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My Spiritual Journey — 10 — Technology and Spirituality


Most people would not make a link between technology and spirituality. The “lazy” way to make the link is quite simple. As you’re reading this article looking at your computer screen or your smartphone, thanks to the Internet, you could say that some technologies facilitate the transmission of information and thereby, facilitate access to knowledge about spirituality, subtle energies, linking up with other like-minded people, finding a guru etc.

But this is not what this article is about. What I want to examine is the effect a certain technology has on how we perceive the world and influences major shifts in beliefs.

I would argue that technology is the major catalyst for change as it is the undeniable operationalization of theory and intuition.

Taking a concrete example, we can think about the idea of the world as being flat. There are three “levels” influencing the beliefs and world views of people:

- Intuition/personal experiences: a select group of enlightened humans “know” that the Earth is round, but cannot explain this intuition.

- General theories: a select group of intelligent humans “understand” that the Earth is round, thanks to the help of more or less complex theories which are based on observable facts (linking the “real world” with theory, like observing the movement of the stars, the planets, the sun and moon etc)

- Technology/direct experience: a select group of explorers “experience” directly that the Earth is round by combining technological advances (for instance, the progress made in ship building, allowing to cross the Atlantic ocean) and direct experimentation (trying to cross the Atlantic ocean).

While Copernic (re)formulated the rationale for the Round Earth (many Ancient Civilizations knew the Earth was round), the travels of Amerigo Vespucci and Christophe Columbus (thanks to his biographer), made it undeniable to recognize that the Earth was round. At that stage, there was undeniable proof that the Earth was round. So while theories can still be denied or ignored, their direct application cannot.

In a similar fashion, the theories of relativity and atomic power were initially made fun of when Einstein released his first papers in the early 1900s. But once the first atomic bomb exploded, or once US Generals directly witnessed that GPS satellites’ clocks had to be adapted in order to stay in sync with electronic devices on Earth to account for the principle of relativity, these theories became undeniable.

We are now at the brink of another such revolution, which proves that whether you take the spiritual kriya yoga enlightenment way, or the materialistic scientific way, ultimately, the two will converge.

Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theories and the works of many other scientists coming to similar conclusions will lead in the coming decade to the release of technology which will make their theoretical models undeniable.

His ideas, grossly summarized, model the Universe as black holes nested inside each other, with protons as being a fundamental building block. The “empty space” inside each proton actually represents the information, at the planck scale, of all other protons in the Universe, giving credence to the “idea” of a connected Universe, where everything is connected to everything else and more esoteric concepts like “we are One”…

The technologies about to be released include the already available Ark Crystal, which has positive influences on it’s environment due to it’s resonance with the Earth’s electro-magnetic field/vibration (the Schumann resonance phenomenon), and more importantly, gravitational controlthanks to a special device which mimics black holes by spinning plasma inside a chamber in a toroidal fashion.

Once the first prototypes are proved to function, the information about the technology and the theory underlining the technology will spread like wild fire, as a device which can control gravity will have a massive impact on our entire civilization, much like transitioning from the horse cart to the car! The beauty of it, is that the theoretical framework supporting the technology is a bridge between esoteric and spiritual “theories” about the Universe and science.

As the saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome!” (or “God”, in this case…)

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