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Light Story 5 — A Human Tale

Somewhere in a Galaxy, far far away, a mother reads a tale to her child.

“… and because they didn’t learn their lesson, they all died.”

- Mommy, mommy, tell me again the story of the Aliens living on planet Earth!”

- But I’ve read it to you a thousand times! Don’t you want to hear of other stories?

- No, no, the one about the “human” Aliens is the funniest. It’s really funny how stupid they are…

- Ok, ok, but one last time, promise?

Once upon a time, there were humans living on a beautiful blue planet, abundant with all the wonders you would imagine: huge oceans filled with life, rich soil for a myriad of beautiful plants to grow, allowing for animals to thrive, all in balance following a mystical harmony some humans attributed to “God”, others to “Science”.

Their civilization and their species came to a brutal end, for they failed to answer the key questions that all living beings gifted with consciousness must answer: Who am I? Why am I here?

To these questions, humans only knew how to answer with two main sets of responses. One was based on dogmatic outdated beliefs called “religions”, the other was with dogmatic limiting truths called “sciences”. Religions tended to answer these questions in a simplistic way: humans are the children or the creation of “God”, a form of omnipotent supreme being, and humans existed only to fulfil “God’s will” to please “him”, and get some kind of reward for it (whatever “God’s will” meant, no humans ever managed to agree upon). Science tended to answer to the first question in an overly complicated way, and skip the second question altogether: humans are the product of a long evolutionary process, let me tell you how it started with the Big Bang (and no human was ever able to retrace in a comprehensive way, all the steps it took, following the laws of cause and effect, to explain everything that ever happened). According to these “scientists”, humans are… a sack of meat, bones, and brains, blood, guts and tears, they are the only self-conscious and so called “intelligent” beings on Earth, they talk, walk and think, create and destroy, love and hate. But “why am I here”, who knows or even, who cares, thought the humans. Some lived to satisfy their ego, their materialistic desires and follow their base instincts, a vestige left over from the animal within them that they never managed to transcend, others lived to reach human defined ideals, but without looking at the bigger picture or finding a broader meaning to their life and existence besides what directly surrounded them and affected them.

Little did they know, that they were simply a way for Infinity to experience itself, following the laws of cause and effect. This simple truth, ignored by them, spelled their doom as they failed to claim their rightful place, as one of the Grand Story Tellers of the Universe.

Their first mistake was to ignore all concepts that were out of reach for their limited minds, especially the concept of Infinity, which held the true keys to their salvation. For them to answer in a simple yet comprehensive way the two fundamental questions, who am I? why am I here?, exploring the concept of Infinity would have sufficed. Forget the concept of time and space, and the laws of cause and effect. In Infinity, there is ALL, all that ever was, all that is, all that ever will be, and especially all that never was, all that never is, and all that never will be. In Infinity, there is the rational and the irrational, there is everything you could ever imagine or not imagine.

To overcome the limitations of the human mind, it would have been necessary to illustrate Infinity with some examples. For instance, let a human reflect on his present situation while reading this very story. What shirt is he/she wearing at this very instant while reading this story? Well, in Infinity, there is a scene where everything is identical, the position of every single atom in the entire Universe, except that human is wearing a different shirt because he/she picked a different one that very morning. And that Universe is just as plausible or likely as the one he/she is living in at this very instant. But there are also an Infinite number of unlikely or irrational Universes, where that same human has an eye sticking out of his/her hand and another eye sticking out from his/her rear end, with a pie instead of his/her face. Why does it exist? Because in Infinity, ALL exists.

How would this have helped our poor humans? They could have realized who they are, and what they are meant to do, that is, help the Universe or Infinity stitch together all the potential futures in Infinity and choose the longest one, the Infinite one, the one future which tells an Infinite story.

Who are humans? Why are humans here?

In a simple and blunt way, humans are one solution that the Universe has found to tell a story which is Infinitely long, while respecting in the strictest sense the laws of cause and effect. Take any solar system. If you examine it for 10 billion years or so, you will see a star form, then planets form, orbiting the star, then maybe life form, then the star explode, and transform the entire solar system back into the building blocks of another solar system. A pointless, uninteresting, cyclical story. It is as if lightning, instead of going from point A to point B, would go from point A back to point A, striking itself… Now humans, because they have not realized why they existed, were doomed to be eliminated as story tellers since they failed to help the Universe tell the longest story. They are like unstable elements that never made it into the table of chemical elements they know so well at a time when the Universe was still experimenting with basic physics and chemistry, eliminating anything that did not fit into an infinitely long story.

The saddest part is that the signs were everywhere, left by old civilisations that also failed as story tellers and only managed to leave behind the signs to help humans prepare for the next “trial”, where humans, their successors, would be judged on their story telling capabilities.

The Egyptian pyramids are the most compelling example of this simple truth. The three pyramids and the Sphinx were never meant to be simple pieces of art or tombs. They form, together, an astrological clock that measures cycles of 26000 years, divided in 12 ages (according to the Zodiac signs). Of course, because humans have kept religion and science apart, they failed to see that this astrological clock had more to it than Pagan religious superstitions. Rather, it was an accurate way to measure and foresee the changes and cycles affecting planet Earth, almost like a pulse measuring the Earth’s heartbeat. Science caught up slowly, with findings about the last glaciation period, or findings about the shift and changes in the Earth’s magnetic poles. Indeed, if the Earth’s magnetic field died for just a few weeks before it inverted, much of life on Earth would die due to the radiation of their star and other radiation from outer space such as cosmic rays which would not be deflected. Again, had science and religion been reconciled, one could easily see how this situation could represent Hell or the Apocalypse.

To many humans, these few facts made no difference. Sure, they might face some climatic disruption or some challenges when/if the magnetic poles reverse, but “what can I do”, said they. “If it’s meant to be, who am I to prevent it?”

Their closed minds were again, unfit to fully grasp the implications of “who they are”. If time does not exist, then all possible futures co-exist in Infinity. Which future will humanity move towards? And if humans have consciousness, where does consciousness come from? Is it lodged somewhere in the brain? Or has it been granted to humans by “God”? Again, the answer was too mind boggling to be properly understood. The human brain never was a host of consciousness, in fact it was very much the contrary: a master censor of consciousness. The brain acts as a powerful censoring machine that allows humans to “believe” and maintain the illusion that they are separated and different from one another. Thanks to the brain, which stores memories based on sensory input, the brain filters all that “is not the experience of this body”, which exists within Infinity. Human brains are in fact merely very sophisticated “radio stations” that tune into Infinity, and thanks to a very strong mental structure configured via their by sensory input and guidance from other humans called “adults”, give a shape, form and meaning to an otherwise Infinite reality and Infinite consciousness. For instance, the human eye only sees a tiny spectrum out of the spectrum of all possible waves. The human ear only perceives a tiny spectrum out of all possible waves as well. The eye cannot distinguish molecules, atoms, quarks or strings. The ear cannot perceive frequencies below a certain intensity. Human senses are what gives a shape to reality, so fundamentally, we could represent humans as simply being sentient pieces of information that interacts with other pieces of information, but nothing having an objective shape in and of itself. What if their eyes were geared to “see” at the frequencies that their ears are meant to “hear” at? What if their ears would “hear” at the frequencies that their eyes were meant to “see” at? How would the world appear to humans? This truth has always been self-evident and even openly admitted by humans, yet it’s implications never understood. To come back to the notion of time as being non existent, this is a crucial point as it allows to answer one of the pointless questions that humans have been struggling with so long: who is God? If time does not exist, then the future is very much existing alongside the present, only it is censored and filtered by human brains as otherwise they would instantly loose their mind as they were not designed to “live” in several dimensions at once. But this also means that whatever humans become in the future, and what other species all around the Universe become in the future, already exist as well. Thus God can best be understood as one possible highly evolved entity or being reaching out into the past. Or more simply, it could be understood as a Universal Consciousness. How would a prehistoric human interpret information that passed through the filters of his brain sent to him by a human from an era called the “information age” (a very ironic name for an era)? Most probably as a message from “God”. Humans have unconsciously used many words to describe “God”: inspiration, talent, illumination, enlightenment,… Again, humans failed to grasp the total implications of what Infinity and the true nature of consciousness meant: all ideas, all creations, all music, art, science, all of it already existed within Infinity. Thus when humans claimed they “discovered” something, what they had actually done was dis-inhibit their brain, possibly with the help of a more evolved future entity, to receive from Infinity a piece of information that was relevant to them in their time and context, and which fitted within the law of cause and effect, to help them navigate through Infinity and contribute to telling the longest story. Think about the example of a lightning. Isn’t it amazing that it always reaches it’s goal as if it knew where it was going, always taking the most optimal path to waste the least amount of energy, yet arrive nonetheless to it’s destination? Quantum physicists had it figured out: when time is still, energy is Infinite, which means that a lightning, in a time equivalent to zero, has the opportunity to test all possible and impossible alternatives to go from point A to point B, and chose the one that wastes the least amount of energy once time moved forward. Humans had the power to seek a better future for themselves, if only they had reclaimed their true power. They are time travelers, sending an infinite number of “copies” of themselves into the future to find the best possible outcome and alternative for themselves. How could one explain, otherwise, why humans behave the way they do? Act the way they act? At this very instant, a reader reading this very story, why is he/she reading it? What drives humans to take a decision or to ponder certain questions, to go for a walk or to watch a movie? The key to their salvation was to understand how the Universe works, not from the outside, but from the inside, via profound introspection, finding how they can become better collective story tellers instead of sabotaging each other’s story telling by violence, war, greed or selfishness. Humanity had a choice: become One or become None. The irony was that “Become One” was a nice Utopian idea among humans, but again heavily misunderstood. What would a Humanity where every human respects the story telling power of every other human look like? Certainly not like a totalitarian nightmare, but rather exactly the same as the living organism of a human. “The answer is always within.” Every single cell in the human body can be seen as a perfect story teller. Each cell plays it’s role, taking the exact amount of energy it needs to fulfill that role, never trying to convince other cells to play it’s role and lives and dies fulfilling it’s role faithfully. The skin cells play their role, the blood cells play their role, the brain cells play their role… None of them are ruthlessly competing for vital bodily resources, or draw more energy then they need, all of them are perfectly coordinated and live in harmony, otherwise a human would die before he was even born. Life requires harmony, that is a simple truth. In order to survive, Humanity as a whole was meant to act like a global living organism. The premises of such a story emerged, with cities and roads taking the appearance of brain cells, nervous systems, where power plants and recycling factories resembled the respiratory and digestive systems. But they fell just short in gaining a global self awareness, a profound understanding, a coordinated sense of harmony and most of all, a meaning to their actions, which, instead of replicating the magical cycle of Life, by giving birth to a being much greater than the sum of it’s parts, in the very same way that Life emerged out of seemingly nowhere, they turned a blind eye and a death ear and because they didn’t learn their lesson, they all died.

- And now, they are a story in this book, so that we learn from their mistakes. You’re right, it is pretty funny. I wonder how humans would have reacted if they knew that one day we would be writing stories about them to educate our children the same way they used to write stories for their own children.

- Thanks mommy, good night!

-Good night.

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