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My Spiritual Journey — 14 — We Are All One… So What?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Esoteric, Spiritual and Religious messages, at the core, always talk about the same idea: we are all One, there is nothing but God, we are all parts of God, and God is Pure Unconditional Love. But that doesn’t really help us understand the “reality” we are in. Especially in light of some spiritual circles which discuss imminent Alien intervention, satanist cults of scheming elites, the “end” of the Matrix etc… This article really aims at breaking the ice on how to “tie” together a Universal Truth with our reality and what we are supposed to do about it.

God is like a painter and we are like individual brush strokes inside his painting. Regardless of what the brush strokes represent, they are all “equal” in the eyes of God since they are all part of his Piece of Art. Except there is no painter. God is a painting which paints itself through us. We are made “in his image”, which means we are God, we just need to remember we are God.

The way these “truths” have been interpreted has been to try to “manifest” what God is in this reality: bring yourself to a higher state of consciousness where you can experience being “One” and you can get a taste of “Unconditional Love”. Then, when you go back to this reality, nearly all the Spiritual literature says you should “act like God”: Unconditional Love, Equanimity, “Live in the Now”, accept that “All is Perfect”, be a witness of reality, exert non judgement etc.

But that is not the implications of what God truly is. If you really think about it, it means that God, just like a painter, doesn’t care what’s painted on the painting, whether it is a bloodbath or care-bears and unicorns. It will look beautiful to him regardless of what’s painted on the painting. The only reason God cares is because WE CARE!!! Let me repeat that: WE CARE!!! If we are a part of God, what are we? We are like God’s nervous system, our emotions are God’s emotions, our dreams and hopes are God’s dreams and hopes. God is like an empty canvas which allows for brush strokes to “pop into existence” and “inform” God about what he is. When you go to the movies and watch actors kill each other in an action movie, do you feel “sad” for the actors? Do you cry because of their suffering? You don’t, because you know that it’s all “fake”. It’s a simulation. But what if your nervous system was linked to what the actors felt during the shooting and that at that time the actors truly, deeply believed that what they lived through was real, how would you feel? Exactly how our collective consciousness feels right now. (Because don’t forget, God as “the canvas” has seen a loooooooot of different brush strokes on his canvas, from Planets to Dinosaurs… we are just a tiny little minuscule subset of all of those brush strokes)

Whenever we read in Spiritual literature that God is Eternal Love and that he loves us all regardless of what we do, then you are connected with God as “the canvas” which is thrilled to have anything showing up on it’s white empty canvas. (Actually, to be more accurate, you are connected to God as both the empty canvas, and God as the canvas which has everything that ever existed painted on it, which is the same thing, but more on that in a subsequent article). When you are reading in Spiritual literature about compassion for our suffering, and all about what we have to do as humans or should do as humans, you are connected with the sum total of all the brush strokes which experience suffering on that canvas, our collective consciousness which is a “part” of God.

Now for the part that the Spiritual community will really dislike. Our role was never to manifest in this reality, in the third dimension, the attributes of the Eternal God (the canvas), but the attributes of the mortal God (the brush strokes)! What does this mean? If we truly are God, made in “his image”, then try to answer the following: who does God ask for advice when he/she/it needs to know what “right” and “wrong” is? No one. God asks him/her/itself. And so far, we have not been acting like God. We have been acting like pale imitations of God. But think about it. We are brush strokes, yet we are asking a canvas which is either empty (which means that there is no right and wrong, there is nothing, vacuity) or is completely full (which means it is all that ever was, is and will be, therefore it is everything and anything, which means it also could care less) to guide us on what we should/shouldn’t do in this dimension, where there is linear time, cause and effect, pain and suffering etc!!!

THIS — IS — CRAZY! (and stupid).

To put it plainly and simply: we are left to our own devices, our own wisdom. There is literally NO ONE to ask what to do or not to do. We need to take our responsibilities as being God in THIS reality, not some fantasy reality that will manifest in zillions of years, and what this means is that we have to FIND PURPOSE BY OURSELVES, TO CREATE PURPOSE BY OURSELVES. We have to ACT like God, like a true Creator, and put on that white canvas whatever WE choose, out of our own free will.

I have a humble proposal in that regard, and you can read about it in one of the first articles I have written: Perfect Symmetry and Transcendence.

We are meant to be great story tellers, movie directors in their own movie. How do we want this “movie” to continue? As a nuclear winter apocalypse? As a unicorn and care-bear paradise?

Ultimately, I believe that we need to take the “cues” from this linear, cause and effect governed third dimension: we are meant to tell a story which is infinite, leads to manifesting God in the VERY END (although there isn’t such a thing, but let’s pretend there is), but in the meantime, we need to tell a plausible story, one which is neither too crazy and absurd like an Alien invasion, nor apocalyptic like a nuclear winter or climate change which wipes us off the surface of the planet. No. Our story will be normal, average, regular, logical, similar to what we have experienced in the past. It will be the same as choosing which level of difficulty to play a video game: some will pick “easy”, some “nightmare”, but most will pick “normal”, the perfect “mix” to not be too bored (like the “easy mode”) which will be the equivalent of Aliens handing us technology which could allow us to instantly get whatever we want, but not too challenged to the point where we would die as Humanity (like the “nightmare” mode). Something in between which is both fun yet challenging.

In concrete terms, it will mean technological and scientific breakthroughs which will allow us to master this third dimension more and more, and overcome the challenges we face, but with a key difference: our spiritual awakening will be instrumental in using these technologies in responsible ways, since we have reached a point where such technological and scientific knowledge can destroy us all in matters of seconds. The Universe is really well designed: this wave of Spiritual awakening is NOT happening by “chance”, it is timed perfectly to allow us to have the necessary wisdom to yield technology for the benefit of humanity as a whole. But don’t be fooled about “why” we are having this awakening. It is NOT to sit around fire camps and leave our body for the “fourth” or “fifth” dimension! It is to TAKE OUR RESPONSIBILITY as story tellers of the third dimension.

Forget “with great power comes great responsibility”, it’s the other way around! With great responsibility comes great power!

One key idea summarizes the notions developed in this essay:

  • We all need to be much more “self conscious” of our beliefs and our perceptions of Humanity and what we want for our collective future. As I explained in my article on “The Power of Collective Thoughts and Beliefs”, our beliefs contribute to creating our reality, and if enough people believe that something is true, then it has a very high chance of becoming true! This doesn’t even have to be “esoteric” for you to understand. If 10 neighbors think that they are the only one caring for ecology and the future of the planet and that the other nine don’t give a shit, how long do you think it will take for all of them to stop caring, thereby creating a “self fulfilling prophecy”? Here is how it works: one day, one of them finds a piece of trash in the street. Of course, it could have arrived there for a million reasons, carried by the wind, dropped by someone passing by, but no, given their beliefs that the other neighbors are not caring for ecology and mother earth, it was surely another neighbor! If they are not making an effort, why should you? And so it starts with a simple thing such as, you tare away a cardboard tag from a newly bought sweater and at the moment of going down the stairs to put it into the recycling with all the rest of the papers, you think to yourself: “What’s the point! Everybody else in my neighborhood, probably even on the planet, doesn’t give a damn. Screw it!” and you throw it into the trash with the rest. In the very same way, our collective beliefs will contribute to shaping our future reality. What do we wish for the “future” of humanity? How do we perceive ourselves? If we all believe that humans are some kind of parasite who is detrimental to nature and should die a quick death to let nature thrive, how long do you think it will take for that belief to actually materialize? In this respect, there are no more gurus, no more thought control, no more dogmas. You are left alone, in the sanctity of your prayers and beliefs which no one can control, and understand that this world functions as a giant democracy where we all vote, everyday on what kind of future we want for ourselves. I proposed a future which is a mirror of the past: incremental changes which allow us to face upcoming challenges but without some “miracle recipe”. You can now formulate yours, and your conscience will be your only judge.

To conclude, let me offer two thoughts that might help you understand our present situation.

  • Imagine if humanity were two 3 year old children, forgotten in a classroom during lunch time. The boy and girl were sleeping in a corner, no one noticed them. Suddenly they wake up, and find themselves alone. So they do what children will do: they explore, candidly and some would say, stupidly, they draw on the walls with crayons, they even eat a few crayons each, they fool around until they reach for a big glass pitcher full of water which falls down, breaks into bits and pieces, cuts the boy’s arm and the girl’s leg as it shatters on the floor sending razor sharp shards of glass in all directions. This event creates a “flash” moment of lucidity in the two children’s minds. They know that at any time an adult might walk into the room, and they suddenly remember that they weren’t supposed to do all this. They now contemplate their options. Option one: do nothing and hope for an adult to come soon before they bleed out or die of intoxication after swallowing the crayons. This option leads to two main outcomes: the first one, they die; the second one, they are helped by adults but they will be treated like the irresponsible helpless children they are. Or option two: they roll up their sleeves, and thanks to their sudden lucidity, they deal with the situation themselves as best they can. They somehow remember this one time when another kid got hurt and find some band aids in the adult’s drawer. They stick their fingers in their throat and vomit the crayons that are in their stomachs as they recall a situation where they ate some non-edible objects and their parents did that exact procedure to make them vomit. They grab a broom and dust pan and sweep up carefully the broken glass and put it in the trash bin. They mop up the water on the floor and put the mop in the sink. Finally, they take a sponge and clean the walls as best they can. That second option leads also to a multitude of outcomes, but one thing is certain. When the adults enter the room, they will be treated very differently then if they just sit there, contemplating the mess. They will be helped, taken to the hospital to have a proper check up, but they won’t be treated like stupid irresponsible kids.

This story is really a very close approximation to the situation we are in. Sure, we could hope for an advanced alien civilization to drop down from the sky and bring us all we need to “save” us, but understand in what situation that puts us. It is as if we self-acknowledge the fact that we are helpless creatures that cannot stand for themselves. We will certainly not be invited to sit on a United Inter-Galactic Sentient Beings Council, just like there is no one representing the “chimpanzee nation” in the United Nations.

Finally, I would like to reassure you. If what I believe is correct, the ideas developed in this essay are just a confirmation of something that will happen regardless, just like the scene of the broken vase in the Matrix.

Understand that this future is inevitable. And me, writing this article, possibly in sync with many other “spiritually awakened” people out there, has the same effect on our collective future as the phrase pronounced by the Oracle: “don’t worry about the vase”.

Regardless of what we do, the “best possible” future exerts a force of attraction on the present which is inescapable, just like you cannot escape the gravity pull of a black hole (unless you spend an insane amount of energy). We would really have to try very very hard to screw this up! Remember, if God is ALL, and we are PART of that ALL, that ALL had to somehow exist in linear time as well! Which means that as time advances, God becomes more and more “like him/her/itself”. I’ll write more about this when I finally deal with the paradox of the non existence of time (which I’m really struggling with).

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