worst fantasies and nightmares to eventually materialize!

PS: As a warning note, to help humans prepare for the next few years, if we ARE invaded by hostile Aliens which show nefarious intentions, here is what you need to do:

  • Keep calm, understand the power that you have to manifest your own reality.

  • DO NOT engage in negative thinking, or even start fighting or resisting the Aliens in the physical realm!

  • Start to meditate IMMEDIATELY and stay in meditation mode for as long as you can (only break for food, sleep and minimal physical activity) and visualize that there is an outcome for humanity which you would like to manifest, and that you trust the Universe to deliver that outcome, in whatever shape or form.

  • DO NOT visualize anything negative, violent or precise. The Universe responds to your vibrations and is smart enough to manifest, in material form, the perfect consensus reality that matches your vibrations (thoughts/beliefs). It could take the form of higher dimensional beings to come to our rescue or other means, but leave it to the Universe. Do not forget that the likelihood that in your meditation your thoughts/beliefs align with other people meditating at the same time is extremely small! However, if thousands or even millions of people meditate and focus on an undetermined outcome for the situation, it will be much more powerful!

  • Some suggestions for your meditation: ask for help, then picture the Earth with all of Nature and humans living in peace and harmony, imagine you are playing peacefully with your children in beautiful public parks, taking care of the animals, contemplating the beauty of mountains and lakes, bathing in the ocean, and alternate between these thoughts and the call for help.

  • DO NOT associate “positive” or “negative” emotions or intentions while you meditate! This is actually one of the most important points. (Read my article about “Beyond Good and Evil”) Meditate and picture the outcome that you want to manifest simply because that is what you want, without associating any “positive” or “negative” energy to it. If you categorize things as “positive” and “negative”, or as “good” vs. “evil”, you will create an energetic imbalance in the Universe which WILL HAVE TO BE RESOLVED some way or another!

By the way, for future reference, this is a response that was later deleted, probably from an Alien species, which does not have good intentions… The recommendations above have been specifically drafted to address his comment:

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