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My Spiritual Journey — 13 — Order, Chaos and the “Third Way”

Updated: Mar 18, 2019


During my revelations earlier in January 2018, I often explored the concepts of Order and Chaos, setting them along a continuum and pointing out that where “life” emerges is the perfect “blend” of order and chaos.

Indeed, if we examine our solar system, the sun can be seen as “perfect chaos”, with atoms fusing together, bubbling in all directions. The farther out planets can be seen as “perfect order” where nothing ever happens (Neptune, Pluto), at least, nothing in the third dimension. Life also emerges in between too extreme states representing order and chaos, namely, solids and gases. The liquid state is situated in the middle of that continuum and interestingly, life emerged in water, in it’s liquid state. Besides, the first forms of life almost appear as sentient droplets of water. Also, if you look at our bodies, it seems it is the utmost balance between order and chaos. Our bodies are mostly liquid, with a solid structure (our bones), and we draw our energy from chaos (air/gases).

Now I want to clarify a few concepts I often explore like the famous esoteric principle: “Everything is Perfect”. Yes, everything is “perfect”, but not in the way we think. Perfection might hint to the absence of “free will”. Indeed, if everything is “perfect”, it almost implies that we couldn’t have acted or done anything other than what we have done. That no event could have happened differently. Also, “perfection” seems to imply no “third way” between extremes: Perfect Order (absolute zero, close to the state of Neptune or Pluto) and Perfect Chaos (infinite heat, the sun being an example of near perfect chaos).

Then you read about “perfect imperfection” which really makes your mind go numb… But this perfect “blend” of order and chaos and life is the prime example of how this works, and also helps us understand “dualities” and the famous “third way” (neither black, nor white or both black and white). Indeed, on Earth, you have a “live” example of this perfect blend between order and chaos from which our “free will” is derived and which allows for a Universe like ours to exist. If you subscribe to “Perfect Chaos”, then any and all events in the Universe must be the result of Perfect Randomness. Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case if you look at our Universe. Some scientists have pointed out that contrary to some mathematical models, the chance of life emerging “randomly” is quite likely “given the non-random forces of natural selection and chemistry”.

But where do these laws come from? In fact where do any of the scientific laws (like physics) come from! If the Universe, upon it’s emergence was really totally purely random (pure chaos), then there would be no rules to begin with! On the other hand, if you had “Perfect Order”, you couldn’t have any story whatsoever. You wouldn’t be able to “create” anything new.

It is very interesting how the dualities Order and Chaos are blended into our world and how they interact with each other. For instance, while the laws of physics are well in place and seem to work in a very “mechanical” and predictable way, thus presenting more Order than Chaos, observe what happens to atoms inside the body of an animal or human. Try plotting the path that an the atoms in your hand make through space when you shake someone’s hand. You will never find that path in the purely “physical” Universe. That is, without life, you would never be able to observe atoms move in this manner. And so as the “physical” Universe becomes less chaotic (for instance, the particles inside our body don’t “pop in and out of existence”), the “balance” between chaos and order was kept thanks to Life.

Our bodies also function according to a blend of order and chaos. If you cut yourself, it’s not that each and every single cell knows exactly what to do, and the body only makes the exact number of cells necessary to get the job done! It’s more like the body knows just how much white cells and other cells are necessary to make sure the job will be done without too much waste, as if it was factoring in the “free will” of each cell! An optimal mix between determinism and complete randomness. You can apply this principle to everything. For instance, one study, carried out in 1922, looked at the inevitability of inventions.

The study found that the evidence points to many cases where inventions appearing nearly simultaneously in different parts of the globe. In essence,everyone has “free will”, but the Universe is so well designed that if you don’t do something, there is a very high probability someone else will do it! Or another way to formulate it is: “all that can happen, will happen”.In the case of diseases or injuries, the body will simply make enough cells to ensure the job gets done, almost as if the body “knew”, somehow, what that perfect blend between order and chaos is. In the case of inventions and technology, it is as if the Universe knew how many humans are necessary to make sure that certain ideas inevitably emerge.

And so it is as if Chaos and Order blend into each other in the different “layers” of reality and across time. As more Chaos appears somewhere, it has to be counter-balanced with a certain Order. Our “free will” derives directly from this blend of Chaos and Order. Think about it: you cannot do anything you want in this physical world. There are limits to your possibilities: you cannot fly away into space like Superman, you cannot grow a third leg or walk on your head. Also, you are not forced to act according to a “perfect” predetermined plan. It’s somewhere in the middle, a mix, a blend between Chaos and Order. This is the “Third Way”: not “either order or chaos”, not “neither order nor chaos”, but rather “order and chaos at the same time”. The Ying and Yang symbol shows this “blend” quite nicely.

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