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Light Story 2 — Shhhh, God is sleeping

Updated: Mar 12, 2019


A tale of God, to read to children.

On one fine undetermined day, God dozed off, while wondering who he was. His dreams were very peculiar. He was dreaming of waves, spreading in all directions and waving in all sorts of funny ways. Some fast, some slow, some very strong, others very weak…

When he woke up, he found himself swimming in a chaotic sea of waves spreading in all directions. “What a bloody mess!” God thought to himself! But what can I do… Since I am Everything, my dreams are part of me.

So he spent the day working to sort those waves so that they make up something beautiful, creating order out of chaos. He called his creation the photon, and devised rules on how these waves should interact with each other to create harmony. In order to ensure that these waves would coexist peacefully, he gave them a spin so that they would twist around each other in giant vortexes called “black holes”. And thus music and colors were born. To commemorate his hard work and the beauty of his creation, he called that day, Monday.

But then God felt tired after all that work and fell back asleep. This time, his dreams were even more weird, given his imagination was now expanded with the waves he had created. He dreamt of photons bouncing around all over the place, spinning around each other, creating balls of something, and then disappearing just as fast.

When he woke up, he found that his beautiful creation was polluted by all kinds of shapeless formless round stuff. “Oh well”, he thought to himself, “time to clean up again”! But this time God had more work then he imagined. He not only had to sort all the formless round stuff, but make sure that it coexisted peacefully and in an orderly fashion with his Monday creation! What a pickle. So God whisked out a piece of paper and wrote a series of rules to govern how his photons would interact with his new creations, elementary particles, quarks, leptons and other such creatures. To commemorate his hard work, and the beauty of his creation, he called that day Tuesday.

And again, unavoidably, God fell asleep. His dreams were wilder then ever! Now there were bundles of quarks and leptons spinning around each other in a hellish dance, wreaking havoc and spreading chaos into his otherwise perfectly balanced creation.

God woke up pretty frustrated and painfully opened his eyes to find the Universe in a right mess again. The workload was getting pretty huge, as the mess created by his imagination grew ever more complex, inspired by the new stuff he created.

But he got to work again, patiently, and sorted his creation into a nice stable table of elements which he called atoms, drafted another series of rules built on the previous ones so that all of his marvelous creations could coexist. He decided to call that day Wednesday, to commemorate his hard work.

Exhausted after the effort, God once again dozed off. And once again, unavoidably, he started dreaming of atoms dancing around, forming more or less big lumps of somethingness.

God had a harder and harder time waking up. His eyes were heavy, his back was killing him, his arms were aching… But he thought to himself: “this is my responsibility. Regardless of how tired I am, I need to set this right.”

The mess he had to go through was almost unfathomable. Imagine the billions and billions of combinations that you could imagine or dream of out of the combination of photons, quarks, leptons and atoms! But God being who he was, he made some sense of it. He was also starting to understand how his dreams worked. Every time he fell asleep, his imagination would not only create new possible combinations to his creation, but also somewhat violate the rules that he had put forth, making it harder and harder to create something stable out of the creation of all his dreams.

The following night the “thing” happened again. This time, matter created molecules, stitching itself together. And again, tirelessly, God sorted through the mess, arranging everything into nice orderly planets, suns, galaxies… He called that day Thursday, and he was getting very very pissed off.

On Friday, he woke up to find… chaos itself! This time, it had gone too far. It was too much even for God to sort! But that cannot be. God is Perfection. So he devised a clever plan. He would split himself in two and half of him would be sleeping while the other half would be awake. But what “shape” or form should he take? And besides, it’s very dangerous to divide himself. After all, that is a paradox that could destroy everything he had created so far! How could God be Perfect yet “divided”? Well, again, God had a plan. What if God could make half of him forget about his other half, basically, while the first half of him was cleaning, the other half would be dreaming. Thus he could simultaneously be cleaning up AND creating new things!

What a great idea. So he created the Women. A near perfect sphere, near perfect because had it been perfect, it would have been him! But then, as he did that, he realized his mistake… Splitting God in half was a paradox that was impossible regardless of the plan, and God exploded into billions of tiny little pieces, spread across time and space. God fell into an eternal sleep, exactly as he had planned. He became an eternal dreamer, leaving the Women, who was near perfect to sort out his mess while he was asleep, damned to reassemble all of God’s pieces for all eternity.

But as the Women stumbled on the very first crumb, the very first part of God, the shape that God’s dream took was… a Man! Growing in her womb! At a point, she gave birth to the very first Man, an imperfect copy of herself, a tiny fraction of God, to help her in her struggle. And so starts the story of Man kind, created in the image of God. Working on Saturday for all Eternity while God sleeps on Sunday, waiting for the Man and Women to understand who they are, to wake him up again so that he can embrace them as his latest creation that finally, didn’t need him to sort out the mess while he was asleep.

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