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My Spiritual Journey — 12 — The Event, Full Disclosure, UFOs, Aliens, the Cabal, the Alliance, QAnon


Once you take an interest in spirituality and esoteric readings, you inevitably land on websites and books talking about extra-terrestrial life, crop circles, sacred geometry etc. Some of these readings stay very “spiritual” in nature, describing these beings as part of a higher dimension (fourth, fifth…) and therefore not having a “physical” 3D body, or simply not even making a distinction between extra-terrestrials and us humans, by simply pointing out that they are a soul living an experience in this dimension, and that our soul probably has lived incarnations on other planets, so… no big deal!

But then you hear about wild prophecies of aliens trying to turn us into intergalactic slaves, exploit the planet, occult or secret societies composed of world elites conspiring with evil aliens to keep humanity “asleep”, Nazi Germany setting up bases on the moon thanks to the help of evil aliens etc. All of this is part of the recently released documentary “Above Majestic”.

It’s a bit hard to digest of course, but let’s assume for a minute that all of these rumors are true. However, let’s consider them through the lens of spiritual wisdom gained from expanding our consciousness, reaching out to the Source, the Creator and seeking the Truth.

As I have pointed out in many of my previous articles, there is this one principle that comes back again and again in spiritual and esoteric literature: “everything is perfect”. Yet the stories we hear certainly sound frightening and anything but “perfect”! The “truth” about alien encounters hidden from the public, humanity held hostage by evil aliens preventing us to get “help” from the outside… Where is the “perfection”? And yet, if you are truly awakened, then you must find a way to analyse these claims in the light of this principle.

Let’s start from the most important point: the purpose of the Universe, Source, the Creator, is to explore, to the fullest extent, all that he/she/it IS. This means that it needs all of the various civilizations in the Universe, to thrive in order to tell the longest story, which will therefore manifest all that he/she/it is. I often compare God or Source to a being sitting inside a room surrounded by shelves and on each shelf sits an “idea”: a plant, a human, a rock, a river, a flower, a cloud…

Everything is there! All of creation, neatly ordered and ready to be “played with”, ready to be “incarnated” and tried. Yet in the third dimension, bounded by the rules of cause and effect, there are only so many ways that you can make sure that all that you ARE will manifest itself, will unfold into a perfect and logical story. This means that the “next” big thing, the next big idea on the shelf that is just waiting to join the story already exists, and there is tremendous “pressure” on humanity to be the bridge that manifests this new idea in the third dimension. It is as if the “future” was exerting a huge force, attracting the “past” or “present” towards it. And no matter how much we try to wriggle out of it, it’s as futile as trying to escape the gravitational pull of a massive black hole (literally, actually, since our future IS included at the heart of a black hole, and we are simply being drawn, slowly but surely, into it).

So… what does all this mean? It means that if there is a battle for controlling earth between the “Alliance” and evil aliens/human elites, this battle is already won. And whichever side wins is the side which will be able to make the bridge to the “next best” idea on the shelf of the Creator (hint: it’s most likely not the evil aliens). Imagine if each civilization across the galaxy was one huge organism, that each one of our brains was one neuron in a higher being’s brain. As we “join” the other civilizations and become a Galactic civilization travelling through space/time, it will be akin to your pre-frontal cortex fusing with a partially completed brain, rebuilding, in three dimensions, what Source actually looks like, matching it’s Universal Consciousness by building a giant network of all sentient creatures across the Universe, which will become, at that point, a perfect mirror of the Creator, a bit like if we connected Quantum Computers in a network in a three dimensional world which could then simulate the exact copy of that world from “within”…

This means that if all these “prophecies” or rumors turn out to be true, the “Cabal”, the evil aliens, the world elites and occult/secret societies were ALWAYS part of the Plan. They were never going to win. In fact, they were, unbeknownst to them, executing the Perfect Plan of the Creator. If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to understand. Looking at history, this is not the first time it has happened: many ancient civilizations were much more “spiritually advanced” and closer to Source then the Western materialist Godless European colons. Yet they still colonized the world and brutally exterminated most of these ancient cultures. Why? Because knowing about the true nature of the Source too early meant that we would have no more motivation to develop the story of the third dimension! Yet Source will irremediably become itself. That is a given. Gaining knowledge about Source too soon would simply yield to the following: a civilization living frugally and peacefully for a couple thousand years until changes in the Planet’s weather due to cycles of the Sun or cataclysmic events like an asteroid crashing on Earth killed off all of these folks and the Earth and Solar System had to start from square one: develop intelligent life, trying to make it evolve both spiritually and materially in equal proportions. If you have a civilization which only evolves materially but not spiritually, they will end up destroying themselves via the inevitable irresponsible use of the technology they invent. Don’t you find it strange that just as we are reaching a critical point in science and technology, where we are hitting against a wall in all the major branches of science, suddenly we rediscover the wisdom of old civilizations, chamanism, and many other spiritual practices? This is not by “chance”, it was meant to be.

Why would all of these Alien technologies be suppressed? Why didn’t we have full disclosure earlier? Think about it: if the technology of “free energy” were released in the 1950s, what do you think would have happened? An expansion of our collective consciousness or an even more dramatic flight into unlimited consumerism and materialism leading to a Wall-E type world? Most probably the latter! Yes, humanity has suffered greatly, but in our suffering, we have learned some very valuable lessons like thinking about ecology, frugality, simplicity, solidarity. We have grown a disgust and rejection of superficial and dumb TV ads, or towards corrupt political leaders and global powerful corporations and financial institutions. We have experienced duality a little more to be able to think more clearly when taking a course of action.

So in fact, instead of mounting a collective upheaval to root out, imprison or kill “evil” elites/aliens conspiring against humanity, we should all shout a big THANK YOU to those poor souls which volunteered to do the “dirty work” of keeping these things under wraps, tainting their souls black in the process and having to deal with plenty of miserable Karma in their next incarnation. Thanks to them, the collective organism, the collective consciousness of Humanity has matured enough and is now ready for “disclosure”, “The Event” or any type of radical change which will lead to our adoption of many revolutionary technologies, used with the right intentions and spirit. Forgiveness and compassion should extend to all of these people, and even thankfulness for playing their part so splendidly, telling them: “Thank you for taking us this far, thank you for all the valuable lessons, now step aside, let us give power back to the people to help Humanity flourish along with this Planet, and allow us to help you heal the deep wounds you have inflicted upon your souls.”

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t prosecute these people and let them remain scot-free! But it means that if we judge them and send them to prison, we should understand this not as being a punishment but as the realization of their soul’s longing for atonement and repentance to allow it to heal.Our intentions in this regard are absolutely key. Don’t forget: as you do to others, so will be done to you. If you judge these people with hate, anger and violence, so will be done to you. If you judge them with compassion and forgiveness, and imprison them not out of hate but as a necessary step for their soul’s self-healing process, having to experience the rise and fall of the Ego to rekindle with their True Nature (become a real human being), then we will make much better progress as a collective human organism.

Think about it: you’re walking down the street and suddenly your ankle gives in and you break it. How do the body cells in your body react? After all, they will be affected by this one way or another: due to the increased stress hormones present in your body, due to less nutrients available as you have to go to the hospital emergency and skip a meal and plenty of other ways… But how do these body cells react? Do they “wage war” on your severed tendons? Or do they provide your tendons with all they need to heal and allow your body, as a collective organism, to function again?

Following our awakening to these new realities, we will be able to balance the material and spiritual side in order to ensure the long term prosperity of humanity (instead of a short lived “boom” in one or the other) and get closer to the Creator, to the Source both physically (advancements in the third dimension) and spiritually (exploration of higher states of consciousness, fourth, fifth… dimensions).

Don’t be afraid. Nothing escapes the force of attraction of the future, and nothing can interfere with the Perfect Plans of the Creator. Any other point of view is a lack of faith and will ensure that you stay trapped in your self-constructed mental prison.

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